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**Spoiler Alert**. Our story Email Us Call Us: 248.387.9826, USA TODAY • LA TIMES • CBS Detroit • Crains Detroit Business • Corp Magazine, Daniel Fathers, Deragh Campbell, James Gallanders, Nicholas Humphries, Kevin C. Bjerkness, Anthony Artibello. I think it’s a great idea. I mean, all of those characters have some pretty intense experiences and I think you could definitely revisit this story and these characters and have them continue to heal through this trauma. It’s being released on iTunes and like ten places in the US and up here in Canada as well. The highly anticipated sci-fi thriller is a stunning example of elevated genre. I think it might have even been the final day of shooting that she finally speaks and we have a scene in the cabin where we’re finally speaking. TATTOO Needs You to Take a Stab at Supporting Indie Horror! It was my pleasure. They abducted thousands and placed them in their ship but the one little girl with a special ability is their only saving grace. Good use on the surrounds as the aliens slither and grab them from all around, as well as atmospheric effects of the pulsing ship. Unexpectedly good B movie with a A-grade finesse......... You cant just make good old mama's Sunday stew just because you've had it so many times, For a basically one room feature it was pretty good. “Project Ithaca” is a think movie that carefully connects the details of a rather intensely intricate storyline much in the same way that 2016’s “Arrival” film connected to audiences. McEric here with a fresh review for the Sci-Fi thriller PROJECT ITHACA from Saban Films, releasing on VOD and in select theaters June 7th, 2019. So Deragh and I did talk and we did chat over lunch one day when we were up there in Sudbury (Canada) to talk about everything but it was interesting because when she’s older Sera she’s not highly communicative. SERA awakes inside the alien craft along with five others. It only suffered in being a little slow. The first third of Project Ithaca is almost entirely indecipherable, purposefully so, as we see things that don’t make sense and words that don’t help all that much in making it clear. I have seen multi-million dollar Hollywood productions with big name stars that were not this engrossing. Had to restart in the middle and power through the remainder of the movie. Project Ithaca revolves around a Saw like scenario where random people find themselves tethered to the same alien spaceship. Overall, Project Ithaca has a solid idea but fails to deliver an entertaining film. Small Scares with Lula Mae – The New Online Short Film Showcase. EM: Well, James thank you so much for taking the time and speaking with me today. I predict viewers will either love or hate it splitting the reaction to it right down the middle. I was also very impressed with the visual effects. Sadly, the film focuses more on the dilemma of the characters in the room over the bigger picture which makes the story feel very small. The acting of each of the characters is all well done, each bringing to life a vastly different character that adds so much substance to the group dynamic we’re experiencing. Everything else is just implementation sugar. Rise of the Ghoul Squad (2019), Film Review: Rueful Warrior (short film) (2019), A Very Special and Scary Starsky & Hutch Halloween Episode, Top 10 tips to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, Book Review: The Purpose Guided Universe – Author Bernard Haisch, Book Review: Arkham Asylum – Author Grant Morrison. This movie, no matter what you think of it, is much better than some things Ive seen It’s being released on iTunes and like ten places in the US and up here in Canada as well. Sera was seized by the government with intent to be used as a weapon and counteract the looming alien threat. Thank you for asking. Because it was my first opportunity to actually talk to Sera for the film I could finally stand there and TALK to her and I remember on that day having the urge to want to reach out and to touch her. Rating – 2/5. The effects are fantastic but nothing else stands out. EM: Excellent. Now if spoilers are not your bag, then watch first, read later. Divided they will die. Scraping off some of the windowdressing and kerfuffle dust, PROJECT ITHACA's underlying plot line is the old space-aliens-are-abducting-humans-for-some-nefarious-alien-purpose-of-their-own. It’s a bit like EVENT HORIZON (1997) meets UNKNOWN (2006), with a smidgen of THE CELL (2000), though with significantly less Jennifer Lopez. Well acted with a lot of suspense. It could be a bit of a long shot but I’m hoping that there could be a sequel to PROJECT ITHACA. Yawn. I had the opportunity to view the film and speak with its star, James Gallanders (THE SKULLS II, SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL) about his role in the film as conflicted military scientist John Brighton. These stories and scenarios have a particular mystery to them that I find fascinating: trying to find the common denominator that inexplicably links them together, the reasoning behind their captivity, and usually, who is not who they seem to be. Because I had this paternal feeling for her I knew I wanted to reach out and touch but because this is all in my mind I didn’t know if I could reach out and touch; there was this urge there but also the urgency of the situation to find out “What is it? JG: My character John, without giving away too much, is very old-school. Timelines are exchanged that range all over the map. Project Ithaca in US theaters June 7, 2019 starring James Gallanders, Deragh Campbell, Daniel Fathers. I really wish IMDB would screen reviewers. Perry is a prisoner. It is certainly worth watching and as a fan of the genre I can say it far outperforms the majority of movies with a similar budget. But it was a sincere effort. Black levels aren’t the greatest, either, mostly due to the poor lighting. The acting in this one is extremely forced and awkward most of the time. My first thought here was, did the characters of this film get kidnapped by an “Alien” movie franchise film or is this just what we imagine all inner sanctums of spaceships to look like? Well, after trying to put all the pieces together thru rapid fire tech-talk, there is indeed a purpose here intended to play out. Is there anything you wanted our readers to know about? On or about May 20, 2019, the film was in Completed status. Ithaca is a 2015 American drama film directed by Meg Ryan and written by Erik Jendresen. Anyway, this movie never gets to be really entertaining because the plot is all over the place. How did you play being in someone else’s memories? Overall, Project Ithaca has a solid idea but fails to deliver an entertaining film. Set within the under belly of a mysterious spaceship, 6 individuals wake up restrained to an organic alien life form chair bound by tentacles and apparently feeding energy into its matrix. This movie wasn't great and was kind of a head scratcher but was not that bad. Really I did. It is during this time that John Brighton takes compassion for this young girl forming a lifelong bond. Project Ithaca is a unique blend of heavy sci-fi with a bit of horror mixed in. The film stars Alex Neustaedter, Jack Quaid, Meg Ryan, Sam Shepard, Hamish Linklater and Tom Hanks. It was surprisingly thought provoking and new and thus contributes to the genre. I had the opportunity to view the film and speak with its star, James Gallanders (THE SKULLS II, SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL) about his role in the film as conflicted military scientist John Brighton. Science fiction and horror often come together to create something rather unique. The plot was different, not the usual Hollywood seen it before type thing. Movie Insider ® is a registered mark of The Movie Insider LLC. EM: I could see some potential for that. Howdy y’all! Thanks for sending this one my way! Though Underwater may not have a post-credits scene setting up a sequel to Eubank's deep-sea sci-fi thriller, that doesn't mean this world can't be revisited in a potential follow-up.

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