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Games walkthrough, My Cafe Recipes and Stories It says you can’t make recipes, and will have to upgrade to premium machines… so what is their purpose? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Watch the advertisement and collect 20 energy (Maximum 3 ad/day). He listen to the music and the lock deactivated once the recording is ended. I need a nautical clothing, what is this? suddenly an electric shaver flies by and shaves them all bald. Maybe I will need it later. If you upgrade this skill to Level 1, you’ll get one simple gift per day. Once you complete the quest, you will get 15 energy 3 candies. How to interpret Mary dream ? In this game, the serving will mostly be done by your in-game friend and top employee Ann, as well as the employees you hire for your restaurant. It will be in the Library only. Ive just downloaded it and i have my first customer and idk what to do please help. The small coffee machine gives 30 energy/4 hours. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The special gift box gives 10 energy, 20 candies and simple gift. they just eat n leave. I had 4 first-time customer requests (Ron wanted Berry Smoothie Cappuccino, Mary wanted Nordic Romantic Latte, I forget who wanted the Fruits of the Forest Cheesecake and the Winter Berry Dessert? However, mine was on the floor beside the table, not on it like most others. They let you unlock new equipment, recipes, customers, stories, quests, interior andexterior items, as well as new featuressuch as townships. Petrovich needs to find some ingredients to make sleeping potion and break the spell of Bill. The magic book is in the exact spot shown in her picture above. Can I just have all bar counters and all barista? Adsense starting Vignette ads on desktop – What and How will it be? My Cafe: Recipes and Stories is a new Android and iOS restaurant management game from Melsoft Games, and we’d say it’s a bit different from others of its kind. If you want to read previous quest playing experience please visit our blog post : My Cafe Quest Playing experience with Comet, My cafe quest playing experience with Watson : Update 2020.9.1. During searching, open the gift box and get 20 energy, 30 candies and one Pink gift Bag. need like 400k to get to level 23. im getting bored. Help! 1010 Avenue of the Moon New York, NY 10018 US. Hi, I have found the vinyl record and updated the post. Yes, I think they made this part hard because this is the only quest in the library. English, Chinese, French, or Italian. Hi! How to interpret Mary dream ? So, he decides to keep the doll on the plinth for some more time as warm up time. This time we will search the 5 levels to collecting all clues, find the wizard, read new stories and help petrovich to break the spell. Go figure. I have too many spices and now I don’t know what to do, because I’ve already spent all my gems so now I can’t buy another slot, so which spice do I throw out? so when they seat on tables u can’t serve them because you don’t have any servers. After sending spices to treasury where they go??? Levels are one of the key mechanics of the game. These are the quests below. I found the record from one of the four gramophone in this floor. Find all the tool boxes and get the screwdriver. Tap on a worker’s skill icons and focus on their strengths when it comes to those upgrades so you can earn more profit from your restaurant. Petrovich realizes that he is quite familiar with the magic book. My Café Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I found only the eyesight supplements from the first medicine cabinet. They let you unlock new equipment, recipes, customers, stories, quests, interior and exterior items, as well as new features such as townships. Watson needs the torch to go to the basement. no quests and no comments from customers. Follow the footsteps and go inside the pantry. I'm doing latte with vanilla cardamon and chocolate.. How to answer these questions, Answer from: Mary dream lv22Standing in a crowd of people by the side of the road, beautiful peacocks were walking down the street. no quests and no comments from customers. Mix pumpkin, flour and egg together in the bowl and make the pumpkin cupcake for Margaret. So either let your Batista or server serve them or you can by clicking on them and taking their order, make what they want and click on them again. Collect 30 energy and 3 candies to unlock 2nd door (First floor). I have to give the right answer to the first question that Ben asks about Ron's dream. Play the second round of daily gifts without watching ads, My Cafe: Recipes And Stories - Gameplay Video, My Cafe: Recipes And Stories - Gameplay Video 3. the machines and equipment in the bank’s “daily special offers” will rotate so if you missed one, it will just come back after some time. He reads the page and found that no wizard cursed him. Does anyone know the answer? Add some spice to a drink or another food item, and you’ll be cooking up an item that costs a lot of money; sometimes, the prices may be far more premium than what one would normally expect. Your server should tell them for you, and depending on which server you hired, they will suggestively sell something else. Just get rid of all your Chinese furniture, and if you don’t have enough money to buy replacement English furniture, use Simple Items. In this blog we would help you find the ingredients of cologne for Kevin in My Cafe Level 17. Buy 20 energy using 5 diamonds in every 14 hours, buy 50 energy spending 15 diamonds in every 19.5 hours, buy 110 energy using 50 diamonds (Refills in 1 day 18 hours) and buy 150 energy using 120 diamonds (refill in 2 days 1 hour). The quest will be completed in the