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blasting the horn through grand haven at the end was hilarious. Now retired. In 2007, Tom got the biggest air of the night during his freestyle run at Monster Jam World Finals 8, but unfortunately, the entire rear differential broke in half due to a hard landing after the jump, However, he was the only driver to clear the double bus stack. It will be totally fine, DNR guy was relaxed because he was smoking something “legal.”. #cummins #sxs #sand dunes #trucks #monstermax #quad #whistlindiesel #dirtbike #whistlin #monster #stuck #break #side by side #dunes #offroad #sxsblog #michigan #duramax #bruce #bruce wilson #sand #diesel #wilson # silver. Help people in need with TAYO and The Brave Cars! In 2020, Neil and Tom ran as part of the Green and Yellow Stadium Tour, respectively. Colton Eichelberger drove it in the FS1 Series East for much of 2017, including the World Finals, due to Tom being injured. The robot character on Maximum Destruction was originally named the "Creator of Chaos". Monstermax is a chevy monster truck owned by Cody Detwiler. A lot of people say “you’re from the country why do you listen to that music” Well let’s put it this way...... when I hear “Huntin Fishin and Lovin every Day” it doesn’t make me want to jump my truck over a house. It has since been renamed "Maximus". When I have nothing else to do, I watch documentaries and animations. Grey 3D Spiked Max-D: Currently run on all trucks since 2014. It has a mid-mounted engine instead of the front-mounted engine of other full-time Max-D trucks. Colton took over for him while Blake Granger took over for Colton in the East Tour. The Truck currently possesses 8 World Titles, as Tom won the first 5 championships In Goldberg and Team Meents. In 2018, the team celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. Very cool, glad to see they let you in with monster max. Essentially, WhistlinDiesel's destructive adventures have been a win some, lose some affair. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Tom and Neil each ran a Monster Jam Stadium Tour, Colton and Jared once again ran on the More Monster Jam Tours, Colton in the Central and Jared in the East. In 2019, Tom Meents debuted the Fire Max-D variant as a part of Monster Jam's Fire & Ice promotion. Now retired., Driven by Tom Meents from 2000 to 2010, originally as. A first-generation diesel-powered Chevrolet Silverado armed with enormous suspension and giant 36-inch rubbers, MonsterMax has been described by WhistlinDiesel as having 72,000 hp of "pure get out of my way." "In Memory of Derik Trenholm" [Maximum Destruction]: Ran exclusively at World Finals VI. Colton and Jared ran the More Monster Jam Tour, Colton in the East Tour and Jared in the West Tour. Yellow - Debuted and only ran in 2016 under Jared Eichelberger. However, he kept going in his broken truck and was the only driver to fill the clock. Huge thanks to sxsblog for saving our weekend and brucewilson for hauling monstermax to silver lake. As part of their 2020 toy line, Spin Master released a retro design "Maximum Destruction" using the original 2003–2012 appearance of the truck. Maximum Destruction is one of the most popular trucks in Monster Jam, namely for commonly living up to its fitting name that best describes its freestyle performances, especially with creator Meents behind the wheel. Dude we need more people like him. Many fans criticized Monster Jam for false advertisement and claimed that the six truck record was invalid since he only jumped the equivalent of three truck lengths (although vertical, it was still less than six trucks) and that he never actually jumped over them. A specially constructed truck driven by Tom Meents for stunts. Jared got a new chassis as well and debuted it in Salt Lake City in January 2017. i wanna see this but “my ranger could do that” version. It currently uses the. Meents would instead run as Team Meents for one year. After New Orleans, Tom suffered a lower back injury and was out from the end of January through the end of May. That same year, he jumped over his old house before completely smashing it to pieces. Sport: Here's Which Trim Is Right For You, These Are The Coolest Vehicles In Halo (And The Real Life Vehicles That Inspired Them), 2021 Can-Am Ryker: Cost, Facts, And Figures, Everything We Know About The Next Generation GMC 2021 Yukon, Here’s How Much The World’s Top Leaders' Expensive Rides Cost, What Will The Cast Of The Grand Tour Do After The Series Ends, A Detailed Look At Floyd Mayweather's Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. Formerly driven by Jared Eichelberger in 2017, it is has been driven by Blake Granger since 2018. However, he did not win anything that year at the Monster Jam World Finals 4, making this the first World Finals where Tom wouldn't win a single championship. It has a similar appearance with the red body, though it has more yellow. Why doesn’t youtube give this man a verification badge? ", Pororocon - Educational Tayo and Pororo Avatar App, Car City Heroes: Rescue Trucks Preschool Adventure, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. He landed on the rear tires, causing the truck to bounce and not land on the front wheels, as required by the Guinness guidelines. You will be the main character and play with Pororo's friends! Ran by Colton Eichelberger throughout the 2016 season with a few body changes. Tom would win the Stadium Championship Series 1, and would go on into the Main Field of the World Finals, Neil would also be invited. 