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Another recently departed WWE star, Dean Ambrose (a.k.a. Long-Haired Wrestlers… But With Short Hair! These days the negatives seem to heavily outweigh the positives, with the WWE sleepwalking through every storyline from the upper-midcard down, and TNA lurching from one disaster to the next. Chris Benoit | How I Met Him 3 Weeks Before the Tragedy, Steve Austin and his Flat-Out Refusal to Work with Jeff Jarrett, The Von Erichs and The Freebirds | Michael Hayes and Kevin Von Erich Open Up About Their Storied Rivalry, Todd Pettengill – The Face of WWE’s New Generation Era, Austin and McMahon – The Untold Story Behind Their Iconic Rivalry, Hulk Hogan versus Marvel Comics | The Fight for His Name, Paul Orndorff and Vader | The Messy Fight That Led to WCW Departure, Ultimate Warrior and Sting | Their Broken Relationship and Fall Out, AEW, Dismissing the Nonsensical, and WWE – A Penance For Past Sins, Triple H: Why Owen Hart Was Never World Heavyweight Champion, The Assassin Jody Hamilton – Behind the Mask, Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin Match Was Planned | Why It Fell Through, Hillbilly Jim on Vince McMahon Spending Recklessly in the ’80s, Bruno Sammartino and Stan Hansen | The Botch That Broke Bruno, Battle for Atlanta | How The NWA Crushed Ann Gunkel’s Outlaw Promotion, Undertaker and Mankind | Hell in a Cell Match Was NOT The Original Plan, Kevin Nash and Roddy Piper | Heated Backstage Fight at Slamboree ’97. THE PRO WRESTLING STORIES PODCAST: Pro Wrestling Stories Launches New Podcast. Farts – The Unfortunate Byproduct of Wrestling! | Captain Lou Albano Opens Up, First Female Wrestling Referee Suzie Tanner Shares Her Story, Val Venis and the Time WWE Filmed the Two Biggest Adult Film Stars, John Morrison | His Up and Down First Run in WWE, The Ultimate Warrior and The Story of His Final Match, Ludvig Borga – The Surreal, Shocking Life of Tony Halme, Rey Mysterio Jr. and Psicosis | Stealing the Show in ECW, Ring of Honor and the NWA | The Night They Made History, Wrestling Documentaries That Hit The Mark, Andre the Giant and Akira Maeda | How Their Fight Turned REAL in Japan, Chris Hyatte – RIP to the Most Entertaining Man in the Room, Ken Shamrock and The Nasty Boys | The Barbaric Hotel Incident, Steve Austin and Brian Pillman | The Hollywood Blonds Story, Hogan Hogan and Ultimate Warrior | The True Story of WrestleMania 6, Wrestling Autograph Encounters in the Late ’60s and ’70s, Davey O’Hannon – Journeyman Brawler With a Ph.D. in Wrestling, Perry Saturn | How An Act of Bravery Led to Years of Hardship, Chokeslam! Nostalgic Wrestling Photos | 20 Photos That Will Take You Back! Some of these rejected WWE ideas were rightfully shot down, but others were golden! Kofi Kingston and the Time Randy Orton Ended His WWE Push in 2010, Jake The Snake Roberts – ‘Hacksaw Jim Duggan Almost Got Me Killed!’, Kurt Angle – His Memorable Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ Session, Can-Am Connection – How Greed Killed WWE’s Potentially Greatest Tag Team, The Infamous Airplane Fight Between Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon, Dark Secrets of WWE: From the Writer’s Room to the Ring, Shawn Michaels on Today’s WWE: ‘Business suffers from decent young men.’, James ‘Kamala’ Harris – ‘God Sent’ Fans Help Save Harris Family Home, Bret Hart and Tom Magee – The Forbidden ‘Holy Grail’ of Lost Matches, Randy Savage and Bill Dundee – Their Legitimate Parking Lot Brawl, A Note For the Wide-eyed Kids with a Dream and WWE Apologists, My Take: My Brother Randy and Liz’s Episode on Dark Side of the Ring, 15 Famous People You May Not Have Known Were Wrestling Fans, The Real-Life Fights Between Randy Savage and Road Warrior Hawk which Led them to Court, Charles Robinson – WWE’s Unsung Hero in Black and White, Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon Encounter After 25-Year Feud, Strike Force | Tito Santana and Rick Martel on Their Rise and Demise, Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero – Their Real-Life Backstage Fight, Jim Johnston – The Mastermind behind WWE’s Most Iconic Theme Songs, Sean Waltman on Beating WWE Drug Testing via Unexpected Assist from Corrupt Administrator, Jesse Ventura – How He Sued Vince McMahon, Won, and Worked For WWE Again, WWE Money in the Bank | Whose Brainchild Was It?

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