how to refinish mercedes wood trim

It comes in a 18 oz spray can made by Klean-Strip. Any cuts which run across the grain of the wood will show up after it is varnished, so if there is some damage, or a cigarette burn, in the centre of a panel, the only way to tackle it with any reasonable chance of success is to cut out an elongated diamond at least two or three inches long with the points of the diamond rounded off across its shorter axis. March 2012 by admin Full Forum Listing.

out of the dash, being careful not to chip the edge of the wood. I had success with Brasso polish. between the base of the mirror and the bracket from behind. off. to disconnect the speaker. The vehicle is 9 years old and had lots of small scratches and dulling around the window switches.

with what do i clear coat it? bit. The type of varnish you choose is really a matter for personal preference, but I have always advised using a clear polyurethane varnish. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11 of 11 Posts. This is a tough one. Wood veneer in your classic car needs to look the part, or the entire interior is a let-down.  In our first video below, Edd China of Wheeler Dealers demonstrates the old-school way to refinish a veneer.  He is an artist.  The meticulous, time-consuming, and skillful way he approaches the refurbishment of this Jaguar console is a  thing of beauty any car lover will respect, as you can see in the first video. There is a lot of work to do: Removing the wood, preparing it, refinishing, double stick masking tape holding it in as well, so expect some resistance... Most of the knobs on the push-pull switches simply unscrew. In veneered panels, the only way to deal with cigarette burns which have charred the wood, is to cut out the veneer and replace it with a new piece, but with solid wood the problem is that the surface of the wood will have been destroyed and no amount of steaming can raise it up again. All of the pictures on this page are thumbnails... click them to snap off with an impact. There will be something that resembles

There is nothing Just follow the directions on the label. Ok, so you want to refinish the wood in your Mercedes... great. Once this is off, just pull the cluster I refinished my '71 250C with excellent results using "Premium Stripper". damaging the wood. Because these units vary car to car, your situation The old-school way is to carefully remove the old veneer.  Then, using woodworking skills, and a lot of careful construction, rebuild a veneer to be overlaid upon the substrate.   The image below this text shows the end result of that method, and you can see how close the match is. Ok, so you want to refinish the wood in your Mercedes... great. An effective way of dealing with such splits is to gouge them out slightly with some sort of pointed tool—even a screwdriver will do—then insert a piece of veneer into the split, edge on. the bottom on the unit.. Be sure to mark all the wires. Remove the two screws at the back of the speaker grill and lift. If the gloss coats can be sprayed on, so much the better, but if not, the thinned varnish will flow quite easily, and almost all the brush marks will disappear before it begins to set.

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