metro tunnel cost blowout

But RPV dismissed this, finding that when benchmarked against similar Australian metro-style projects, the Metro Tunnel forecasts were 20-30 per cent higher per square metre. Topics: Government spending, Metro Tunnel cost blowout, Cedar Meats WorkSafe inspector, COVID-19 sentence reductions, Lawyer X, Melbourne City Council, Fines Victoria, China barley tariff, University payroll tax. Credit: Brisbane City Council But it was all smiles by June … To start off with a few comments about the Treasurer's comments. Deal cut on Metro Tunnel's blowout billions after government 'cave in' Taxpayers will fork out extra cash to cover cost overruns on the $11 billion Metro Tunnel … O'BRIEN . Early $95m blowout on Melbourne Metro tunnel a 'warning flag' The Brisbane Metro has blown out from $944 million to $1.2 billion. The Brisbane Metro increased in cost from $944 million to $1.2 billion earlier this year. The initial construction-focused works were expected to cost $476.6 million, but that forecast has been revised to $625.5 million, Auditor-General Andrew Greaves said. ... as speculation about a cost blowout grew. The state government would not confirm how much more it would pay, with the contractors believed to have agreed to cover a share of the cost blowout in the deal that was struck on June 30. Taxpayers will fork out extra cash to cover cost overruns on the $11 billion Metro Tunnel project after a deal was struck with the project's contractors. The cost blowout claims come to light after revelations in June that early construction works on the tunnel have cost $150 million more than first planned. Melbourne Metro Tunnel project grinds to a halt amid dispute over deadlines and costs.

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