if my amazon account is locked will i still get my stuff

I have seen this type of tactic used by this propel to try to get details and further scam people of their money.

The actual email address is this: “fghsr234.tmoxzedhy@b257jg.asujb21.com“.

I have been sent there 6 times. As you can see, the actual address that the email came is nothing at all like a real Amazon email address. Cover, conceal, or remove sensitive information such as account numbers or identification numbers. The site that actually came up was quite a surprise to me and this where the scammers really messed up.

If it’s for a hacking issue, you need to appeal to Amazon about your concern. Pinpoint the exact reason your Amazon account got suspended. If this happens, you can just reach out to Amazon and make an appeal so they will unlock your Amazon account again.

You don’t have to go through the tedious process alone. Your account access has been restored and is available to use at your convenience.

There’s a good chance you will be locked out of the amaozn account for 3-5 days minimum as a “security precaution “ which actually makes sense. Therefore, if you want to ask for reviews from your customers, you can just ask them for a favorable review.

I did just show you though you can spot that actual email address so that you don’t fall for this. Positive reviews are important for sellers to get more customers. Any supplements labeled with “prescription only use” are automatically locked out of Amazon account.

Of course when you read something like that, panic starts to set in because if you’re like me, you use Amazon quite a bit to order things and so when you see such an email, you wonder what has happened to cause your Amazon account to be locked. We have experience in handling the majority of Amazon concerns due to products safety and descriptions, copyright violations, defect rates, shipping issues, and more. And this may also affect the seller’s impression on Amazon as a whole. Thank you for very much for sharing this vital information with the online world. In this case, however, I actually did click on that link just to see what this fake website looked like as it would more than likely resemble Amazon. But it seems like no one can help.

If you have received a similar email that claims to be from Amazon, you can actually forward it to the real company as well as fill a report out by going here. Make sure you include a detailed action plan, like changing your password or updating your virus, to secure your account so it won’t be prone to hacking.

Where you can get relief from online scams and learn to become wealthy, I always talk about red flags that should alert you to fraudulent emails because I don’t want people becoming victims of them. But if you’re new, it’s necessary to get yourself familiar with these Gated items so you won’t experience any difficulties when selling on Amazon.

It seems that someone obtained your personal account and/or financial information elsewhere, and used it on Amazon.com to access your account.

If you get a message like this, your impulse is to click the link in the email and go to what looks like the Amazon site and then start to type in your log in credentials.

Basically, you’re out of there. The next thing you do is open the email and see a very convincing message of why your Amazon account was locked and what you can do to fix it.

Scammers love to do anything to try to make you panic or fill you with worry because they know that you won’t be in your right mind and won’t think through things logically.

The verification process can take 1-2 days to complete. Another red flag in the email is how I’m addressed. Therefore, we suggest you carefully review recent credit card statements to check for any unusual activity or unauthorized charges. Here are the common reasons why sellers get locked.

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