2019- Team Ice: Neil Elliott, Team Fire: Tom Meents (Team Fire Captain) and Colton Eichelberger. In 2013, the team celebrated its tenth anniversary with brand new body styles for all 3 drivers. This destructive process ensured that nothing remained left of the trailers, and no one was happier than WhistlinDiesel after the fact. In 2012, Neil would debut a new chassis for his truck. It has always been a fan-favorite to see this truck go up in racing against the other legendary monster truck Grave Digger, especially when piloted by Meents and Grave Digger creator Dennis Anderson respectively. Blake Granger became the second Max-D driver to win a world title. The truck earned a racing win in Minneapolis a week later. Not all oversized trucks, however, are created equal. Imagine not knowing who whistlindiesel was and just seeing monster max there. A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. Let’s face it; we all love monster trucks for all the right (and wrong) reasons. After the series were prematurely ended by the COVID-19 pandemic, Neil and Colton were named champions of their respective series as they were in the lead at the time of the shutdown. Of course this only works if you can channel that energy to your brain instead of your emotions 3, A post shared by WHISTLINDIESEL (@whistlindiesel) on Jun 8, 2020 at 12:23pm PDT, You will only receive our top stories,typically no more than 5 per day. The truck also appeared on an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, destroying the Mattingly family's old home. It is featured on the WhistlinDiesel YouTube channel. After winning Stadium Championship Series 1 on February 25, 2018, Neil received his own invite to World Finals 19 as well. Fire - A body run in 2019 for the Monster Jam Fire & Ice driven by Tom Meents. Julybien Atadero writes from the island of Cebu covering various automotive topics including new sports cars, classic muscles, pickup trucks and SUVs. The controversial "six truck" jump. He ended up tying with Madusa and El Toro Loco for the win in freestyle. Although no longer used in competition, the design is still in hold. In 2011, Tom ran a brand new Willman chassis from the start of the season. Chrome - Mainly used on stunts by Tom Meents. This time, former Iron Outlaw driver Kreg Christensen filled in for him. Elliot and Kane would both win the respective tours, with Meents getting an invitation to the Monster Jam World Finals 16. Neil Elliott and Kreg Christensen received spiked bodies, while Tom received a body covered in orange LEDs. Orange/Grey - Ran from 2003-12. For unknown reasons, a Holiday Edition Maximum Destruction toy was never released. Driven by Neil Elliott from 2012 to 2017. Red Maximum Destruction toy, released in 2007. Dump truck Max is exhausted with too much baggage to move. In 2001, Tom Meents ran his final year using the name Goldberg, as the shut down of World Championship Wrestling that year ended the licensing agreement that gave the truck its name. But what's next? This was the go signal for WhistlinDiesel to tear the helpless gooseneck trailers apart; MonsterMax trampled over them like they were nothing. Now I have 2 ex-wives. In 2017, all Max-D's were back to the original gray/silver. Looks fun lol. It was displayed at the World Finals 19 pit party in 2018 as part of Max-D's 15th anniversary, depicting its famous crash in Arlington, Texas, in 2011. In 2003, Meents debuted the Maximum Destruction name on the same chassis he had already been driving. Unlike the other two Willman Chassis trucks run by Tom and Neil, Kreg ran a CRD Chassis Maximum Destruction. In 2008, at Monster Jam World Finals 9, during racing against Jimmy Creten in Bounty Hunter in the Semi-Finals, he won, but however, he had a mechanical problem after the race, causing Creten to replace Meents in the championship race. However, the 9/11 attacks occurred, and the name was shelved for one year so that the name and design would not stir any controversy. They also released a Retro Edition 5-Pack featuring Team Meents, classic Maximum Destruction, Max-D "Glow", Max-D red and yellow on their new willman chassis mold. You can see rocks flying off the disc making sparks. In freestyle, during his run, he broke the rear steering after he performed a back flip, causing Meents to go to third place. Monster Trucks Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. For the 2002 season, the truck was planned to be renamed "Maximum Destruction", a concept that had been planned previously. I started making videos for YouTube sometime in 2016 and realized how much people enjoyed watching average vehicles do crazy things. This enables Disqus, Inc. to process some of your data. This truck looks like it came from a 8 year old boys imagination. Next videos. The chassis has been used with some other designs, including. Tell them they’re going to fail. Red - Ran by Neil Elliott from 2015-2016. My name is Cody Detwiler and I’m the owner/founder. Blake Granger would be invited to the ATV championship, and he would end up winning it. Later that year, he attempted first double back flip during the Path of Destruction finale in East Rutherford, NJ, but was unsuccessful. sxsblog has the most ridiculous side by sides I’ve ever seen.#quad #truck #can am #lake #whistlindiesel #monster #sand #stuck #offroad #wilson #bruce #side by side #sand dunes #duramax #dirtbike #monstermax #diesel #sxsblog #silver #bruce wilson #whistlin #michigan #honda #cummins, It was awesome seeing whistlindiesel in Michigan but it's sad at how many Karen's the SLSD FB page has just a bitching and crying about the truck sitting there over night, I love how monster max still “ needs” a flag for visibility lol, Whistlindiesel: this small metal clamp is the only thing keeping this truck from falling apartAlso whistlindiesel: let’s floor it up a massive sand dune right after having it broken sitting on top of a sand dune over night cause it wouldn’t move. In Chile, Chuck Werner also ran a CRD and would win an event championship. And why did we not call Matt’s Off-road Recovery?? "Before I Forget" by Sklipnot was used during international events. Due to his injury, Tom did not compete in the Monster Jam World Finals 18.

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