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He’s also considered the best chef in Stevens Point. Guest stars: Jessica Marie Garcia as Willow, Ryan McCartan as Diggie, Jimmy Bellinger as Artie, Jordan Fisher as Holden, Victoria Moroles as Andie, Audrey Whitby as Aubrey, Shelby Wulfert as Maddie 2, Emmy Buckner as Liv 2.

In the process, Joey tells Liv to stop playing with Josh's emotions again, but Maddie catches Liv pretending to be her and forces her to go to a game with her. Holden is upset that Liv doesn't want to make their relationship public, so Liv attempts to clear it up, but Maddie asks her to wait until she tells Diggie first.

Maddie, is having trouble after Diggie returns, while she is with Josh. While trying to get Liv to sign some Voltage junk to make money, Joey accidentally drops a bowling ball on Liv's foot and she breaks her toe.

Meanwhile, Parker and Val are in the finals for Moon Madness, but find out their competition might lead victory down a slope. Parker invents a jacket with thermal and cooler pockets for the food, and ransacks the buffet. Eligible if purchased with select payment methods.

Basically, she wants to know what the kids are thinking and let them be a family. Josh returns and has been making action movies with Joey who, in turn, has been trying to keep Josh and Maddie apart due to Josh allegedly not dealing with the break-up well, but they run into each other again when Maddie returns home early from a canceled practice. Later, Liv has become so desperate to be rid of Joey, she resorts to pulling off a very convincing imitation of Maddie to frighten him off. Willow persuades Maddie to help a struggling Liv and the two have to change the clumsy actress into a basketball pro.

He has brown hair and brown eyes. Special guest star: Dwight Howard as Bernard.

At the Voltage set, Johnny proposes to Gemma and enlists Liv to plan the wedding in under a week. He shows a tendency to behave older than he is with his friends and family. Reggie decides to play with Maddie instead. Parker looks for help to film the video and Diggie enthusiastically signs up after overhearing Maddie volunteer herself. Liv and Holden break up because Holden feels that Liv has too much going on in her life to commit to their relationship. !, is stuck in New York, Liv has to sing in fear to lose her singing voice. He works for Channel 4 and he hosts several programs for it. Joey accidentally destroys Liv's diva board and tries to fix it with Pete and Karen's help. With help from Reggie, Parker tries to convince his parents to let him get a dog, by building a series of robot dogs to prove he can be responsible enough to handle one.

When Willow gets a scholarship to the university Maddie was dreaming of going to, Maddie gets jealous and accidentally blurts out a few hurtful words to Willow, which causes her to leave. She arrives at the contest and Maddie is soon banned from helping a blinded Liv, but she manages to beat Pete, much to Maddie's delight, and the twins recline. The two first met in Joy To-A-Rooney and started dating in Secret-Admirer-A-Rooney. Meanwhile, Karen and Pete find out that Joey and Parker used the gift card, revealing that they do not even like the place.

Liv begins to clear Maddie's stuff out of her room as Maddie goes through a scrapbook given to her by Aunt Dena. I can almost see a face! It's Christmas in California soon and Wisconsin's Christmas is lacking in Maddie so Liv does everything to recreate their old Christmas, even inviting Diggie. Meanwhile, Liv and Holden finally become a couple and get ready to go on their first date together.

Liv and Maddie (2013–2017) Full Cast & Crew. Maddie does not like what the guys are doing and wants to put an end to the rates. Joey and Parker take advantage of this by using it. Gemma is also a recurring character in Liv and Maddie. Liv finds Maddie at school and plans to prank Parker after they find out that Parker and Joey tricked them. Meanwhile, Parker and Joey try to finish all of their chores that Karen gave them so they can get a two-man swan paddle boat. Diggie is shown to be also quite obsessive with certain things, such as Maddie since he got jealous of her with Josh and didn’t like her being with him. This leads the little girls not to want to play basketball anymore because they think it tears apart friendships.

but tells Liv the show will not get off the ground unless the crew can find an actress to play the lead character, Sasha. She always puts her family and friends first, and even when she messes up when trying to help them, she always has the best intentions at heart. Reggie becomes Parker's friend again after he helps him beat Maddie in a game of basketball with rocket shoes, once he realized she was far more controlling than Parker. Maddie becomes the captain of the girls’ basketball Porcupines team and can often be seen shooting hoops in the backyard of her house. The only problem is that Maddie's rival is Artie, an amazing cook. Later, Dump Truck is using Joey's locker to store something and tells Joey to stay away from it until further notice.

Meanwhile, Parker creates a meatball machine so he can avoid eating vegetables and is nervous about telling Reggie that he cannot make meatballs because he is not a genius. While Booker uses his newly found power to try and make sense of middle school and his new family life, Raven uses her power to help her be a better mom, a great fashion designer and an awesome friend. Liv Rooney / Maddie Rooney (80 episodes, 2013-2017) Joey Bragg. Johnny at the Rooney House.

She tends to take the fact that they are a family more seriously than the others. Joey also interns at the show because it will look good on his college applications. Willow and Lacey convince Maddie to try and, as it turns out, she comes back even better. Meanwhile, Maddie fills in as the teacher for Parker's dojo class and goes a little overboard with her teachings. Guest stars: Jimmy Bellinger as Artie, Jordan Fisher as Holden, Chloe Wepper as Gemma, Lucas Adams as Josh, Shelby Wulfert as Maddie 2, Emmy Buckner as Liv 2. Troubles arise for Liv, however, when she suspects Shayna of stealing her lip gloss and phone, but when she ransacks her bag, Shayna accuses Liv of stealing her belongings. The two then decide to "pick up where they left off" by showing affection to each other with anniversary gifts and attempting to have a first kiss that is not on FaceGab. They plot their revenge by forcing the two to take them to a place they want to go. While they are working for the prom committee, Liv decides to ask Holden to prom, but before she can, Andie does. (. Johnny is a presenter, but Gemma is a director, Gemma has dark brown hair, but Johnny has black hair.

Liv finds it strange when all her Voltage fans ask her about are her appearance, whereas they ask Josh about the work.

Artie is an intelligent and over-competitive teenage boy. Parker, Dump Truck, and Evan enter a smoothie drinking contest, and win thanks to Evan.

as she learns that growing up in a family of spies means sharing every mission. Meanwhile, Liv fails her promise to Maddie that she would help with the Paulie statue. Liv, Willow, and Andie are trying to give the best gift to the school on behalf of the senior class of 2016.

He is best described as a hulking giant.

In an upcoming school dance, Liv plays matchmaker when she tries to make Joey fall for Willow. Maddie goes back to the house and wishes to be a twin again, yet the outcome is still unexpected; instead of getting rid of Helga, the wish gets rid of Liv. Diggie is not your typical jock.

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