porsche boxster engine swap options

In 2003, Porsche switched to a vane-cell adjuster mechanism to control the variable camshaft timing, and this system requires the later DME running Motronic version 7.8. All of the systems on the car should work normally with one exception: the cruise control will not work properly with the later 7.8 DME unless you upgrade your ABS system as well (swap out the ABS controller and connector). This is more of an issue with the later cars, the 5.2.2 (1997-99) cars seem to deal better with the resistor trick, but the 2000 and later cars are less tolerant. Pins A1 on both valve lift controllers connect to a 12V source in the harness: use the 12V supply for the variable valve timing solenoid. These cars ran the Bosch Motronic 5.2.2 system, which uses a cable-driven throttle body, similar to nearly all earlier Porsches. It is possible to run a piggyback computer that independently controls the variable valve lift, but this solution is not ideal and is complex to implement. I also used some very small zip ties to keep the harness together, just in case the electrical tape started to lose its stickiness at some time in the future. In this scenario, you would use the existing fuel rails from the non-return engine. The front of the 996 engine has a water hose cap and connector piece that needs to be replaced with the one from the Boxster (red arrow). Sometimes hoses that are not designed for vacuum connections can collapse on themselves when there is a strong vacuum pulled. When performing a swap, you need to upgrade your map, either by using the factory PST-2 programming tool, or by using an aftermarket software company like Softronic (see Pelican Technical Article: Installing Performance DME Map Software). autoevolution® and the autoevolution® logo are registered trademarks. And, to paraphrase Peter Egan, a car isn't truly mine until I've bled on it while wrenching on it. The Boxster 2000 chassis can accept any Carrera 996 3.4L engine, or can use any Boxster engine from 1997-2002. ENGINE WIRING HARNESS, ECU AND "JUMPER" HARNESS TO CONVERT TO DFI - Your particular car and engine combination will most likely be different and will probably have some differences that are not captured here in these photos. I suggest that you take many photos as you remove the manifold, as the routing of the vacuum hoses can be tricky to decipher when you're reassembling the manifold back onto the engine. And I would feel a lot more comfortable about the longevity of these motors than a used 996 motor. is a great addition to any of the above engine conversion to help free up as The Boxster engine and the Carrera engine are almost exact the same: the Carrera is basically just a larger displacement version of the Boxster engine. When installing the Boxster wire harness onto the 996 engine, you will most likely find that the lengths of some wires are not quite right. You need to swap out the power steering lines from the Boxster engine over to the 996 Carrera engine. I used the two connector pieces from the original plastic, semi-flexible air-oil separator hose used on the Boxster. Installing a 996/997 3.6 or 3.8 engine or 2003-08 Boxster/Cayman engine is very difficult on these early cars, as you need to manually update many other systems in the car to get them to work properly. If I was going to go to the grief of swapping in an egas engine then I would bet the 3.6 or a x51 3.8 for 381 hp. As a result, you can install any 1997-08 Boxster or 996 Carrera motor into these cars without too much difficulty. However, you need to remove it from the engine and then reinstall it later on in the opposite direction. The software that controls the DME is called Motronic, and each engine displacement has it's own map: a set of instructions that tell the computer how to drive the engine. Fair enough. The intake manifold is attached to the aluminum manifold via a number of small torx bolts (inset photo). There's an A6 with a 2.7 twin turbo that runs but sucks in every other imaginable way for $500 locally. There shouldn't be any clearance problems lowering the drivetrain down, although you should be extra careful with steep driveways and speed bumps, particularly if you have lowered the car from its stock height (see Pelican Technical Article: Performance Suspension / Lowering / PSS10 Installation). You will only receive our top stories,typically no more than 5 per day. At this point, you still need to install the auxiliary air pump, install the power steering reservoir, install the transmission, hook up the shifter cables, and install the air intake. REMANUFACRURED OEM PORSCHE PARTS. To finance the whole shooting match, I've been buying other Boxsters and parting them out. Follow the diagram here when replumbing your engine. A glass of wine helps, and the oil cooler makes for a nice wine glass stand! Thanks. You need to install a late-model DME and run Motronic 7.8 in order to control the variable valve lift properly. You can swap in any replacement 2.5L engine from 1997-99 without having to remap the DME. The vacuum port for the brake booster is in the wrong spot on the 996 manifolds. Immobilizer codes for these early cars are not stored in the Porsche dealer information system, so there's no way of linking the existing immobilizer to a new DME. Jake Raby? use the electronic throttle body from a 2000 or later 996 Carrera when installing a 3.4 engine). If you could find a crunched newer boxster and swap the harness and brain then the 3.2 or 2.7 would work. A real oddball suggestion, find a Ford Duratec 2.5l V6. Shown here is the electronic throttle body installed on the flipped-over crossover tube. Part out this Boxster too and buy a 996 with the engine that you want. Although you can get by with three, I don't necessarily recommend it, especially when installing a higher power engine.

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