liopleurodon size comparison to megalodon

For that matter, you can't directly compare Rex and Meg bite forces, since they evolved to do two completely different things.*. The first being their size, the largest recorded Megalodon was a whopping 67 foot long with a bite force of 41,000 pounds bite force. Iyengar Yoga Classes Online, but I'm pretty sure I'd beat an Ape in a foot race. -Douglas Adams. Roughly same size and weight. 0:27. Spend your hard earned kreds on some of these games! Eve Online Rupture Ratting Fit, Sure, it's pretty impressive being able to take down an Allosaurus, but a Megalodon's diet consisted mainly around eating whales. It had an bite force of 11-18 tons (108,514 to 182,201 newtons) while the Mosasaur's bite would be unable to do any serious damage to the much thicker body of the Megalodon. The liopleurodon would have no defense or mobility to defend itself. At Last Review, Gigo grew to lengths of 50 feet and spino could reach 60. stick that in ur pipe and smoke. @demifiend: no gotta say no offence but i had to correct you in the polar bear vs walrus on one of the most stupid message id ever heard. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Series, It would be like sending an unarmed man into a gun fight and expect them to come out on top, which is just not going to happen unless you have some type of super power.So knowing now what you do you can make the assumption that while both really do have some great attributes. What Is A Community School, Agreed, also liopleuradon would have to bite megaladon, if megaladon wne tbehind it to take out its legs it could not do much. During the Mesozoic, sharks were reptile food..... there were no Megs because giant aquatic reptiles were superior in every way. These huge forces must be considered in the context of the great size of this fossil predator (maxima of 48 000–103 000 kg) and paleontological evidence suggesting that megatooth was an active predator of large whales (Purdy, 1996). Both equally scary but in a fight I'd have to say Megalodon is the king of the sea. Meg is also given superior weight. Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to what we know of it. People always say meg wins because it is so popular. lol you also told a lie and said they hunt walrus all the time when they hunt them very rarely. Sure the Megalodon was bigger, but Liopleurodon had a stronger bite force and much more powerful jaws, even stronger than Tyrannosaurus Rex and it wouldn't have to come up for air since it can breathe underwater for 3 hours or something. Quickness Definition, Wildlife For Sale Eastern Cape, I believe the shark to be more manoeuvrable in the sea than a liopleurodon.

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