intellij squash commits

Very helpful. Very easy to follow and understand.

Step 2: picking and squashing. Typo in the command git rebase --interactive HEAD~[7], need "git push -f " if wan't to change origin log. Even beginners can understand this easily. Now how do I push the local squashed branch to the remote branch that already exists. For example, this is a hypothetical list of commits taken from the git log command, while I'm working on a generic feature Z: Notice how a rebase generates a new commit with a new hash (84d1f8 in the example above). For example, you can edit commit messages, squash together smaller commits related to the same functionality, or split a commit that contains unrelated changes into separate commits, add changes to a previous commit, and so on. This allows you to clean up the commits history by altering individual commits, changing their order, squashing commits into one, skipping commits that contain extraneous changes, and so on before you integrate changes from your feature branch to another branch. Neat and clean explanation ..Great job...Thanks for the article.. There is a request to allow squashing by selecting commits in the Log directly - see Thanks for taking the time to put it together. There is a request to allow squashing by selecting commits in the Log directly - see

This will be required when you've pushed your previous commits into remote. Can you please add that you have to do a "git push -f" after the rebase?
Squash commits into one with Git Step 1: choose your starting commit. Thank you! (link) Thanks a lot for this tutorial, clean and very well explained. using the Rebase Interactively from Here action from the Log), and select what commits you want to squash. Do one of the following before commiting your changes. Pushing modifications that rewrite a branch history to the remote repository will be rejected to prevent data loss, so you will have to force push your changes. If you don't want to keep all of the commit messages in between, you can use the f (fixup) instead. Avoid modifying the history for a remote branch with multiple contributors unless absolutely necessary, for example, if you accidentally pushed some sensitive data. Luckily, there is another way: Where [commit-hash] is the hash of the commit just before the first one you want to rewrite from. Edit: click Stop to Edit so that when you start the rebase, you stop at this commit to be able to edit it. Thank you! After reading multiple resources on this topic, I finally get it! Sometimes you may commit too early and forget to add some files, or notice an error in the last commit that you want to fix without creating a separate commit. Better than the other articles I read! In github I can do this in one step just by clicking a button.....I found in webstorm under the git menu 'Merge' which has a dialog which allows me to select a branch I want to merge and at the bottom there is a checkbox 'squash commit'.That sounds like it does a 'squash and merge' similar to github but I am not sure as from what you say I need to start and interactive rebase? Clear and concise explanation. it creates a commit with all the changes.Is there a way I can get back the old "feature"?I don't want to commit everything in one commit after I have squashed everything in.Thanks,Dave, Please see,, IDEs Support (IntelliJ Platform) | JetBrains,, which, Thank you :). @Anant good idea, I don't think there's such a command on Git (yet?). Thank you so much, Very Helpful. Good job and thanks a lot! This great! Gitready - Squashing commits with rebase (link). Select the changes that you want to add to the previous commit in the Local Changes view . I always refer learners to this page when it comes to squashing commits. In the dialog that opens, edit the commit message (by default, it contains the messages from both commits) and click OK . Would be nice to include the result of "git log" at the very end. Git allows you to edit your project history. Thanks!

It's a handy tool I use quite often; I usually tidy up my working space by grouping together several small intermediate commits into a single lump to push upstream. When rebase is stopped at a commit, a notification pops up in the bottom-right corner of the IntelliJ IDEA window letting you continue or abort the rebase: You can modify this commit using the context actions (such as Revert, Undo, Amend, and so on before continuing the rebase.
Thank you so much. With Git integration in IntelliJ IDEA, you can edit project history for the sake of making it linear and meaningful by performing interactive rebase. In the dialog that opens, edit the commit message (by default, it contains the messages from both commits) and click OK. Push Ctrl+Shift+K the changes to the remote branch. Note that it might be confusing at first, since they are displayed in a reverse order, where the older commit is on top.

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