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While freebore can be an important spec, one of the best pieces of advice I can give is this: Find a gunsmith who specializes in precision rifles and has a proven track record of satisfied customers, then tell them what your goals are and how you plan to use the rifle, and finally: trust their recommendations. Hey, Larry. So it would travel out of the case, get lodged into the lands and stop for a brief moment as pressures continued to build in the chamber, and eventually when they got high enough it would start moving down the barrel. Hope you do as well. in Amy Sherman-Palladino drama Bunheads. Seating depth, bullet jump, and neck tension are all closely related topics, and Bryan even discusses that in his research in the book. Evidently the Benchrest shooters have found that having the bullet centered in the bore is important, and I think they are right. The test was run on a 6mm Remington case with 68 grain match bullets. The load cell was an aluminum cylinder with two strain gages on it to measure the force. It is what a lot of other shooters probably do, which is simply closing the bolt on a loaded round and seating the bullet incrementally deeper until there were no longer rifling marks on the bullet. But that’s a story for another day https://www.accurateshooter.com/gear-reviews/test-quickload-review/. Great info! It always intrigued me how that cartridge never made it into the mainstream. Thank you for the reply! Both my 115 VLD and 115 DTAC like 0.120 who would have thought? I’ve read a stack of them, obviously! You did say you looked at the Barnes, Lehigh and Cutting Edge websites … Thank you! I think I’m jumping the bullet pretty good, but can’t remember and couldn’t find it in my notes when I did a quick search … although I know I have my old measurements somewhere. In 1988, director Michael Lehmann created a teen movie that deliberately tried to skewer the increasingly saccharine representations of US high school. It’s fair to say that even Jay Sean, the Bhangra-R&B fusion pioneer who enjoyed a brief flirtation with international fame in the Noughties, never saw this coming. So it turned out, after using the more precise and repeatable method of measuring, my distance to the lands was much shorter than I thought it was. Are semi’s different. Obviously, the bullet will be centered if it is in complete contact with the lands, however Reference 1 showed that peak chamber pressure decreases if the bullet has a free run before it contacts the lands. Thks for yr help. It’s good stuff. Wake up and make love to me Stay tuned! There I fell for “the line” of a “henchman," It definitely seems more rare though, compared to jumping 0.020” or less. I appreciate you sharing a link to your findings. It is interesting. Find out more, The Telegraph values your comments but kindly requests all posts are on topic, constructive and respectful. Wish I could have met that guy and had a conversation! One of my biggest pet-peeves in life is when someone makes someone else feel stupid. I’m not saying it isn’t true, but it was just a off-the-cuff conversation from my perspective. A gunsmith who is brutally honest might say that is one of the most annoying parts of their job. If 0.09 and 0.12 are good I load 0.09 and forget about it. I personally would be hesitant to seat into the lands or even less than 0.020” jump to the lands with an AR. I would suspect that there aren’t many shooters that jam bullets in PRS-style competitions, for the same concerns you mentioned. Just ordered the bk! Sixty rounds were tested and segregated into low ( 50) pounds seating force. This was most likely how it progressed onto TikTok – the second half the dance boasts a nod to the choreography that comes from rapidly tapping different pads with one’s feet. I appreciate you chiming in. Anyone who wants to learn the most efficient method to reload and find the best accuracy node fast should read this article by Dan Newberry who invented the OCW method of reloading. It’s definitely a hassle and something you might have to consider if you’re using a factory rifle. I will be changing barrel soon to an X-Caliber and will see what I get. That’s all probably more than you wanted to know, but it’s my long answer to say that my 338 Lapua ammo has been seated into the lands. This article provides a comprehensive overview of what most professionally published books and reloading manuals suggest about bullet jump and seating depth when it comes to precision rifles. Been squeeze crimping all my loads since & a definate improvement in accuracy w 10 fps spreads consistent regardless of all other factors combined. One of the most interesting articles I’ve ever read about But, your comments brought that conversation to mind, so I thought I’d least share it. I’m just pulling that out of my butt, but it’s definitely something that’s got me thinking! Rick Astley interview: ‘Being an Eighties pop star was like being a travelling salesman’, Malcolm Arnold, The Dancing Master, review: this risqué comic opera is a brilliant rediscovery, Daniel Barenboim: 'It is rubbish to say that classical music is colonialist', 'Go f--- yourselves, the lot of you': the dicey, embarrassing history of pop music and politicians, ‘An absolute ad-lib from the start’: the birth of Tom Petty’s masterpiece Wildflowers, Elvis Costello, Hey Clockface, review: a hot, defiant mess to rouse us out of lockdown, ‘I’m gonna give you a proper Manchester kicking’: Ian Brown’s journey from violence to anti-vaxxer. I’d definitely say you should stay tuned. The information regarding monolithic projectiles is provided as an information source for cross referencing only. In addition, for those who are more computer literate, they need to look into the computer software QuickLoad.

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