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I miss the structure and resources of a larger company. Ensure each line is accomplishment oriented. This email address has already been taken, or you've already signed up via Google or Facebook login. This discrepancy won't raise any flags to your new employer. How I got started: Early in my career, one of my co-workers completely ripped into my resume and made me feel like a total moron. Add your email and phone number at the top. There's two main questions here. Presumably no one's splitting hairs over Manager vs Sr Manager. It is a disposable document designed to represent your best and brightest credentials for a single moment in time. This means ditching specifics in some cases and speaking in terms of projects, leadership, communication, and management. Instead, respect their time by showing them only enough information to secure an interview. Please sign up with Google or Facebook to continue! Then, I helped friends and family members get hired at other tech companies. This ensures your layout will be consistent for all viewers. E-mail Remember to use a real email address that you have access to. We'll send a link to this email. "After taking a year off to travel Europe" or "After spending a couple of years as a stay at home mom" is all you need to say to mitigate any concern. So the answer is simple: Write a great cover letter that very briefly addresses the gap. The result? Eventually, corporations will move towards more accurate evaluations of candidate potential. If your school uses a different scale (e.g. Whatever we can do to maximize the impression you make. I run a resume writing service, so you shouldn't be surprised that I recommend working with experts to maximize your chances at a job. It's really not a problem! 500+ resumes from top performers were reviewed to create Resume Worded… Click here for examples of resume lines which demonstrate a range of skill sets, including leadership, teamwork, problem solving, and analysis skills. Employment gaps are only a problem if you just leave them there, unexplained. I got out last fall and am currently going to college. Volunteer. Objective: The company already knows what you’re looking for because you applied for a specific position. We know you struggled to cut down your resume to a page. We currently are experiencing a very high server load so Email signup is currently disabled for the next 24 hours. Instead of worrying about employer gaps and cleaning up your facebook page, we'll move to aptitude tests and interview methods that don't reveal things like weight, attractiveness, voice, etc. As long as your resume is relevant and your communication is professional, you should have substantial success going around the application process like this. Things that don't really matter much to an engineer, or an accountant. Don't name the file "Resume" or any variation of that. Those titles make no sense to recruiters, so they need to be changed, too. The follow-up question to this is usually "but what about background checks and employment verification". Personal information like religion, marital status, ethnicity, age, gender, Include all colleges/institutions you've attended, along with your major, minor and graduation year.

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