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All you have to do is plug the microphone into the socket in the side of the radio and you are all set. LARTCS has ability to cross-connects different radio channels over various radio frequency bands, throughout Los Angeles and surrounding counties. Please forgive this shortcoming as my intent is not to bore you to tears but to do my best to cover every point, large or small, that I think will be of assistance to you based on my personal experiences. Since your UV-5RA is a low power unit with only 4 watts of output power, if you can hit a repeater with your signal, that repeater will boost your signal to a much higher wattage output and re-broadcast it simultaneously from its high location, greatly extending your communication range. Yours that you mentioned is good for being stationary. Air Support Division. For use as a handheld, replace the standard rubber duck with an 18-inch quarter wave, 36-inch half wave with a matching network, or a 45 inch 5/8 wave with loading coil, and set the power level down to the lowest readable setting to conserve your batteries. I do want to say that the advice to pick a 4-watt radio over a 3-watt radio, or more recent choices with more power, is somewhat misguided. That being said, the author does a very good job of detailing how to get into ham radio at a low cost. Look for an invitation email via PasadenaRadioClub@groups.io, or contact aa6qi (at) arrl (dot) net for more info. As stated earlier, you can always listen and learn the best you can and then should the SHTF you can always key your microphone and broadcast in a life-threatening situation. Before I go further let me say that there are probably many who will read this that know far more about HAM radio this I will ever know. Provides Fire/EMS dispatch for Culver City, El Segundo and Manhattan Beach. I don’t want to get involved in the licensing process required for some types of radio use. The second communication method and the one that will give you the most communication range is by using a “repeater”. Nearly all incidents and communications begin on a Dispatch channel (and then could switch to L-TAC / A-TAC / C-TAC or STAR-TAC). Such contacts could be extremely helpful in times of emergency (more about this later). It goes without saying that I am very tempted to upgrade to their newest model under $70! Non Trunked Fallback and Talkaround Frequencies Supplementary to Municipal Services TRS. The repeater is on 448.040 MHz as it's primary frequency during activations under the authority of the National Weather Service. We may earn money from the companies mentioned in this post. If I said there was nothing technical in them, I would not be truthful. During crisis situations amateur radio operators do this regularly, having specific organizations set up for such a purpose. Amateur Radio 10 If you’re ready to take your self-reliance to a new level then click on the image below to learn more! My advice would be to program in several repeaters at various distances from where you live and then start listening. Cost:  $28.61 (, Coax adapter: SMA to PL259   Cost:  $16.34 (, Aux. Once you feel you are ready to take the test you need to find a testing site. SO…why do you need this license then (other than the obvious answer that the FCC requires it for you to legally transmit)? If you have ever looked at a HAM radio equipment supplier catalog then you are no doubt familiar with the dizzying array of radio types, brands, and configurations, not to mention all the other meters, antennas, cabling, and connectors. Get the Slim Jim for permanent or temporary stationary operation. I know what you are thinking….”I don’t need a license….I will go ahead and start talking to people and avoid the hassle of getting a license”. So, all of this being said, don’t let the fear of too many technical questions deter you in pursuing your license if that is your goal. Wrong. LAPD Heliport at Piper Technical Center called "Hooper.". ), HAM RADIO COMMUNICATIONS-ON THE CHEAP…or…How I put together a HAM radio setup for less than $120.00 that allows me to talk with other HAMS hundreds of miles away. Imagine the uses of a vox (voice-operated switch) microphone that will allow you to transmit hands-free as well as listen through your earpiece…especially patrolling where your hands are busy pushing through cover or holding/using a firearm. I had bought my mobile radio (TYT TH-9800) and hand held rigs (Baofeng UV5R’s) based on multiple reviews on prepper sites and You Tube but I was lucky enough to find a very experienced Ham at my workplace who helped me program all my radios and establish my shack and mobile set up. As mentioned earlier, there are two ways to use your radio. Many times I have heard operators on my 2-meter radio talking about a contact they just made on one of the HF bands, a contact halfway across the nation! GLAARG is a VEC testing organization, not a radio