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Click here to send a me a fixed-price tip, and remember to include your Kinja handle. The Honda Acty Mini Truck is one of the vehicles that have been proven to be very efficient and reliable in carrying various loads. When these mini truck parts are replaced the engine should run smoother and burn less fuel. AWD RTL-E shown with Gray Leather. The soft, adjustable saddles firmly cradle the kayak while the reinforced straps allow for lateral stability. The N-TRUCK pickup concept and N-CAMP trailer will debut at the annual Japan CamperCar Show. … The Ridgeline dominates the road with a 280-horsepower V-6 engine capable of towing up to 5,000 lbs. The Honda Acty has been in production since 1977 as a kei-class truck in Japan. Body Repair – with time, the vehicle’s body starts to wear out and sometimes there are some issues which can be easily fixed and could help prevent the body worsening. Other notable features include working A/C - which must require a choice between being cool and going up hills - and fold-down sides on its Chiclets-box of a bed. We'll see if its price makes it a truck that you might also actually want to, you know, pick up. Mini Trucks In Canada – The Ultimate Kei Truck Import Guide, New York Mini Trucks – Comprehensive Japanese Mini Truck Import Guide, California Mini Trucks – Get Your Mini Truck Imported Fast, How To Import Second Hand Japanese Mini Trucks – The Ultimate Guide. Honda used a transverse system that you would find in a front wheel drive vehicle and reversed it to the rear. The later model HA1 and HA2 had a 3 cylinder water cooled 550cc E05A engine. As a result, the first Acty trucks and vans were available with a "midship" mounted 545 cc 2-cylinder SOHC water-cooled engine, known as the EH engine, which produces 28 PS (20.6 kW; 27.6 hp) at 5500 rpm and 4.2 kg⋅m (41 N⋅m; 30 lb⋅ft) of torque at 4000 rpm. From an available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™. The standard tri-zone automatic climate control keeps everyone comfortable. You don’t want to find yourself in issues where you are struggling to see the road at night while stuck in the mud. If you have a shaking steering wheel when driving your Honda Acty on the road it may need the steering bushing replaced. With a 660cc drivetrain and ability to haul almost anything up to 1300lbs without any issues even under bad roads, this vehicle is a beast worth loving. Your ZIP Code helps us search inventory at dealers near you. The second generation Acty was launched in March 1988 with the introduction of the Honda E05 engine, with an additional cylinder added, making it a 547 cc 3-cylinder with SOHC. .. Honda Acty For $6,000, This 1995 Honda Acty Could Be Your Micro-Mini Machine. If you have had trouble moving some goods from one place to the other, especially in off-roads, then you need something that is able to withstand all weather roads and at the same time get you through without many hassles. RTL-E shown with Beige Leather and Honda Genuine Accessories. Honda and Subaru US Mini Truck Sales, Service, and Parts Honda Acty Bolt-On Bumper with 2" hitch receiver In-Stock, FREE Shipping to USA The Acty was also sold in a few export markets, such as the United Kingdom and Australia. Unlike many pickup trucks, which use body-on-frame design, Ridgeline features unibody construction. Painting Job – The other thing you don’t want to be seen on is a rusty mini truck that is aging. Get a glimpse or a little fresh air with the available one-touch power moonroof. The Honda Acty has been among the best kei trucks that you can find today. Also, Yosemite Sam! Snow mode only on 2WD trims. Better than 75mph with more to come given time and ear plugs. Export models, with less emissions equipment, claim 30.6 hp (22.8 kW; 31.0 PS) at the same engine speed. The Honda N-TRUCK is what happens when you shorten the wheelbase of the already tiny N-BOX kei wagon and turn the rear end into a pickup bed. I live in Japan and spend a lot of time on the expressways. General Service and Tune up- Finally, apart from the above basic maintenance, you need to visit a mechanic once in some time, even if the vehicle doesn’t have any issues. The Honda Acty (Japanese: ホンダ・アクティ, Honda Akuti) is a series of cabover microvans and kei trucks produced by the Japanese automaker Honda from 1977 to 2021, designed for the Japanese domestic market (JDM). Also, you get a 5 speed mid-engined Honda with deDion rear suspension. Honda used a transverse system that you would find in a front wheel drive vehicle and reversed it to the rear. In the Shuichi Shigeno manga and anime Initial D, as well as the Arcade Stage games, The Honda Acty is often seen in the background. Like any other vehicle, you need to show love to your Honda Acty mini truck and give it the necessary maintenance to make it serve you for long. Well, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Honda is a mini-pickup that you and a couple of friends could literally pick up. 2020 Accord shown in video for demonstration purposes only. The Acty never officially made it here to the land of free and home of the brave. AWD RTL-E shown in Modern Steel Metallic. Wiring System – Something else that most of us forget is the wiring system of the vehicle. HA1, HH1 Small items will stay right where you put them, neat and organized, with these easy-to-use In-Bed Trunk® cargo dividers. Production of the Acty continued until the arrival of the third generation in 1999, although the Honda Street continued to be built until 2001 as it was only partially replaced by the pricier Honda Vamos. Nonpublic Road Use Only - Speed limited to 25 mph This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. With the push of a button, your available heated steering wheel helps take the chill out of cold winter commutes. "Acty" is short for "Activity". HA2, HH2 Help keep your valuables protected in the truck bed. 4×4 Daihatsu Hijet Mini Truck – Is It Worth The Investment? There was also the Acty Attack, a spartanly equipped four-wheel drive version with a differential lock, particularly intended for farmers. The seller is asking $6,000 for the cute little Ute, and it's safe to say that it's a rare opportunity to find one here at any price. In October 1993 the Honda Street's front design was changed yet again, receiving larger, more square headlamp units. [8] On September 30, 1996, the Japanese Government amended the Enforcement Regulations Vehicle Law, Ministerial Ordinance No. Receive the latest news and exclusive updates. Starting with model year 1985, the Acty/Street was exclusive to a chain of Japanese Honda dealerships established for small and commercial vehicles, called Honda Primo. We all like mini-pickups, right? Besides being reliable and easy to operate, you are guaranteed to love how this vehicle runs and the kind of work that it will do. Enjoy a more comfortable drive with available heated front seats and an available heated steering wheel. There’s no need to wait for parts from overseas to be shipped to your door. HA3, HH3 The fully independent front and rear suspensions ensure a better handle on the road to make your drive as smooth as possible, even when the road is uneven or bumpy. Still, you can get pretty much anywhere without ever hitting an onramp, and it's now time to hit up this Honda and decide about its price. Luckily the Honda Acty and the Kei mini truck family have a good reputation for being low maintenance. [6] The first models were the Acty truck and van, with the commercial grade Acty van appearing a month later. There was also an "Acty Attack" version of the truck, intended for farmers in particular this model has a differential lock in the rear and features Ultra-Low forward and reverse gears (UL/UR). The 656 cc engine is of an LEV design, with low emissions and high gas mileage. 18-inch wheels give the Ridgeline a dominant stance, complementing the sharp styling and rugged details. This particular car was built with Honda’s Real-Time 4-wheel drive, a manual transmission and a carbureted 656cc (0.6L) 3-cylinder engine that creates an adrenaline-pumping 38 horsepower.

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