how to get soral in prodigy

Weight None Gender They can be used to purchase valuable rewards for the merchant in Firefly Clearing (take the path next to the cabbage patch ... Posted: (4 days ago) This page has not been edited by the character themself. Red (depends which player he is shipping), Hair Color-Depends on who's shipping with him (Same color as girlfriend), Eye Color-Depends on who's shipping with him (Same color as girlfriend), Hat-Depends on who's shipping with him (Same hat(Heart Bonus:8) as girlfriend), Outfit-Depends on who's shipping with him (Same outfit(Heart Bonus:8) as girlfriend), Wand-Depends on who's shipping with him (Same wand(Damage Bonus:20) as girlfriend). Burning Brand of Bonfire gets a block message from Glaciersong. He applauds and congratulates users who spam or vandalize in Prodigy Math Game Fandom Wiki. He is proud of other Spammers/Vandalizers who spammed or vandalized. The pet appears not to have hands but it does have tiny legs. This page was last edited on 5 December 2019, at 03:39. He also does long gibberish spams/vandalisms. Creela the water element starter pet was replaced with Mermina, the new water pet. This page was last edited on 6 February 2019, at 02:06. Two purple horns sprout from the top of her head making it a rare type of animal, therefore being a unicorn. Strengths-Bullying people on Prodigy, Spamming/Vandalizing, evading blocks, evading IP blocks, harassing people players, making very sexual messages, making very inappropriate replies, disgust people, shipping, talking in Pallet Pass, disgusting people, and being crazy. Unknown Big Hex's first appearance in the Prodigy Legends Wiki. He is a big Spammer/Vandalizer in Prodigy Math Game wiki, his spams/vandalism are very inappropriate and very sexual. Big Hex in Pallet Pass. Posted: (3 days ago) Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. The following is a list of monsters in the game Prodigy. Biographical information Mystile looks like a unicorn, with a green mane and a tail. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 1 Pets that you start off with (Including the old ones! Posted: (1 days ago) Height (Failed) Invite as much Spammers/Vandalizers in the Prodigy Math Game Wiki. Burning Brand of Bonfire being interested in Soral. Friends-Soral(former friend/crush), Robo-Pup(ex-girlfriend/first), Brown Hamster(ex-girlfriend/last), Husky(formerly), Soles of the Spy(formerly), Fernandoo 709187, Spammers/Vandalizers. It also is the ground version of Mystyyk., They also somehow spread bad rumors about, He says inappropriate stuff about others unlike Smelly the Skunk. Likes-Spammers/Vandalizers, spamming/vandalizing, evading blocks, Bad Mountaineer’s Gear(before she stops mimicking Water Robe), Smelly the Skunk (1), sexual immorality, shipping, people dating, targeting females, giving out fake tornado warnings, gibberish spamming, framing Smelly the Skunk (1), impersonating users, making people very angry, bullying Soral and TPA, and having fun destroying wikis. Peeko's starting health is 500, gains 100 each time you level it up, and its max number of hearts is 10,400. It has two legs, large amber-colored eyes, large ears, and a small mouth. (Succeeded), Ruin Prodigy Math Game Fandom Wiki. 1 Capturing 2 Evollving 3 Battling 3.1 Spells 4 Gallery While completing the tutorial in the Firefly Forest wizards are given the choice between Peeko, Soral, Dragic and Creela. Prodigy Legends Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Place of birth Aracute Ashlet | Smoldash Browl Cloaker Cloud Neek Creela | Celesteate | Aureate Dragic | Dragling | Tarragon Dreamlet Emburn Burnewt | Singenewt | Infernewt |Embershed Evolotus | Prodraxis Flame Neek | Flame Caller | Flame Creator Flameger Forest Neek | Forest Caller | Forest Creator Hob Luminite | Luminex Milly Mimic Muckster Mystember ... Posted: (3 days ago) The back of their body have lights on them and their bodies are colored black. Soral can also be found in battles, where a wizard is able to capture them. (Formerly/Partially Succeeded), Invite as much Spammers/Vandalizers in the Prodigy Math Game Wiki. This pet is no longer obtainable along with the other starters, Soral, Creela, and Dragic. The description for Peeko in Prodigy is: "Peekos cheerfully wiggle their ears when they are happy, which they always are!". 2 Bonfire Spire (Element: Fire) 3 Firefly Forest (Element: Plant) 4 Skywatch ... Posted: (1 months ago) Peeko resembles a small gray brown cat without a tail. Enemies-Basically Everyone, Good Mountaineer’s Gear, Bad Mountaineer’s Gear, Sparkle Puppy (Wiz), Tuxedo Cat, Sword of Earth, Prodigy Math Game Wiki Staff/Non Staff, Lumine Wiki Staff, Eclipse, Brown Hamster, Robo-Pup, Sparkly Flute, Fancy Holiday Bow, Crystal Staff, Chicken Hood, Smelly the Skunk(1), Titan Power Armor(Archenemy), Titan Brawler Greaves, Chill & Char, Steam Powered Robot Bird 9001, Gecko, Grey Cat, Snow Puppy, Tinyger(Angel the W12-4RD), William the Cool (RobTheBobert), Amber Greenshard (Glaciersong). Soral the storm element starter pet was replaced with Wott the new storm pet. Many people think he’s ShawnC362, but he isn’t.

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