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But what really matters in Racket:Nx is that – in order to play and score really, really well – players need to hit the Racket:Nx ball in the best conventional tennis form. If they miss their shot the ball will pass them by, hit the wall, and then it will be your turn again and they just lost a chance to put points on the board. For a quick snapshot of the gameplay, here’s a trailer: The VR Health Institute claims Racket RX should burn between 4-6 Calories per minute which is roughly the same as riding an elliptical. The pinball element is a fun twist and using the full field of view puts it ahead of games like Super Pixel Smash and Holoball. This is where things get interesting. I think the music helped and getting into the zone really placed me the moment. This is a great mode in its own right, and very difficult to beat, but also acts as a primer for the multiplayer. Especially with the added multiplayer element I could see playing this competitively. This was a great low impact workout. Platforms(s): Oculus Quest (Reviewed), Oculus Rift, HTC Vive. I’ve yet to pay out $400 for an indoor membership but I can certainly afford $20 for this game. See here for more information. OK, hear me out on this one. I definitely don’t expect to win, I’m ranked #19, at the present time. In essence when you strike the ball its trajectory feels real, controllable, and believable. The harder you hit the faster the ball moves so I highly recommend keeping up the pace. It’s easy to see how, with regular play, I could evolve and improve as a player to the point where I would be far more competitive, as with any “real” sport. If you just slap the ball around gingerly you’re not likely to get results in this area. I jogged in place. Equally, it’s all too easy to potentially get caught up in the trailing cables if you’re not careful. Posted by Daryl | Jul 24, 2019 | Oculus Quest Review, Review. Here comes the ball again… line yourself up and take the next shot. I can see adding this as a cool down to my existing VR Workouts and combining it with squats to make for a nice warm-up. This is awesome as it used the full 360 degrees of your VR headset. Vive payed for itself in those 2 hours. One Hamsa describe this as a VR Sport game, and they want player skill and ability to be front and centre. Modding is potentially on the table if there’s enough interest, and—given its Unity underpinnings and presence on the Steam platform—I’m certain there would be no shortage of people keen to experiment. Demo seemed pretty cool, figured why not. The main hazard you face in the game are the energy draining tiles, which when hit zap away at your energy. The game can be enjoyed alone or as a multiplayer showdown. There is a real rewarding feeling to be had when you clear a level again to find that you’ve bested your previous high score, cleared a level in a faster time, or nudged yourself higher on the global leaderboard. And is the full version more varied than the progressive nature of the demo? submitted 2 years ago by Motrok. In Racket: Nx the HTC Vive can claim another worthy roomscale experience. You’ll definitely break a sweat playing the game, but it’s so fun that you won’t mind. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. It’s in those plans that the potential of Early Access could be maximised. Every third hit, I would let the ball go over my head and do a squat. I highly recommend this as a conventional warm up or cool down. It’s made all the more better thanks to the Oculus Quest though, with the 360-degree movement and the great tracking on the controller ensuring that the only thing stopping you from hitting the ball with finesse is… well… yourself. Now, launched today into Early Access on Steam, (ahead of an anticipated late 2017 full release) we have a chance to revisit the latest version, this time with the much anticipated multiplayer support enabled. It’s not Discs of Tron (1983), but it is very much like being in the Tron universe. It can also be used tactically to line up specific shots or ensure that your energy doesn’t drain too much, which is something that is especially useful when hazards are introduced into the game. Publisher: One Hamsa Everything you love about racquetball inside a tron like world that many reviewers compare to being inside a pinball machine. Players will come to love all three: the thwack of a good hit; the sweeps and whooshes of a ball whizzing overhead; the pop and fizz of particles as a target is hit sweetly right in the centre. It succeeds in making you feel like an heroic player as you unleash fierce volleys and subtle dinks. When the ball is returning, however, it’s more game-like as it homes in on the next player and you really feel like you’re inside a futuristic sport arena playing hyper-Squash. I’ll be the tall British guy with the insane power shot who is slowly improving, match after match. It is not like Beat Saber where you feel like a badass playing with the rhythm and getting better and faster. Oculus Quest vs PlayStation VR – which virtual reality headset is better? Fortunately, amongst the scoring tiles there are energy tiles that when hit restore your energy to keep your momentum going. One of the things that I love the most about virtual reality is that it can take an incredibly simple concept and turn it into a uniquely fun experience that’ll keep you hooked in for hours on end. First of all, make every single shot count because it could literally mean the … So, I decided to give this game a try. On the single player side there is a Solo mode featuring five challenges, each of which has a different and escalating combination of waves to master. It can become addictive fast too, with the simple mechanics making it easy to keep having those ‘one more goes’ that end up keeping you playing all night – or, in my case, until the Oculus Quest runs out of power. Racket: Nx’s gameplay is fairly simple in design: you’ve got to use a racket to blast a glowing ball around a 360-degree dome, all whilst hitting specifically marked tiles to score points.If you hit one of those tiles the scoring mark upon it will begin to disappear, with most scoring tiles only completely disappearing once you’ve hit the area that they are built up in multiple times. It feels very pure, very old school, and very polished. Check out the video above to see it in action. The Daily Roundup is our comprehensive coverage of the VR industry wrapped up into one daily email, delivered directly to your inbox. I’m an avid tennis lover so I’ve been interested in finding a low cost indoor winter solution to bridge the seasons for a while. The New Oculus Go Slashes VR’s Entry Price... Oculus Reveal Launch Content For Oculus Go – VRFocus, Hands-On With Pixel Ripped 1989’s Pure Nostalgia. Most of you will know from trying the demo whether this floats your boat, and whether it’s worth twenty bucks to you or not. By now most VR gamers are accustomed to this but newer players will want to take extra care. The power that you hit the ball plays a big part, for example – if you hit the ball gently it’ll come bouncing straight back towards you off the tile, but if you hit it with a bit of power it’s able to slide across multiple marked tiles at once to rack up additional points.

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