jeep tdi swap

For this conversion, I'll be doing a more thorough build follow here. Value - Your vehicle's value will go up and stay up! 37's would be cool, we would like to go 35's but need to get it on the road to see how it pulls 32's. I had to use a used one and machine it even though the FSM advises against machining them due to a convex surface or something like that. Our Jeep XJ motor mount utilize the stock Jeep mount location. The TDI engine has 4 cylinders and displacement of 1.9 liters. Some of you might've followed the "My Diesel TJ" build in the TJ forum. If you off road, torque is what gets you over that rock or tree with ease. Fuel Economy - Our diesel swaps record an average of 28 MPG! Doomsday Diesel uses state-of-the-art equipment to cut, form, and machine parts. We can think of two reasons: higher gas mileage and the fact that TDI engines are 50 pounds lighter than the OEM Jeep 4 cylinder. Not sure the weight difference from the JKU. Even pulling a 5000lb loaded trailer. It includes the 1/4" steel plates with 1/4" steel gussets and the fluid mounts.From the frame side to the outer edge of the fluid mount is 4 3/8", they are about 5" wide and about 3 1/4" tall. I want to do a diesel swap sometime in the future! These are the same parts that we use to build our custom mounts. So some off-roaders may want to enhance their off-roading experience with a TDI motor. It has the 3.73's and weight is about 4500lbs but hopefully with that short 1st and the big flywheel it will pull away OK. Also included are the rubber mounts and hardware. More than a TDI flywheel. The subject Jeep is an 04 TJ Rubicon NV 3550 with air conditioning. Randy your flywheel revelation had me do some digging and sure enough February of this year, same time I got my swap running, Centerforce came out with a 40lbs flywheel for the 4.0. This adapter allows the installation of the VW TDI engine to a Jeep transmission.

It uses the stock 4L flywheel and includes a high torque mini starter.

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The average gas Jeep - 15 MPG Also keep in mind you have an NSG370 with a shorter 1st.

Very compact when fighting firewall clearance in a TDI conversion. Ryan - A good eye, a light foot, and a smart rig. Our Jeep flywheels are manufacture from high quality billet steel. We’d have to pick #2.,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. All that to say if your JKU is at least geared as a 4.10 from the factory it should move it along a lot easier than you might think. Come join the discussion about reviews, performance, trail riding, gear, suspension, tires, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, for all JL, JT, JK, TJ, YJ, and CJ models! The end result of his project was a 1974 Corvette sporting a Volkswagen TDI motor and a five-speed transmission from a Toyota truck. are you still working on a 22r and toy V6 adapter? 2WD or 4WD. MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7 AM - 4 PM Central. Thanks for taking the time to do this :appl: I want to put a TDI in my jeep so bad. Last anyone heard, this Corvette was on sale for $4,000. 2000 Jeep Cherokee With a 2005 TDI . This ensures repeatable, high tolerance parts. Chances are the engine will out last the vehicle.

Jeff Daniel's is the Pioneer of 4BT diesel conversions. We hope that its new owner appreciates the brilliancy of this swap and is taking good care of it now. Computers - The engines we use require no computer to run, in fact only a couple wires are required on the whole set up. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. This High Inertia billet steel flywheel helps the engine maintain RPM's in rough terrain. The frame mount holes are slotted 2" to allow you to position the engine farther forward for firewall clearance on the Vacuum pump. This is cool, looking fwd to the rest of the build, I've read else where these conversion will net about 40mpg, is this accurate? So it was OK for him to “butcher” it a little more. Air2Air even on a smallish size out front will work fine especially in your neck of the woods. This Jeep XJ Hydraulic motor mount kit utilize the stock Jeep XJ mount location. It puts the top of alternator slightly below the top of the intake manifold. These mounts are designed to work with the ALH and newer 1.9L / 2L TDI with the thickness of our TDI adapters. Both TDI Jeeps, the green is my completed unit MK l, with the white Rubi subject of this build thread. Email. Overland Diesel was originally operated as a conversion shop and supplier of top quality conversion components from 2006 to 2012. Ships to Lower 48 States via UPS & USPS.

I'll also plug a vendor, Kerman TDI, for all manner TDI parts, computer programming, and advice. Jeeps are well known for their off-road capability, so why on earth would anyone want to tinker around with one? JavaScript is disabled. During those 5 years, I worked for the livestock handling equipment, trailer manufacturing, and hydraulic cylinder industries. My Daughter has been driving the Isuzu diesel ZJ since I built the TDI XJ for my wife but its getting pretty old so I asked her what she would like to replace it with. Fits VW TDI model BEW, BHW and ALH engines and possibly other VW engines. 2WD or 4WD. If any of you are interested in VW diesels, the that is a great place to go for information. Sub'd. If you’re interested in doing a similar crazy TDI engine swap, you can read up on the Ranger/Beetle swap here.

We’re pretty sure that the guy who put a Beetle motor into his pickup truck had friends who thought he was off his rocker. Awesome. Diesel Swap kit. Photo credit: user Fordguy100. He has since sold the 4Runner.

I assume thats your purpose for the heavy flywheel? 47mpg is not what hpa was expecting to out of their jeep but what the motor gets in the car it came out of. Genuine OEM Volkswagen Parts & Accessories at Wholesale Prices!

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