second floor in library room. This is how my library looks after finding the magic book: The magic book says that 3 more dolls are there to be found. Do let me know if you find out. It’s better to stay online, because then you earn more money, and tons of customers won’t rush in. Your email address will not be published. The 2nd part of the note says to find “the cello. Now Petrovich realizes that he has lifted the curse from Bill and he becomes happy to help him. Still, don’t overspend on hiring servers, and take a good look at their price tags, as well as their skills. (As an aside, this also allows you to accept takeout orders.) At level 5 skill, item prices can be raised by 20 percent and at level 10 skill items can be raised by 30 percent. I dont see any special places in this thing hahaha. My Cafe Kevin cologne perfume story – Level 17. Level 23 Lucas story line? You can earn bonus tips from customers through the decorations you use for your café, and if you’re not sure what kind of furniture to use, you can pick up the hints your customers will drop through their conversations. Listing out below the quest names of the Library floor and information on some of them where needed: I searched almost all the room and at last found the magic book beside the gift box after spending more than 300 energy. Its taking forever to get to level 23. i have Alice. Leveling up brings a new customer to your café, and if you’re not playing the game, your servers will help Ann as she serves up your customers’ orders. We will collect energy by drinking coffee and completing quests and get candies rewards. First he will find some dish soap from bathroom and then wash the dishes in the basin to collect the Bowl. Servers serve tables ☺. Listen to when Ann tells you that a new server can be hired, and don’t forget to buy a service table (found under Catalog > Furniture) in order to proceed with the hiring process. no more dialogue from customers. Please have a look. Some players got the book there. If you think you are an expert then please try to help others with their questions. Next, Petrovich finds the knitting pattern from the 3rd magnetic boards. I’ve clicked the book beside the giftbox as you said before, but the magic book still didnt showed up. October 20, 2020 I am also stuck at the same place. So he called her up. By the way idk means I don’t know. Answers (Closed) Answer from: Bumpkin It's in the information Ron told you. Don’t want any tables and servers. Later he decides to put the “Bill-doll” on the plinth for the safekeeping. You have to clean up the broken pot lying on the way and move ahead. Once an item’s price in yellow, customers will tend to avoid that item, simply because it’s out of their everyday budget. You can also earn a free diamond, or maybe a couple, by meeting your customers’ requirements and wants. done all the quests. Search all the toolboxes in the floor to find the light bulbs. I'm doing latte with vanilla cardamon and chocolate.. How to answer these questions. Now, remove the items on the floor and go to the door. Its taking forever to get to level 23. i have Alice. All places seems to be ordinary. To play the gramophone he needs a vinyl record. He guess that he should put the “doll” on some kind of plinth. My Cafe: Recipes And Stories - Restaurant Simulation And Kitchen Mystery Game Answers for iPhone - iPad Home / iPhone - iPad / Sub Menu. Once you have upgraded “AllItemsPrices”, tap the tea cup icon to set new prices for all unlocked items. You will notice an up arrow above Ann’s head when she levels up – tap on her, and tap on the “Tell Me About Your Skills” button so you can view the available skills to train. you can’t because sometimes to complete a quest you need to buy tables. Every time you unlock a door, will get 5 energy boost. I’ve already added the deco tips from the visitors and all my furniture is in northern lights style. Then go to the ground floor and you will see the door to go basement near the big coffee machine. The prescription says that the medicine was for Margaret. Am level 18 and I can upgrade all the cafe furnitures to crystal style which is more expensive. Open the gift box below the picture and get 20 energy, 30 candies and pink gift bag. Collect 15 energy, 3 diamonds and 10 candies after completing this quest. I opened a Pink Gift and got gold (the spice) from it. Stories are one of the mechanics which drives the game and lets players earn Prestige Points to level up. I received  15 energy, 3 diamonds and 10 candies after completing this quest. As per the magic book , one must knit a pair of magical socks to break the curse. Yes it is an one time offer and once you buy all gifts from him (from Simple gift to Gold Gift) it will simply not allow you to buy another gift from him but maybe much later in the game it might I’m not sure I’m only Level 10. So if you’ve got a mishmash of English and French furniture in your café, you won’t earn as much tips as you would had you gone with an all-Chinese approach, for instance. But it had no use until how much I played. The article provides the pricing of items for the individual game of my cafe. He has collected 4th and the last piece of the photograph. I have a northern lights cafe. When I serve coustmers at a two person table that asks for an item that I don’t have yet, how do I tell them I don’t have that item yet. u must have at least 1 server. New update: You will earn some bonus coin when entering the game. This note says that he should find a precious stone and then attach the stone on his chest. Though Petrovich thought that it might be someone’s picture who was related to his curse but he finds that it is his picture.

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