pink pigeon joke

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The mayor eagerly agrees to the conditions. So one day he gets fed up and decides to post an ad online offering $50k to the first person that can solve his pigeon problems. The man said that he would get rid of all of the pigeons in New York for $1million. 'I reached for my phone to take a photo immediately as I didn't think anyone would believe me if I didn't have evidence.

Ben Hanks, 26, spotted this pink pigeon in Bracknell, Berkshire, yesterday afternoon. 643.

He then opens the box and a pink pigeon flies out. Pranksters have fooled an amateur birdwatcher into thinking he had spotted an ultra-rare pink pigeon more than 6,000 miles away from its homeland - only to discover it had been dyed. He got the job. The mayor sent ads all over the paper alerted everyone that the mayor was offering one million dollars to anyone who could get rid of all the pigeons.

the pink pigeon flies out and around gathering up all of the other pigeons and once it has all of the pigeons in the city behind him it dives into the pond effectively drowning ALL of other pigeons. The pink pigeon flew toward the harbor and dove right in. This joke may contain profanity. Suddenly, all the pigeons from the town are following this pink pigeon in the big circles around the pond. They don't know jack about it, they don't wanna hear you explain it, and in the end they knock down the pieces and strut around like they won the game. The mayor agreed to the terms. An old couple is on a walk, when a pigeon flies by and deposits a poopy little present on the woman's head. Become a Redditor. I am over 18. So he goes to the nearby market to buy an envelope. Now the mayor was furious. Editor: "Sir, during your life, you made an outstanding fortune. The mayor told the man just do what he had to do. Have you seen all jokes?

Ive got the world's best homing pigeon. How did you do it exactly? They just beat the room for being black. Pigeons Jokes. ". No matter how good at chess you are, the pigeon will just knock over pieces, shit on the board, and then fly back to its flock to claim victory. To which the mayor replies "So... uh.... do you have any of them pink mexicans?!?! We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Noon rolls around and the mayor heads down to the pond and spots a gentlemen sitting on a bench with a pink box in his lap. Close. ", but he held back the question on his lips. As Mr. and Mrs. Smith arrive, the parrot would say, "Introducing Mr. and Mrs. "What the hell is *testiculating*?" the mayor approaches and asks the gentlemen if he is the man that can get rid of all of the pigeons. Coo man coo. He opened the box and pulled out a pink pigeon.

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