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You fight for them no matter how tough it gets. “Thank you, kiddo. Requested by anon: Can you do a fic where you’re in a abusive relationship and you go to your best friend andrew deluca for help? Now that’s a miracle. She’s convinced they need to wait for a miracle. As her and Alex get into it about Jo, the confused intern is watching them carefully, while Pierce, who has been listening to them bicker the entire time, is insulted that Meredith didn’t ask her to watch the kids. kinda enemies to lovers, Thank you so much, darling! Most of the time they weren’t bad fights, but this time was different. Keyword: tries. You hated every part of it. You gladly took his hand and he led you to the couch, a supporting hand on your lower back. Summary: after a rather wild night with Berlin, you share your deepest desires. Also, I wanna tell you that your works are very good and then, I was thinking on using “Oh, do you ever shut up?”; “You can call me whenever you want.. Thanks to your brother Andrew, you got in at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. But, she refuses to talk about it, so it’s just going to eat her up. It turns out she’s a master babysitter, and Meredith takes her up on it. If you need a little help with ideas for prompts, imagines or oneshots, feel free to use the prompt list below. It was nice having a calm day every once in a while. Not you. It’s no surprise that Meredith is not okay with this, Jo is pretty unpredictable. This immediately feels like foreshadowing for a disaster, doesn’t it? Remember when I said the confused intern would get us all in trouble? Little Avery is making it very hard for mommy to function normally,” you said, trying to brighten the situation. Even if you don’t have a reason to.”; “Tell me I’m wrong.” where the reader is DeLuca’s sister and gets to work for the first time with Jackson but they don’t get very well at first :) xx, Pairing: Andrew DeLuca x sister!reader - Jackson Avery x reader, Note: not my gif! ‘All you can do is bitch around. sorry for typo’s lolol, Jackson’s not dating anyone in this one shot. “Awh, come on Jacks, this isn’t fair! You know my hormones are all over the place,” you whimpered as you wiped away the tears that fell down your face. But it hadn’t always been like that, though. Even if you don’t have a reason to.’. Warmth spread through your whole body as you enjoyed the bitter taste on your tongue. He stepped towards her, but didn’t speak. Note: it’s a long one, my friends. It would really help.”, “I wish I’d never met you.” “No.. you don’t mean that.”, “We didn’t even get to use the toys last night.”, “You know, I heard you talking, but I still don’t have my coffee.”, “You have something in your hair, umm.. Do you want me to get it out?”, “It’s nice that your voice was the first thing I heard today.”, “You can call me whenever you want.. Jackson's mother, Catherine Avery, urged him to fight for sole custody of the baby and to get rights.

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