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When it comes to virtual leasing, there are many approaches and technology options to consider along with processes, best practices and more. The first component will be a virtual exhibit hall where sponsoring suppliers will be highlighting their products and services and waiting to make connections with you. There will be the most incredible content ever at our conference. Let’s be honest…..most housing providers feel taken advantages of by people claiming they need an emotional support animal. Soon she can make this happen for your team. Virtual formats allow us to bring national speakers/content to Idaho in a cost effective way! “Successfully Creating, Utilizing, and Closing Virtual Tours”. Idaho Landlords is known for quality service and is highly regarded by both property owners and tenants. *******************************************, Look-up Although UV-C lights are not new technology it’s become a new technology to our industry, in today’s times it has become highly regarded as another layer of protection in keeping your facilities open and safer for your staff and guests. Boise, ID 83705 *******************************************, Boise REIA PO Box 140058, Boise, ID 83714 FREE Sign Up: If you have a Landlord Association that is not listed here and would like to have appear on the LPA site for free, please submit the Association's information to: Idaho Landlord Associations: LPA Discounts! Is your team ready for turnover, leave of absences or sudden tragedy? Credit Reports Q&A Forum But there is too much liability, too much hassle, too much work, pain, bother, frustration and bad publicity on the line if we act emotionally. A class for small owners and others interested in investing in rental properties. Help. We will start the discussion on safety and tools then start to pose different work order situations. *******************************************, Faith Truly Works In this webinar we will show you how to maximize your savings not only on utility’s but also labor as well. To get more legal info regarding updated general assembly acts, including the Idaho landlord tenant guidelines access the official HUD site. 50 Ways to Market, Connect and Create a Customer with Kate Good. *******************************************, Exit Strategies Evaluating Investments with Stacy A. McBain. How to evaluate the possible return on investment and how to find the right financing for your portfolio, small or large. A class covering setting rental criteria, tenant risk factors and creating a consistent process for tenant screening and the application process. They will be able to visualize themselves living in your apartments, as well as encourage them to lease. Rentals Wanted  1116 South Vista Avenue #187 | Boise, ID 83705 Phone: (208) 423-8173 | | sitemap On a lease with a fixed date, neither the landlord … 208-680-4138 We could not do this event without sponsors, so we encourage you to spend time in the virtual exhibit hall and we will be providing lots of incentives and prizes for you to connect with the suppliers you need to see anyway. So, the very thing we need, want and desire is the very thing that drives us crazy! Tenant Screening & Rental Agreements - Idaho Apartment Association A class covering setting rental criteria, tenant risk factors and creating a consistent process for tenant screening and the application process. For this program, IHFA will be paying a Landlord Incentive payment of $500 for every new lease up/HAP Contract signed. © 2000-2020 The Landlord Protection Agency, Inc. (Please click on the links at the left to navigate our site.) Kate Good is a nationally recognized expert in leasing, marketing and management. Next, we will talk on odor abatement, in years pasts odors we considered a nuisance in today’s times it has become mandatory to get these odors under control as our residents and guests view these offensive odors as unclean and unsanitary conditions exist. Landlords already renting to HCV participants are eligible to participate in the Landlord … Kate will share examples and ideas related to: Retention & Turnover - Idaho Apartment Association. Back to Landlord Associations Directory. Box 15393 *******************************************, Idaho Apartment Owners Association, Inc. 208-890-1957 In times of distress, the way you respond could be an incredible retention tool. We will discuss the different options and installation conversations of the UV-C lights as well as the maintenance recommendation. Realty Brokers Join Lisa Trosien in this Speedy Session that will provide you with the essential skills you need to build your collection of 'pocket stories' that will improve your sales techniques as well as your closing success. In this Speedy Session, Lisa will explore how to make virtual leasing an effective, conversion-focused strategy for you and your teams as well as how to successfully walk your prospect through the tour, get them comfortable with the technology and most importantly CLOSE THEM SUCCESSFULLY! Free Forms Tips & Advice If you or your renter is unable to pay rent or utilities … Your customers will retain more information and make a connection with you through storytelling as a leasing technique. Our experts will show you how to make small adjustments that will add up big.

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