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MARGARET BRENNAN: Okay. OK, the vaccine might be less safe and maybe less effective, We-- we're out of time. I want to ask you something specific to how your drug was developed. Black-Scholes is involved. Mostafa Mohamed Rangers, You've been saying on this program since July that there needs to be more manufacturing of therapeutics in case we find they work. There's no greater reward than to know your products are making a difference.". Compared to that, it's two hundred and sixteen thousand men. We are saying you should know where the dropboxes are. Is there any economic cost, any economic merit to that? MARGARET BRENNAN: Mm-Hm. That is as bad as the worst job market during the Great Recession and the great financial crisis. Well, let me be very clear, our drug is not manufactured using fetal cells that's not in the way you make the product, but-- MARGARET BRENNAN: I understand that, developed, but not-- LEONARD SCHLEIFER: It's just-- so let's not-- MARGARET BRENNAN: Yeah. NEEL KASHKARI: Well, I'm seeing-- especially on the small business front, I mean, some sectors of the economy are doing fine. LEONARD SCHLEIFER: --use authorization because we think it's appropriate at this time. And so it's used as a research tool. Neel Kashkari is the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and joins us now. Schleifer is the billionaire founder and CEO of biopharma company Regeneron. So I think we're going to have better outcomes overall, but we're still going to have a lot of death and disease between now and the end of the year. Stay with us. But let's look at this state by state, which is how the presidential election is decided. Sale of Oyster Watcha Home Is Near Record at $24.75 Million, Three of the Cape & Islands' Priciest Summer Rentals, Listing: 58 Oyster Watcha Road, Edgartown. Onald Trump is now “in a race” against the coronavirus according to the chief executive of the pharmaceutical company which supplied the experimental drug taken by the president.Dr Leonard Schleifer’s biotech company Regeneron developed the experimental antibody treatment that was given to Mr Trump on Friday, before he was taken to hospital. But the Trump administration last year has suspended federal funding for research projects that involve fetal tissue from abortions. (End VT) ELIZABETH PALMER: Here in Britain the government's current strategy is a version of whack-a-mole, very strict local measures in hot spots in order to try and avoid another blanket lockdown which would even further damage the economy. But there are many sectors of the economy that are still being devastated. LEONARD SCHLEIFER: It's not enough. That ends up taking a lot longer. France and French hospitals are worst hit with over twenty-six thousand new cases yesterday, more even than last spring. The President has also said he wants to make your drug free to anyone who needs it. Leonard is professionally a doctor and now, he is also called a businessman. And we-- MARGARET BRENNAN: But you're trying to outlaw dropboxes in Pennsylvania. His success was hardly assured when he founded the company. And that's why the President himself avails him of it regularly. We polled likely voters in three states last week for our Battleground Tracker. MARGARET BRENNAN: Anthony, did the President's illness, his diagnosis with coronavirus, have an impact? Brute Force Software, Luke Shaw Transfermarkt, Does it still work? (Begin VT) MARK STRASSMANN (CBS News National Correspondent): Out came the President, off came the mask. Well, they bought from us several hundred thousand, maybe around three hundred thousand doses, which they are going to make it for free. He is definitely a married man and the name of his wife is considered to be Harriet Partel Schleifer. Thank you. But the hospitalizations are the clearest objective measure of rising infection around the country. But in Michigan, the state you know well, he's even with Biden on perception of who would be better on the economy. I have always felt safe, I am protected by the Michigan State Police, and they are an incredibly professional organization. This was a blessing in disguise. RONNA MCDANIEL: We're winning cases across the country. Somebody needs two seventy to win. Do you know if you can still transmit the virus? MARGARET BRENNAN: Well, let's-- let's talk about-- RONNA MCDANIEL: This is all the media should be focusing on. Remember, we could also have used these drugs as a prophylaxis, as Len mentioned, to prevent people from getting the infection. They did not follow the science. We polled likely voters in three states last week for our Battleground Tracker. Those Republicans have been very critical of this President. