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Go now, hurry.Alice: Come with us.Zelda: I can’t. He must have moved on centuries ago. It’s a thing that happens.Penny: Sure. Alumni Week at Brakebills was serious business, and we got a glimpse of just how seriously Margo took things when she spotted a mentor. She will appear with her husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan in an episode dedicated to Negan. “All That Hardy, Glossy Armor” is easily in my top five favorite episodes of The Magicians. No?Alice: If we let them out we have to tell them we’re utterly lost, no idea where are, and not a bunny in sight to get a message to our friends.Fen: And they’ll be homesick and scared and cranky and hungry.Margo: We’ll have to build infrastructure from scratch. When he is not spending his time writing, he enjoys watching tv and movies. The Destroyer. Thankfully, when I’m feeling particularly sluggish or in need of a motivational boost I turn to none other than Margo Hanson, ... Below, I’ve listed my favorite Margo quotes meant to do just that: boost your morale, invigorate your soul and, more importantly, totally light your a** on fire. The fact that she never holds her tongue and always says what she's thinking often yields hilarious one-liners and insults. C’mon. If you’re not caught up, then what are you waiting for? 2020 Geek Girl Authority. Alice, when you recover the seed…Alice: I only have one good hand we need you. You are liberated. We’re capable of anything (Even murder! About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. Everything you’ll want to know about living your best life, curated for you by our very own founder. Fillory’s gone but maybe it’s better now. I miss them. Don’t be stupid, Charlton. No, I am not Amish, even if I sometimes sport a modest bonnet. It's interesting that while alternate timeline versions of characters usually differ, alternate versions of Margo have the same amount of personality, even if that line was quickly followed by their tragic and gruesome deaths. Zelda: This room is warded but not for long. Be pragmatic. After Quentin says that they need a new plan and Elliot suggests that they'll somehow figure a way out like they usually do, Margo feels the need to remind them that they're out of their depth. Sometimes the best strategy is one of simplicity. When Fen begins to insinuate that Margo could potentially truly like Josh, Margo quickly stops her and insists that their relationship didn't extend beyond sex. Granted, Britney Spears went through the ringer in 2007. Most popular Most recent. You didn’t work nearly so hard to save me from Plover, did you?Seb: Of course I did until I couldn’t. 13 . Given your quest-heavy... Yeah, sorry, Josh wanted me to say it. In Season 4, a book called The Binder would only show its text if it had blood. S1/E5: What’s a magicians favorite game? She’ll help us, and you can go back to before.Plum: Listen…Penny: You can go back and stop Julia from dying, please.Plum: We can’t.Penny: Why the fuck not?Plum: Because we already did. This line of dialogue is one of many hilarious allusions from a conversation between her in Elliot in which they communicate using only pop-culture code in order to avoid being spied on by the Fairy Queen. After nine months, when the buns are cooked to perfection, said buns are ejected from the oven. from the Astral plane. And one hand is plenty. I’ve always known you’ll get there.Alice: But today?Zelda: Try, OK. Just try. Martin: Hello big brother. The line was first said by Margo in the episode "A Life in the Day" to Tick, the leader of the Fillorian high council, in response to his obviously nervous behavior after he stealing a substance to help defeat the Fairy Queen. | Not to mention, it should have been Summer Bishil‘s Emmys submission. Alice: You should be happy. 1 . Hold fast to it. There are so many caveats in place when it comes to what’s considered “acceptable” on the female emotional spectrum in the eyes of society. Moments . Their gender, for that matter. We’re all worthy of our aspirations. And now we are going to put our Jimmy Choo so far up your a** you’re going to taste next season. Anyways, reading about you made me realize after everything you did to stop me you were going to give me everything I needed to have Fillory forever. The Magicians: 19 Times Margo Hanson Proved She's The High King of One-Liners, About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. Margo Hanson has always been the queen of sass on The Magicians. the magicians the magicians season 5 eliot waugh margo hanson margo and eliot my edit glamorous amazing megabitches I would also include a gif of Eliot from 5x06 referring to Margo as 'ye high' with his hand two inches above his hip but that would probably ruin The Whole Mood happening here 3 times margo thought she would lose eliot and 1 time he thought he'd lost her Margo has always had a hard armor to her, and she's very self-aware of what she projects to the world. Let Chrissy Teigen mourn in peace. 8. Go.Alice: Wait Zelda. margo hanson quotes. About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us, The Magicians Gets Season 4 Premiere Date - Watch the Teaser. THE MAGICIANS — “Marry …. Trending on The Tempest. Ask. Margo Hanson. I’m going to have to initiate permafrost. That’s a plus. I plucked this quote from Margo’s questing episode in Season 4. Don’t think of this as a “breaking point” line, but rather a war cry., I Am Greta captures a powerful snapshot of Greta Thunberg and the climate change movement. As a full-fledged feminist, Margo isn't afraid to call out the blatant sexism all around her in Fillory. It kinda smells the same way.Margo: The opium made it. So, don’t demean yourself or let others belittle you because you don’t have a sword. Every choice you make can have lasting effects. Thank you, for everything. She was willing to fight tooth and nail for her people. I had to save everyone from you. Yes, hard work usually pays off. Bright side, you can actually complain while you’re holding it.Fogg: What a joy. Embrace it. If there’s one thing we know about Margo (besides her unencumbered sexual inclinations), it’s that she is woman, and she will roar. Sometimes all at once. Oh gods, I am still not used to how strong alcohol is.Eliot: Keep drinking. We're revisiting some of her best one-liners across first four seasons of The Magicians. What an innovative way of giving someone the figurative middle finger! It delved into the obstacles that strong women face everyday – if you’re too straightforward, you come off as a b*tch. Don’t allow those unworthy of your attention to use you as a doormat. She was even less enthused by his eagerness to consummate their marriage. Now we have an answer -- not Janet! Sex things. What should we teach them next? It is merely a transfer to another branch. Federica Bocco Our Team Trending on The Tempest. Lipson: How does it feel?Fogg: Like I’m holding a goddamn crazy cat, and the fur is ruining my custom suits.Lipson: No wonder all those Bond villains were so pissy. Let this be your battle cry – fortify yourself. Lipson: Here she is baby Eleanor.Julia: I don’t remember naming her Eleanor.Penny: That’s ‘cuz we didn’t.Lipson: People name their kid after their doctor all the time. You know when you see a color correction that looks whitewashed and you wonder who approved this? Later in the episode, we hear her say this line to Elliot, a product of the hallucination while struggling to hold on to her last bit of sanity and self-worth. If you witness injustices – whether they’re related to misogyny, racism, ableism, etc. When the Brakebills students were going after The Beast in Season 1, Margo was very quick to point out that things would be much simpler if they could use a gun.

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