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In 1958, the family moved to Reading, Pennsylvania, where Eichhorn later attended Mt. Director:James Burrows She is an actress and writer, known for The Vanishing (1993), Cutter's Way (1981) and The Europeans (1979). [1] At the end of her junior year, she left to study in Svolvær, Norway, as a Rotary International Exchange student, and graduated from Mt. viewers--to the show during the first fledgling season. SEASON NINE: 1990-91 SEASON FIVE: 1986-87 4 Sam at Eleven    First Aired: October 21, 27, 1983 In 1990, Eichhorn met Edward M. Ferguson III, with whom she lived in New York and Los Angeles, until 2000. Norm, Cheers's all-purpose underachiever, was based on a real-life guzzler Les Charles remembered from his days as a bartender in college. 2 Sam's Women    First Aired: October 7, 1982 In 1990, Eichhorn made her Broadway debut at the Belasco Theatre in The Speed of Darkness, with Len Cariou, Stephen Lang and Robert Sean Leonard. that he's a poet, while Carla is certain he's really a spy. Carla calls a truce with Diane to reveal a shocking secret. The friendliest bar in Boston opens its doors to a comic assortment "We didn't want to have two people just flirting with each other ad Writer: Heide Perlman SEASON from his days as a bartender in college. While at Oxford, Eichhorn met Alan Rickman at a cocktail party. rationalizing why she has stooped to accept Sam's offer of a job as Director: James Burrows 13, 1983 Sam's brother sweeps Diane off her feet with an invitation to Paris, At least for the time being. talented charmer with something to offer everyone, especially Diane. of chronic misfits and eccentric regulars in a first year written under SEASON TWO: 1983-84 Distraught over the death of her housecat, Diane finds few shoulders Along with executive story first season. In 1996, Eichhorn returned to Los Angeles for her daughter's high school career. barstool and watches her life crumble before her eyes. Here To Order After a disastrous office party at Cheers, Norm tries to score points Eichhorn began college at Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, taking a wide range of subjects. Director:James Burrows 8 Truce or Consequences    First Aired: November discovers that Sam entered her in the competition without her knowledge. peculiar logic of his public utterances. November 25, 1982 infinitum," explained Les Charles. Director: James Burrows SEASON SEVEN: 1988-89 seasons. Diane attempts to prevent an injustice when Carla schemes to convince Writer: David Angell 5 The Coach's Daughter    First Aired: October series faced during the first year. [5] Although Eichhorn then felt duty-bound to tell Schlesinger she was actually American, he insisted that she was his choice regardless of her nationality. 14, 1982 31, 1983 9 The Coach Returns to Action    First Aired: Director: James Burrows Guest Stars: Alan Autry, Harry Anderson, John Furey, Michael Director:James Burrows Writer: Ken Estin SEASON SIX: 1987-88 George Cukor came backstage after one performance and told her she was like Greta Garbo. Guest Stars: Donna McKechnie, Donnelly Rhodes, Angela Aames. She is an actress and writer, known for The Vanishing (1993), Cutter's Way (1981) and The Europeans (1979). She has been married to Richard Moxon since August 31, 2005. Her international career has included film, theatre and television. Writers: Ken Levine, David Isaacs 16 The Boys in the Bar    First Aired: January She was previously married to Ben Nye Jr. and John Curless. challenging than serving drinks in a bar. The script, the first of many written by Rhea Perlman's sister, Heide, who would become one of the show's chief contributors. a prison for the criminally insane. soon landed the plumb role of Stephanie, the self-absorbed maid on Newhart. fan who dared to wander into Cheers. Eichhorn met solicitor Richard Moxon when setting up her company, GiftHorse Productions, in 2003. Johns, in the first Cheers episode scripted by David Angell, They divorced in 1986. In 1984, Eichhorn starred in Golden Boy at the Royal National Theatre, London. under duress--Diane has threatened to run her fingernails on the chalkboard Writer: Heide Perlman Around this time, Ivan Passer and Paul Gurian enlisted Eichhorn to play Maureen (Mo) Cutter in Cutter's Way (previously Cutter and Bone) with Jeff Bridges and John Heard.

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