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Available for purchase at the Sound Booth as of 3/19/20.

There are three different sub-types of this event: Vocal, Dance, and Visual. Complete Episode Story 2 "Wish upon a Star!!" Life of all Cool idols up 40% when there are only Cool idols in the same unit.

Clearing a subarea will give the players attendees and event points which will give event point/attendee rewards, but most importantly the two event SR cards. Available on Fridays only as of 9/27/16 before the 9/3/19 update. In the old song selection UI, the song list is divided by four tabs: regular tab, limited tab, event tab, and MASTER+ tab. Available for purchase at the Sound Booth as of 2/21/20. The appearance rate for N, R, & SR cards and trainer tickets is unknown. Ranko Kanzaki, Anastasia, Kaede Takagaki, Sachiko Koshimizu, and Rin Shibuya, Rin Shibuya, Nana Abe, Chieri Ogata, Uzuki Shimamura, and Mio Honda. Available on Wednesdays only before the 9/3/19 update. Each pull from Platinum, Limited, Type Select, or Cinderella Festival Gacha rewards players one Star Shine Scout.

THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage (アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ スターライトステージ, Aidorumasutaa Shinderera Gaaruzu Sutaaraito Suteeji) is a spin-off free-to-play rhythm game released for mobile devices based on THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. The regular tab consists of songs that are playable every day, while the limited tab consists of jewelries!

Read "Yukari Mizumoto 'Watashi-iro no Prelude' Toujou!" Sweet Witches' Night ~Rokuninme wa Daare~, Overnight Sensation ~Jidai wa Anata ni Yudaneteru~, THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA MASTER Cool jewelries! For every 28 hit combo string, there is a 36% chance of increasing players score by 765 points. For every 26 perfects, there is a 31% chance that perfects will give 140 more score for 3 seconds. Available on Wednesdays only as of 2/16/16 before the 9/3/19 update.

Players can also roll once per day with 60 paid jewels. The 10th Booth features a Grand Live. Complete Episode Story 53 "Step forward to the future " + clear Rakuen (Producer Level 50 and Up). songs (except for single-attribute-only, five-unit versions of 15-unit group songs) on Saturdays to Tuesdays.These songs could only be found in the limited tab of the LIVE mode song selection (only affected when the old song selection UI was applied; the new song selection UI ditches the limited tab in favor of bringing jewelries! The player then plays these three songs back-to-back, with an applause meter on the left.

Players can set 4 different units pertaining to each song attribute (Cute, Cool, Passion, and All Types).In each unit, there are five different roles which give different stat bonuses: When put into a match, the game will randomly pick what role you will represent and the idol you picked to represent that role will be used. Available for purchase at the Sound Booth as of 6/23/19. Available as of 7/28/16, playable every day except on Wednesday and Thursday before the 9/3/19 update. Available as of 2/27/16, playable every day except on Thursday and Friday before the 9/3/19 update. Cool increases drastically (+9%) and Aqours members Cool points up by 3%, Perfect Score Up Complete Episode Story 31 "Monochrome Memory" + clear Ki-ma-gu-re☆Cafe au lait!

GRAND LIVE: Plays almost the same as WIDE LIVE except that now it has 15 small total lanes divided by three sub-lanes. It costs 250 star jewels for 1 roll and 2500 star jewels for 10 rolls. As of the 09/03/19 update, every group song in the jewelries series is now available every day. Complete Episode Story 39 "The Words for LOVE" + clear Kimochi ii yo ne Ittoushou! Once one rolls a certain "reset" item, it's possible to move on to the next box if desired, however, any items still left over in the box cannot be obtained afterward.

Available for purchase at the Sound Booth as of 5/27/19. This event has players spend stamina to select a difficulty of Groove, after which they will be given random three songs in a certain attribute: Cool, Cute, or Passion (though all-typed songs like Star!! PERFECTs recover 3 life, medium probability of triggering every 9 seconds for a short time.

(Level 1), Cool Empress Uzuki Shimamura, Rin Shibuya, Mio Honda, Anzu Futaba, and Kirari Moroboshi. Players can spend in-game money to reroll the type of Groove twice, after which they are stuck with the final type. can be toggled to their event or alternate versions before the LIVE starts. In this special type of Platinum Gacha that appears at the end of each month, the SSR card appearance rate is doubled from 3.0% to 6.0%.