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. (ANNOUNCEMENTS) MARGARET BRENNAN: Welcome back to FACE THE NATION. And it's-- it's much cheaper if you can keep people whole on the front end. RONNA MCDANIEL: He's going to say he's going to stack the Supreme Court, get rid of the filibuster and he's being given a free pass. It's also Black and Hispanic workers who have suffered the greatest number of-- of job losses. Do you think these days off the campaign trail and now a canceled debate for this week have put the President behind? Watch CBS News anytime, anywhere with the our 24/7 digital news network. That should make him no longer contagious. Good morning to you. And that's why more aggressive assistance now to keep people re-engaged, to keep them attached so that our labor market can recover more quickly, it's pa-- it's of paramount importance. And I think that's a very reasonable expectation that states shouldn't be able to just put dropboxes in without any notification. MARGARET BRENNAN: You heard me ask the chairwoman about whether it's a Republican strategy to try to limit access to the vote because of all the litigation. Well, voters in these states told us that while they're still worried about getting it, they feel like, by very large numbers--you see over seventy percent in all three--that were they to get it, the treatments that they would be-- would-- would receive would not be as good as what the President got, Margaret. And I've got incredible confidence. MARGARET BRENNAN: There are Republicans on that commission, and that decision was made in part due to health concerns because of lack of disclosure, as you know. Currently, he has been working as the CEO there. We need Congress to continue to be aggressive so that the recovery can be stronger. RONNA MCDANIEL: What we're saying, you should know where the dropboxes are, Margaret, that's pretty reasonable. GOVERNOR GRETCHEN WHITMER: And the more people that vote earlier, the more likely you'll be safe and get counted. Kindness Blog, You know, Joe Biden is the kind of guy who is deeply decent, and has been known for collaborating and putting the interests of the public first. The Democrats are suing-- MARGARET BRENNAN: Well, this is a federal case. He later clarified. Donald Trump has been incredibly divisive and downright dangerous, whether it's COVID or it is the rhetoric coming out of the White House. So I imagine that those things are getting involved in the dynamic. We’ve exposed billionaire tax evasion and uncovered White House efforts to poison our water. MAN: Free COVID testing, guys. If you look at the-- the great financial crisis, it took ten years, ten years to rebuild the labor market, to bring back all those workers who got dislocated, to re-engage them, get them employed again and get the economy moving again. Where that research should be done, that's a good debate to have. WOMAN: People are being a little hostile towards our cameras, just in light of everything that's happening. MARGARET BRENNAN: But inside the gate Saturday, it seemed to be business as usual: A campaign-style event on the South Lawn. The company's success is due largely to Eylea, a treatment for... Leonard Schleifer's House in Chappaqua, NY - Virtual Globetrotting The President has called his treatments a cure. Mcclane Movie, NEEL KASHKARI: Well, obviously, I mean, I'll-- I'll defer to the political experts on the political negotiations, and, obviously, we're close to an election. Do you think this is going to be a problem in Michigan? You see these bigger numbers here, the majorities in all these states--Michigan, in Nevada and in Iowa. Eyeball injections equal eye-popping profits, First published August 17, 2014: 10:37 PM ET, These are your 3 financial advisors near you, This site finds and compares 3 financial advisors in your area, Check this off your list before retirement: talk to an advisor, Answer these questions to find the right financial advisor for you, An Insane Card Offering 0% Interest Until Nearly 2020, Transferring Your Balance to a 14-Month 0% APR is Ingenious, The Top 7 Balance Transfer Credit Cards On The Market Today, Get $300 Back With This Outrageous New Credit Card. It was done unilaterally without talking to the candidates, and they interfered in the election. MARGARET BRENNAN: But to be clear, the integrity of the vote in Michigan is something that you stand by, and that is not something that Joe Biden is questioning? LEONARD SCHLEIFER: Right. And this week on FACE THE NATION, after ten days of coronavirus quarantine, President Trump prepares to get back on the campaign trail as the nation and the world see alarming increases in COVID cases. And what the government said-- MARGARET BRENNAN: That was a four-hundred-and-fifty-million-dollar contract that the U.S. taxpayer paid for. And that would be very important evidence that we hope to get in the not too distant future. You mentioned those states in the Upper Midwest: Michigan where Biden is leading; Iowa, where it's even. This means that he is really very rich. Hundreds of city employees keep handing out masks. The only confounding variable here is the drugs he received. The American people recognize that. But if you look at the data, the data is very clear. So the President's case is a case of one, and that's what we call a case report. Schleifer is the billionaire founder and CEO of biopharma company Regeneron. Margaret. I want everybody to be given the same treatment as your President. And most concerning is hospitalizations are building. Only Congress can do that. After a summer where infection rates across Europe were really pretty low, a lot of us hoped that the virus was under control. I wrote about it. According to your company, the antibodies in it were developed using cells that were derived from fetal tissue, a cell line known as 293T. We'll be right back-- GOVERNOR GRETCHEN WHITMER: Thank you.

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