jinn stories 2020

My uncle once told me a story about a couple. The air which was previously heavy with presence became light and clear. How scary is that…. The sheikh... then unwrapped it and he began reading these scroll of paper, written in Arabic but also really strange writing.". A family friend of mine claimed that she went to bed one night, and her whole house was a mess. I knew it wasn't human. We lived in the corner apartment on the top floor and I couldn't find out from where it was coming from. He told her not to worry since the spirits that were outside were trying to get in but they couldn’t. She looked over and saw a woman sitting in the chair next to her bed, with long pointy fingers and a face with very sharp angles. His cousins told him that since it was summer time and they would all sleep in the courtyard together. By His ringtone was the Azaan and when he looked up, his friend had disappeared. Your email address will not be published. A colleague narrated this story to me, she was sitting in her room in the evening when suddenly, all the windows in her house started shaking with a lot of force. Submissions are anonymous. I know there is no jinn.” That night, he said he was pushed off his bed, and his bedding was thrown on the other side. One evening, she asked him to come over for tea and to bring his wife along with her. Once, she was laying in bed at night with her husband. It got so bad I had to stop sleeping in there. Every night I made sure that my room was clean so that jinns wouldn’t clean it for me. This happened to a friends mother. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. People responding to my call for stories were either really pumped... We got a bunch of submissions, both in text and audio, the best of which we've featured below. Except for this time, he looked a little strange; his voice was much deeper and his features seemed darker and evil in a way. Apparently, quite a while ago, a young bride and her groom were headed home after their wedding. She showed it to every person of her family and they said the only valid reason was that she was married to a jinn now. My friend was staying in the north of Morocco for the summer. Precap: Aman stabs himself to provoke his evil side out and throws heavy sofa in air. This is a very popular story that everyone in Karachi has heard and obviously, so have I. Contact See Something Say Something at meg.cramer+ssss@buzzfeed.com. Yikes. He quickly ran back inside and saw that no one was there. While she was praying in her room, she heard her mom laughing at her in the doorway. (The jinn child became) a hafiz (memorized the Qur'an by heart). Share your jinn stories in the comments or send them in to staff[at]wesleying[dot]org! Shayari tests ilme jinn and questions it about golden sun’s night. “Later please, I’m so tired. Apparently, a jinn slept there and strange things happened if any one disturbs that corner. No footsteps. I was too sleepy and too scared to actually open my eyes. Ahmed Ali Akbar and Imran Khan just dipped his pizza in coffee and people on the internet have lost their cool. One morning, she woke up with a big triangle of henna on her hand. The lady freaks out and runs outside as fast as she can. The cat would even appear in the home when all the doors and windows were closed. But when she would go into the living room, the lights would be off and no one would be in the room. The man was already frustrated and told him that he could not help him and couldn’t he see that he was already knee deep in his own problems! They met twice and even went to breakfast after the jog. Nowadays, being a wife and a full time college student, I could only pray that a jinn would clean my house for me… And what the heck, cook dinner as well! Tabeezi says she must have realized that she is unfit to hold angel’s heart. My door stood still, no one came in, or out. "...The assistant to the sheikh switched the lights off and the sheikh began reciting Qur'an in a very strange way. The jinn in the lamp was of course, immortalized by Robin William's portrayal of Genie in the Disney movie, though not totally accurately. He read it backwards and then read parts of verses, (in) really really strange ways that i’ve never heard before. Submissions have been edited for clarity and content. I had a feeling that now.might be tabeeze will had heart change but she is still same 2. It was a huge package, wrapped in nylon and covered in mud. You can call (929) 265-2758 and leave a voicemail! And if you want to hear a more in-depth conversation about jinn, take a listen to Episode 2 of, If you want to hear more conversations about jinn, take a listen to Episode 2 of. Just kidding. Roshni nods yes. ET. See Something Say Something, Posted on October 28, 2016, at 2:59 p.m. Do you have a scary encounter? It asked me to pray my morning prayer. Aman nervously lies that they are going on a walk.

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