Once all the items with a tick mark have been received, then multiple draws will stop. Signature. Search by title, description, profile, message, ... and filter by school / stage girl, rarity, element, type, version, damage, position, roles, effective against, less effective against, target to find all the details you need about the cards (stage girls) from Revue Starlight. Meanwhile, the event tab only contains one song and that is an in-progress token event song. Ordering.

Available for purchase at the Sound Booth as of 09/11/17. Available for purchase at the Sound Booth as of 9/13/19. Booths are where players play lives. Available on Thursdays only as of 9/27/16 before the 9/3/19 update. Special Complete Episode Story 20 "Happiness Happening!" Search. Type. 8.

Available for purchase at the Sound Booth as of 7/10/20. Complete Episode Story 21 "With or Without You" + clear Apple Pie Princess (Producer Level 50 and Up). If the player does not have enough voltage points after using up all the Booths, they can either replay the Booths (using stamina again) or reset the Booths with a new song/unit.

Once the player reaches SSS rank, they can compete for the final Carnival rankings. In Token events, the player can collect tokens from normal Lives. 7. Complete Episode Story 50 "That's why I'm here" + clear Oikaze Running (Producer Level 50 and Up). Available for purchase at the Sound Booth as of 10/24/19. + clear Marshmallow☆Kiss (Producer Level 35 and Up). Super Girl!" Complete Episode Story 59 "A Little Bird Wish" + clear Sugar Heart☆Revolution (Producer Level 50 and Up). Skill Probability of all Cute idols up 30%. Complete Episode Story 13 "Sweets Party!!" Each area has 2-3 subareas with 1-3 songs in each. Available as of 7/2/19. There are limitations, however. Mio Honda, Karen Hojo, Riamu Yumemi, Kozue Yusa, and Yukimi Sajo, Shiki Ichinose, Nao Kamiya, Chitose Kurosaki, Shin Sato, and Risa Matoba, Akari Tsujino, Akira Sunazuka, and Tsukasa Kiryu. A new Platinum Gacha appears three times a month usually featuring at least one new permanent SSR card and an SR card with the featured cards having a higher appearance rate than other cards in the gacha. Token event songs, while don't have advance play reward after the event ends, are also available a month after the event ends.Starting from Trust me (Token), Palette (Live Groove) and Giyuu Ninkyou Hanafubuki (Live Parade), event songs are now available for everyone the day after the event ends, regardless of reaching 5000 points (in the case of Groove or Parade) or not. Available as of 11/28/15, playable every day except on Wednesday and Thursday before the 9/3/19 update. For every 27 perfects, there is a 25% chance that perfects will give 165 more score for 3.5 seconds. Complete Episode Story 34 "Whisper of another girl" + clear Himitsu no Toilette (Producer Level 50 and Up). Available for purchase at the Sound Booth as of 11/08/19. Note sizes may vary; the notes can be small or big.

Uzuki Shimamura, Mio Honda, Rin Shibuya, Nao Kamiya, and Karen Hojo, Mayu Sakuma, Sae Kobayakawa, Yukari Mizumoto, Kanako Mimura, and Kanade Hayami, Akane Hino, Aiko Takamori, Shizuku Oikawa, Tamami Wakiyama, and Karin Domyoji, Syoko Hoshi, Koume Shirasaka, Sachiko Koshimizu, Sae Kobayakawa, and Yuki Himekawa, Mika Jougasaki, Miho Kohinata, Yumi Aiba, Haruna Kamijo, and Miria Akagi, Kaede Takagaki, Mizuki Kawashima, Ryo Matsunaga, Kanade Hayami, and Minami Nitta, Uzuki Shimamura, Miho Kohinata, Mayu Sakuma, Momoka Sakurai, and Anzu Futaba, Rin Shibuya, Haruna Kamijo, Nao Kamiya, Ranko Kanzaki, and Miyu Mifune, Mio Honda, Sanae Katagiri, Shin Sato, Mika Jougasaki, and Kirari Moroboshi, Shiki Ichinose, Yuuki Otokura, Noriko Shiina, Miku Maekawa, and Atsumi Munakata, Kaede Takagaki, Kako Takafuji, Asuka Ninomiya, Ryo Matsunaga, and Aki Yamato, Hinako Kita‎‎, Yuzu Kitami, Hikaru Nanjo, Akane Hino, and Yuki Himekawa, Nagi Hisakawa, Hiromi Seki, Kozue Yusa, Kanako Mimura, and Yuko Hori. The gacha is used to scout for new idols and to obtain cards using star jewels and friendship points as currency.

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