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Coach Monken talked about being explosive and even gave his definition. A look at some of the bowls Boston College have been projected to head to this bowl season. Three consecutive first-quarter drives illustrate the entire game. Moving next door to the Big Ten, Michigan State somewhat successfully dragged Ohio State into an uglier game than the Buckeyes wanted to play -- but they still lost 34-10. The Gators had explosive plays (10-plus- runs or 15-plus-yard passes) on 9.7% of plays, while Auburn was at 8.5%. “It is extremely difficult to dink and dunk all the way down the field,” LaFleur said. The game remained tight throughout, mostly because of Cincinnati's havoc on defense. The dip in production at quarterback explained the Packers’ dismal result. Daily Dawg Thread: Korey Foreman, 2021 Defensive End. Things looked bleak in the second overtime after SMU fumbled, but Tulsa's missed field goal sent the game to a third overtime, where quarterback Shane Buechele threw a 25-yard touchdown to James Proche to complete the comeback. This year, the Packers’ hot-and-cold offense averaged about seven explosive plays per game, near the middle of the pack. Points Per Game and Explosive Play Rate (Scoring = More Wins) If you take the top ten teams from each of the last ten seasons who led the NFL in points per game average, they average an explosive play rate of 6.91% (.51% above league avg) yet they win 64.46% of their games 9% higher than top ten teams who lead the league in explosive play rate by itself. While there, he pioneered many of the statistical analyses we see on TV broadcasts, and his insights helped the Vikings and Packers find advantages during their games. “We have the ability to bust a long run, or any kind of long play at any moment. Not to mention 2-0 in Bird Bowls. They have extremely short amount of time to work with the players, install a game plan, coach technique and however many other countless things they have on their agenda. So that speaks to athleticism.". Some of the guys over at DawgSports and I have created a web show talking about UGA stats, plays, and schemes called the “Battle Hymnal.”  So, after you have checked out “One on One” on BI’s YouTube channel, drop in and see what we have cooked up. He never coached the players. But what exactly constitutes an explosive play. In the end, good offense or not, explosive plays propel one team and make the other suffer. Ohio State exploded in the second quarter with an average EPA of 0.88 and an EPA success rate of 58%, scoring 24 points on four consecutive drives. That is significantly different from how most analytics chart and count explosive plays. In this analysis, we take care to eliminate explosive plays that don’t actually help teams. Which is not a negative play by any means, but it did not lead to a conversion or scoring opportunity. Explosive plays on offense, like this touchdown catch by Geronimo Allison in Week 3’s loss to the Redskins, increased for the Packers in 2018. Bulldawg Illustrated Season Preview Issue, BI Print Edition Issue 1, 2018 – Calling All Smart Dawgs, LATEST PRINT ISSUE FOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP: This is Our Destiny. For an offensive coaching staff- it’s advantageous to have a simple definition. What is an explosive play in college football? The only way you beat the best is to take those chances." Three of the four most explosive teams made the playoffs, and the Rams and Chiefs advanced to their respective conference championship games. Looking at Football Analytics though the eyes of a Dawg Fan. According to the game play finder search engine on, the Packers have allowed 70 total explosives — 21 on the ground and 49 through the air. Jason Wilde spoke with Eayrs’ after his arrival from Minnesota in December 2001. The system is made to get all the playmakers in one-on-one situations, make a move and just run.”. If you want to follow me on Twitter, you’ll find me chatting about this stuff. He likes to take shots down the field for explosive plays, either off play-action or a seven-step drop for the quarterback. In Green Bay, like the rest of the league, explosive plays led to winning football. If your defense is stopping explosive plays while your offense produces them, there’s a good chance your team will find success. For example, Florida's expected points added (EPA) success rate was just 29.6%, while Auburn's was just 32.8%. Aaron Rodgers and the offense transformed into a nuclear-powered Megazord in the second half of the Bears game and stole Chicago’s soul right out of its body. The first was on Florida's opening possession, where the Gators hit a 64-yard pass to Freddie Swan. Central Florida was the victim of Pitt's super weapon this season, but still came into the game as 3.5-point favorites over the Bearcats. Besides the turnovers, a few Florida big plays made all the difference in the game. Stanford quarterback Davis Mills, the former top-rated pro-style quarterback in the 2017 class, had a big day with 293 passing yards, a 0.32 average passing EPA (two-thirds of a standard deviation above the mean), and a 59% passing EPA success rate. Ok, so Coach defines explosive as 16+ yard passes and 12+ yard runs. Now let's step back to Friday night's highly anticipated ACC matchup between Central Florida and Cincinnati. They finished that season-defining stretch with a -6 NETXP. Here’s how we define explosive plays based on Eayrs’ conclusions: Explosive passing play (XPP): A completed pass gaining at least 16 yards. One of the few meaningful upsets was 2-3 Stanford beating Washington, 23-13. I wrote a post in the spring attempting to explain “explosiveness” and how it’s calculated. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. Slot to South Carolina Gamecocks Newsletter, Not a VIP member? and three interceptions, holding Iowa to a -0.42 average EPA, which is 1.5 standard deviations below the mean. According to Fickell, "The only way you're going to knock off the best is to continue to be aggressive. In their six division games against the Bears, Lions and Vikings, the Packers finished with a 0 NETXP, gaining 37 explosive plays on offense and allowing 37 explosive plays on defense. The Packers fired defensive coordinator Dom Capers after the 2017 defense allowed 113 explosive plays. His presence helped the Packers make the NFL’s second-biggest jump in NETXP behind the New York Giants, even without added contributions from the defense: The Packers could be in line for another jump in 2019. Register today for free or log in to access this premium article. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. The Bearcats are proving that last year's double-digit wins were not a fluke, and he's showing the kind of mindset necessary to compete with better competition. We had the most explosives. In Green Bay’s six wins, the offense generated 9.2 XP/G, the fifth-most of any team in their wins. That's not a huge difference in explosiveness rate, but average EPA (which accounts for how successful a play was in addition to just a binary success or failure) tells more of the story. Buy 1 month, get 1 month FREE. Gamecocks first-year head coach Will Muschamp says it depends who you ask. CLICK HERE TO WATCH EXAMPLES OF EXPLOSIVE PLAYS IN 2018 1 “If we’re doing a good job in those areas then we feel like we have a chance.”. The other upset was Texas Tech taking down Oklahoma State 45-35 behind quarterback Jett Duffey's 424 passing yards (47% passing EPA success rate, half a standard deviation above the mean in passing EPA). But an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and a strip sack on third-and-long (returned by all-world defensive tackle Derrick Brown for 42 yards) gave the Tigers a do-over. But the offense didn't show any signs of life against a solid defense, the likes of which they will also see against teams like Michigan State, Penn State, and Ohio State later in the season. Eayrs told Wilde he’d discovered the concept of explosive plays during the 1970s and 1980s. The Power Sweep uses stats like explosive plays to help our readers become smarter Packers fans. For the purpose of this Playlist, I went with the most conservative definition of explosive plays, 30 yards on a pass and 20 yards on a run. Those drives included a 60-yard touchdown pass to Ben Victor, a 35-yard Justin Fields run, and a 67-yard J.K. Dobbins touchdown run. Terms of Use   |   Privacy Policy   |   Cookie Policy, © 2020 EdjSports, LLC // Partner of USA TODAY Sports Digital Properties, ESPN: Ranking All 32 Teams by Under-25 Talent, cause for scraping conference divisions and embracing pods, EPA adjusts for down, distance, and field position. Turnovers played a big role as Oklahoma State quarterback Spencer Sanders threw three picks and lost two fumbles. He didn't play a snap in his fourteen years in Green Bay. But new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine’s 2018 defense wasn’t any better, conceding 113 explosive plays. One takeaway here is that Luke Fickell seems destined for an even bigger job. Green Bay ended up on the wrong side of the NETXP differential, generating fewer explosive plays than they allowed in all three of those losses. Cincinnati was similarly inefficient, but had a few big plays on offense (and fewer very negative plays) that brought up their average EPA (still negative, at -0.17). It seems that every website has their own definition of it. This is a subreddit for the NFL community. There is no exact answer for this term. This number is based on a lot a math calculated by people smarter than me and based on literally hundreds of thousands of plays and outcomes. Early this season, Jon wrote how the Packers had become irrelevant despite the return of Aaron Rodgers after a broken collarbone in 2017: The Packers aren’t bad enough to be a truly bad team. If we're looking at the differential, Atlanta is third with +19, behind New Orleans (+25) and Pittsburgh (+20). Here are UGA’s top ten explosive plays from 2019. A new daily podcast that discusses everything Boston College, hosted by AJ Black, a name you can trust. The NFL defines an explosive play as a play that results in a gain of 20 yards or more. Play Selection & Success Rate (DEF) Situational Success Rates & Ranks (DEF) Team Defensive Success by Field Zone (DEF) NFL Defensive Success by Field Zone (DEF) Red Zone Defensive Success Rate by Quarter (DEF) Trending Performance (DEF) Toxicity. A lot has happened since the last time UGA played a meaningful down. Offenses possess the ball about ten times in an average NFL game. But white jerseys. There are 20 examples of explosive plays from 2018, and I found a bunch that include not just AJ Dillon, but Jeff Smith, Kobay White and Ben Glines. That's not a huge difference in explosiveness rate, but average EPA (which accounts for how successful a play was in addition to just a binary success or failure) tells more of the story. I mean. Explosive rushing play (XPR): A rushing attempt gaining at least 12 yards. Pro Football Focus for instance has every play that goes more than 15 yards labeled as explosive (and probably the stat Daz was referring to), while I have seen other sites measure it with passes over 30 yards and runs over 20. New Haven, CT. As you likely saw in the lead-up to the game, Auburn and Florida had not played one another since 2011. And 4-0 in Animal Bowls. Teams that produced the most explosive plays in 2018 tended to be very successful. Green Bay averaged two more explosive plays per game on offense in 2018. © 2005-2020 CBS INTERACTIVE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. On defense, last year we have three guys from our back end currently in NFL camps, and we had five or six over the last five years. This play was “unsuccessful” from an analytics point of view and “explosive” according to coach’s measure. How about a running back that bursts through an opening and runs downfield with a safety trying to catch up?

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