naaga chapters locations

Phone:  (314) 581-0744 Email:  [email protected]

Website: Is this not racists? Club President: Bruce O’Neal Find a Chapter Experience the thrill of aviation on a local level by joining an EAA chapter. Website: Location: Little Rock, Arkansas Location: Florence, South Carolina Email: IvorySmith4Kent[email protected] While the Black Bottom Gun Club is open to all races and ethnicities, we unapologetically place primacy on and center the unique needs and interests of African Americans relative to the Second Amendment. Location: Jackson, Tennessee

Evil people will always get guns so we must always be prepared to stop them by depending on ourselves. Ignore the provacateurs. If so please put me in contact with them. Email:  [email protected]

*NAAGA State Director for Florida, Name: Florida Capital City Gun Club I am a gun owning member of the Left and more than likely, the ones who might call this group racists will come from the NRA. Club President:  Kourtney Redmond Email: [email protected], Name: Morgantown / Monongalia County Gun Club Email: [email protected] NAAGA Founding Chapter BASS REEVES GUN CLUB, INC. is the metro-Atlanta and founding chapter of the National African American Gun Association (NAAGA). Email: [email protected], Name: The Christian Fleetwood Gun Club Club Vice President: Lisa Jackson Black Bottom was the home of Della Reese, Joe Louis, and Sugar Ray Robinson.

Phone: 970-460-9952 If you are interested in starting a chapter in your area, contact us at [email protected].Bobby Seale, Name: The Menthu Warrior Gun Club Club President:  Joseph Lackey Phone: 727-470-0349 Email: [email protected], Name: KC NAAGA Gun Club Club President: Narren Brown Club President: Steven B. Pilate, Sr. BRGC, INC. is a pro-2nd Amendment community of responsibly armed citizens. Black Bottom should be a source of inspiration, proving that despite the lack of equitable resources, adequate representation, Black people will survive and thrive.


Club President: James Michael Brown Not a thing wrong with people having their own groups. Email: [email protected], Name: The Henry Johnson Gun Club

However, the Right has always been and they will call out threats to their perceived power/brand. Website:

Club President: Clinton Wray

*NAAGA State Directors for California, Name: The Kern River Shooting Club Location: Fountain, Colorado Phone: (843)410-8236 Club President: Tarikh Brown Owner:  Changa Bey President:  James L. Smith

Phone: (512) 731-3585Email: [email protected] Location: Columbus, Ohio Also I briefly saw on FB a female didn’t get her name but would like her to be my instructor!! These steps along with “hardening” the school as a target by locking all doors to the outside, security cameras, restricting entry to one or two locations will greatly increase the security of the school. Manufacturers of ARs, 77Solutions EDC South City, St. Louis, MO Email – [email protected], Outstanding! We take pride in learning and sharing our knowledge within the community to promote firearms safety, proficiency and the shooting sports.​We have been around since 2015 and are continuously building towards our highest potential. Email: [email protected] Location: Henry County / McDonough, Georgia We are excited to introduce the Black Bottom Gun Club, the first chapter member of the National African American Gun Association in Michigan. Location: Bakersfield, California Phone:  (323) 440-1114; (818) 964-6092 Instagram: (Firearms Instructor Safety Training)

Email:  [email protected] Club President: Miguel “Kumu” Haynes [email protected], Name: Progressive Force Gun Club for Home & Self Defense Club Co-President:  Geneva Solomon* Email: [email protected] Club President:  Michael Wade, CPA Location: Durham, North Carolina NAAGA Founding ChapterBASS REEVES GUN CLUB, INC. is the metro-Atlanta and founding chapter of the National African American Gun Association (NAAGA).BRGC, INC. is a pro-2nd Amendment community of responsibly armed citizens.

Facebook:, Charlotte, NC

Club President: Robert L. Williams Club President: LaShonda Henderson Club President: William Lattimore

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