club. Rancho Palos Verdes, California Visitors Always Welcome! Don’t let the price scare you, folks. When I tried to search the ARRL site for a testing location close to where I live all I came up with were places at least 75 miles away! Home of the world's largest radio/scanner frequency database Celebrating 20 years of no ads and no subscriber fees. For identification, you will need a government-issued, signed picture ID (Driver’s License or Passport, for example). WELCOME! Click this link for details. At this point let me say that I have no financial stake in any of these companies and do not stand to profit in any manner from your purchasing any of the listed items. Now that you have your antenna mounted and your radio battery charged, you need to attach the coax adapter to the top of the radio and then attach the coax cable to the end of the adapter with the screw-on fittings. I’ll cover the needed items one at a time and at the end of this section post a direct link for each item to the site where I bought it. As with most things in life that are worth having, getting an amateur radio license takes some effort…but not nearly as much as some folks think it does! San Diego/Riverside/San Bernardino County coverage. http://glaarg.org/ve_sessions/ The exam fee is $5 for in-person exams and $10 for remotely administered exams. However, since I was doing this “on the cheap” I opted to study on my own for free. While the speaker and built-in microphone on the UV-5RA work fine, having an external microphone will allow you to place the radio in a shirt or vest pocket or clipped on a chest rig and still communicate without removing the radio from your pocket (assuming you don’t want to use the vox headset). As stated, I am a novice and about as far from an expert as one can get but feel I have made some progress, learning that amateur radio communications do not inherently have to be overly technical or expensive. I hope this rambling article that you no doubt thought would never end is of some help to you. Guest check-ins are not only welcomed but encouraged. Copyright © 2018 Los Angeles Area Council of Amateur Radio Clubs - All Rights Reserved. The affordable options are great. When you bought your firearms to defend your family and your homestead, did you simply sit them in the corner and look at them and never learn how to use them? This article breaks the topic down so even I can understand it. I told them I would be there! Seconday VHF/UHF radio system utilized by County departments in areas of limited reception of County CWIRS trunked system. Shop around….you may be able to beat this price as the prices vary. North - Headquartered at Zuma Beach and provides ocean lifeguard services between Big Rock(Malibu) and Nicholas Canyon (Ventura County line). I have to think that the popularity of amateur radio in the survivalist community is responsible for a large part of this increase. Simply put, no. However, if you are going with an external antenna like the Slim Jim you need to find a suitable place to mount it…the higher the better. ALL MEETINGS are now on ZOOM - GET YOUR INVITATION HERE:While "Social Distancing" is recommended we will be teleconferencing using Zoom. Much of that “playing” eventually turned into research involving HAM radio. K6MWT 147.4350 MHz Los Angeles Renegade Repeater The "435" repeater is famous for lively discussion on controversial subjects. Anyone with an interest in ham radio is invited to join our club, a great way to experience the benefits of knowing others with similar interests, whether you are directly involved in amateur radio operations, or have a more general interest in the topic. Exam Tools Documentation by Richard Bateman KD7BBC, https://glaarg.org/examtools-tier-2-training-videos/. so that he will at least get a little benefit from your purchases should you decide to make them.). I will list the direct link to the cable at the end of this article. Another example for me is using a repeater located on Holston Mountain near Bristol, Tennessee. While 2 meter and 70cm are most used for line of sight communications (referred to respectively as VHF and UHF radios) another type of radio communications referred to as HF can be used to communicate long distances, even to the other side of the planet! OR, do a search by typing in “amateur radio club” and then the name of your (or a nearby) town or county. As a case in point,  I don’t live within direct line of sight of the Clingman’s Peak repeater on Mount Mitchell, NC, and could not access it with the standard rubber duck antenna, although I could pick up its transmissions. I progressed up the various levels of ham licenses and eventually got an Extra class license, more than 30 years ago. $100…$200…$300? Wrong. GLAARG exam teams have conducted over 2000 exams since April 2020, meeting the demand for amateur radio exams during the pandemic. (more on coax later).

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