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I work based on what I would like to see and what I need. In their design project, Nullo (a term describing an individual that voluntarily removes their genitals), Ham and Salvia manufacture a haunting alien aesthetic that encourages nebulous boundaries between physical and digital realities to create and accommodate an updated augmented sexuality. The Forensic Analysis of Tattoos and Ink is a pioneering work detailing the methodology of this process. My initial resistance began as I struggled as a teenager against the binary in relation to identity politics - male or female, and gay or straight. Let us know your thoughts, opinions and questions in the comments section on Facebook. We like the drama, and the power that goes into it, and the emotion that comes out of it. Many of the leaders in this phenomenon identify with an “otherness” - largely bought on by identifying as LGBTQ+, and it’s this that inspires a form of outsider art which seems like bodily mutation to others. (Published in VICE 14/11/2018) With a history purportedly stretching back into the late 1800s, The Number is one of the world's oldest gangs, maintained with an intricately complex hierarchy that spans across three factions—the 26s, 27s, and 28s. Being nullo is not comparable to being transgender and having sexual reassignment surgery, as nullos desire being completely gender neutral and without genitals. Upcoming Wraith Event. He posted a series of photos with his crotch bandaged up and included a video emptying his own catheter bag on Instagram. (First published in Archer Magazine 12/10/19) Alison Bennett is a neuroqueer artist, activist, and academic. In addition to shading in his skin black, he also has sclera tattoos and regularly bleaches his facial hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. It rips apart from emotions. I try to not be influenced by others so I can carve my own path, there might be inspirational aspects to others that get me thinking about my own trajectory. Ham’s upcoming 2020 exhibition, The Flesh that Dreams are made of, will explore how our imagination can affect the ways we see and treat our bodies. She’ll be covered in filth, her mouth full of tampons and blood, she’s covered in shit and her heads all wrapped up; she’s crying, and she’s distraught, and everything’s so disgusting—everything’s just out. "People from the 'nullo' community don't want to have body parts like nipples, a belly button or genitals which determine if you're a man or a woman," explains Archaniol. Their design project, Nullo, uses alien aesthetics to create dreamlike digital visions of sexuality while their upcoming exhibition, The Flesh that Dreams are Made of, will explore extreme forms of body modification. Nullo is a subculture within the extreme body modification community where men with phalluses surgically remove their genitals. (First published in INKED, issue 45) At the time of writing Jak Nola is in her third permutation of a body suit. I think in these parameters you can make the best and purest art, unadulterated by money and power. Despite being asexual, he still has a normal sex drive and is in a relationship with a transgender woman named Veronica Carol Blades. London based tattooist Eli and Polish-born tattooist Adam Curly share their respective heavy blackwork journeys: “I’ll never be same again after this—tattooing solid black is a very spiritual thing, for me anyway. I think I’ve taken on a similar DIY aspect, mixed with experimentation and willingness to try different collaborations and styles, and have a reluctance to be pinned down. (Abridged version first Published in The Guardian, 23/11/16) Lying in a satin-lined coffin or wearing a bondage hood may help you face up to your inevitable demise. The artist Orlan had alien facial implants in the 1980s and her whole practice preludes the alien aesthetics of today. (First published in Skin Deep, issue 275. (Abridged version first Published in The Guardian, 23/11/16), Hong Kong Branding: The Past, The Present, The Future. No Empathy.” This is where mandalas come to die, Abridged version first published in DAZED & CONFUSED magazine, 03/03/17, Milo Yiannopoulos and Sexual Encounters too Gay for Free-Speech, Jak Nola, Erotic Art, and The Power of Orgasm. (First published in INKED, issue 45) When forensic inquiry is applied to tattoos, it can assist in the identification or capture of criminals or missing persons. The principle of nihilism is to deconstruct the way things are and start again in order to create new ways I can experience the world. It is a vision where unbridled body modification can render the human form quaint and where fantasies will completely efface corporeal selves. Macaroni with Parma ham 300g 27 PLN Italian pasta tubes with Parma ham, garlic, cocktail tomato and rucola, olive base Fusilli with green vegetables 300g 26 PLN Italian pasta in the form of a spiral with broccoli, green beans, green peas and courgette So when people began actively seeking out the painful ritual of a Brutal Black tattoo session, I contacted them to find out more about why they chose to engage with amplified tattoo pain. Alongside their own band Cult of the New Flesh, resident performers Salvia and WenZhelini offer revellers an evening of bloodletting, sadism, ritual, sex acts, and lurid hedonism. Henry Findlay was tattooed on his chest, arms, hands, fingers, calves and from his knees to his groin 'after the Burmese manner’. parma.ham [ANNOUNCEMENT] I’m super excited to show everyone Nullo ( @nulloes ) which I have been working on with @salvjiia . The fourth instalment of Wraith is on February 28, 2020. But, that doesn't mean that the newly nullo body mod won't end up on Reddit and we can truly see how his former package healed. The movement is dependent on new technology and the way it’s distributed, so that’s why it’s suddenly appeared at once in a cohesive manner. I spend a day in Malawi’s biggest refugee camp, Dzaleka, where by chance I meet the camp’s tattooist. Artwork by Hila Angelica. I used to pride myself on my short and long term memory but now I literally can't remember anything about the film I avidly watched last night, but, I can tell you James' appointment in January 2019 needs extending because he wants to add a tiny dismembered leprechaun to his right arm, just below the elbow… That's fucked up.' I know some people like to conflate gender with sex, but frankly referring to me as a he based on my assumed genitalia seems personal and gross. Sure, it’s rewarding to have work in galleries, museums, and magazines and hit that mainstream audience, but I get more pleasure, conversation, inspiration and engagement when working with and for friends in our own context. You never know what you’re gonna get.”, (abridged version published in VICE, 19/03/18) JILF, a self-described nihilist and practicing dominatrix, orchestrates painful and subversive acts with her partners with the aim of eliciting trauma and embracing disgust; her partners regularly refrain, “today, I will suffer for your art.”, “One of the things I love the most is I’ll play with my partner and do things to her that evoke disgust. This maxim is what guides me right now; I know what I need in the world, and if I can’t find something pre-existing I’m going to find a way to create it, so work, objects and events are born out of necessity. I think the world needs people like us pushing in the opposite direction to conservatism and exposing people to alternative ways of living. I was forced to create Wraith; I needed to present my work, and the work of my friends, and there was nowhere else that existed that could provide an appropriate context for it. (VICE online, 27/09/16) "Isaac Comer was heavily tattooed including on his cock. We are putting on a runway style presentation to show a collection of strapons which is called SISSYSLUT. The Nullo project is a form of augmentation, the digital dream that has become reality; it’s a bit like having an avatar, but then altering and adorning our real time body to match it, because that too is an avatar as the digital and organic worlds merge. In October 2019 she released with Parma Ham the design project Nullo, by creating objects, clothes and accessories for transhuman tribes that have been steadily released through runway presentations, performances and actions. (First Published in Skin Deep UK) Why do the media insist on repeatedly asking if tattoos have become uncool or too mainstream? Imbued is a critique of binaries and exploration of sexuality that transgress the limits of the body to build new ways of experiencing it. Not rituals in a spiritual or religious sense, but as a way to story tell, express identity and experiences, and reaffirm our subculture by bringing people together.

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