plenum rated electrical tape

Our full-time crews of installation experts focus only on labeling, saving customers time and money not having to divert their own personnel. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, this tape is also flame-retardant and highly resistant to UV rays, moisture, alkalis, acids, copper corrosion and varying weather conditions.
eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'electricianapprenticehq_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_8',114,'0','0']));There are three primary types of materials used to make electrical insulation tapes – rubber, vinyl, and mastic. When it comes to polyethylene, no one does it better or is more competitively priced! The 3M Super 35 color coding tape is an electrical grade tape that is used for phase identification and to color code motor leads. Our electrical take-off service reduces overages and shortages, allows for quantity pricing and offers a coherent process from take-off through material installation. Plenum-Gard provides cable identification in the industry standard, datacom orange (other colors available on request).

This space is commonly used for return air and ventilation and can thus be a high oxygen content space during a fire.

- I wanted to take some time …. It can be used to offer protective jacketing for high-voltage cables and random wire harness as well.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'electricianapprenticehq_com-banner-1','ezslot_9',113,'0','0'])); The 3M Super 35 color coding tape is an electrical grade tape that is used for phase identification and to color code motor leads. (319) 364-4106, ©2020 Iowa City, Iowa Web Site Design by William Easton Design. We all know how important it is to correctly insulate electrical components. Using your drawings and a copy of the spec, Marking Services will complete a comprehensive commercial take-off providing a complete list of marking products at our very best price for your project. This is the most common “go-to” tape in the electrical industry. 42 Series Plenum Cable. The pressure-sensitive rubber adhesive is easy to elongate and provides conform-ability to irregular surfaces. Durable pipe identification products are just the beginning at MSI. CREATE SOCIAL DISTANCING MARKINGS: Cost effective choice for creating queues for waiting areas or to make lanes in aisles in a fast, easy, and efficient way. As an electrician, this is your typical “go-to” tape for just about anything. MSI engineers use your specs and drawings to determine accurate electrical identification material counts. The combination of the pressure-sensitive, rubber-resin adhesive and the PVC backing offers excellent electrical and mechanical protection, Flame-retardant and highly resistant to abrasion, moisture, alkalis, solvents and many acids, Works for all your identification needs: Color-coding motor leads and pipe systems, identifying phases and marking safety areas, Tape is moisture-tight, resists abrasion and corrosion, is non-reactive to alkalis and acids, and is suitable for all weather conditions. MS-995 Maxilar Coiled and Carrier Markers, Cart Contains {{vm.Cart.Items.length || 0}} Items, {{product.Description || product.ItemGenericDescription}}, {{product.PricePerItem * product.Quantity | currency}}. Premier Plenum meets UL- (910) standards for the National Electrical Code, Article 770, and satisfies UL-2024 standards for low smoke and flame propagation. The super durable vinyl resists typical wear and tear, and the flexible backing has a rubber-based adhesive that bonds even to irregular surfaces.
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Vinyl is the most effective and widely used material in making tapes. The 3M Super 33+ is a top quality premium grade vinyl electrical insulating tape. Our service and support stay with you, too. Instead of wasting hours on costly downtime, quickly lay down lines of tape and quickly reopen vital areas in light traffic areas. When a plenum rated duct marker comes from MSI, you can be confident that its quality, durability, and visibility will protect not only your customer’s assets, but your reputation as well.

We work with our clients to design industrial marking to their specifications. Last updated on August 19th, 2020 at 10:35 pm. 7, Plenum rated duct markers are available with black text on metallic grey background, Designed for use in plenums to help prevent the spread of smoke and gases in the event of a fire. ". This extremely light tape has an aggressive adhesive and elastic backing that ensures easy, water-resistant conformation to even irregular surfaces.

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