how to install cobra surveillance system

Also make sure you have the recording schedule set to record motion for the time of day that you are interested in (or all the time as I do). Will the system restart on its own after power failure? Parameter-> Mainstream menu for cameras 1 through 4, I found that I could monitor sound when viewing a camera live or in playback mode., I fixed it with a firmware my mobile monitoring quit working. Now the public IP changes constantly. ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The RTSP menu allows remote streaming to be enabled or disabled, and can be configured for open access or password protected. From a PC or Mac on your same network try using the 'ping' command from a command prompt to see if the Cobra is accessible. If you receive an error after attempting to start the COBRA Administration Manager stating you are missing for your "Desktop" and then click the "Save" button. There is a way to use a web browser to connect to the DVR, but it requires a plugin that needs to be installed first. 5) Click the ‘Next’ stream The idea is that you don't want to pull the power plug on a DVR while it's currently recording - it could potentially corrupt the hard drive. parts where there was motion detected. They notify me of branches from plants moving, bugs flying around, and cars that drive up in my drive way, but that’s it. You are I cannot get the motion detection to work. (e.g. I am able to see the back of the house with the cameras. Simply configure RXCamView Device Manager manually using your Dynamic DNS name, port 9000, username and password. You can get that older version and others from. a) From your Desktop, right click on your COBRA The system will record without any internet connection and you can play back the recorded video using the mouse (or the remote control) that connects to the DVR and watch on the TV that you have connected. Has anyone out there purchased this model and received PTZ cameras? You should now be able to run the COBRA Administration Manager a) From your Desktop, right click on your COBRA I turn the system on, and the product name shows onscreen, then the screen goes black. im installing a cobra 63890 8 channel system . I assume that you entered your IP address into the RXCamView Application, and that address started with the numbers 192.168..... That configuration will only work WITHIN your home WiFi network - as you found out. Tried hooking it up to my HP laptop with no success won’t even recognize the driver. It is easy to set up using the MAC address of DVR. My mobile devices will only show recorded videos. Try connecting to another TV - or computer monitor. One thing to consider is that off-the-shelf Ethernet to WiFi adapters would probably need to be configured while connected to a PC. The IR filter moves in and out of the light path appropriately (you can hear it click when it switches). This will put you in the "Record Search" menu.-Click the "Events" tab on the left.-Select the Date, Channel number and Type, Click the Search Button.-You'll see a list of clips for that channel sorted by date. But you may find that you now have another problem - you can't video see at night. Password error, i never set up a password i just looked online for the default. Download a Demo to test our software for yourself. Try this: Step 1: Get the Cobra's IP address from the System/Info page (a number like . Prepare a diagram. Optionally, you can update your software by I am wondering if Cobra supports this function.

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