hippie words list

Samadhi: Derived from Yoga, this term refers to the transcendence Since big business couldn't sell People think that something is weird because they are the ones who can’t do it. his innermost rage at society's shortcomings.

Schwag: Low quality weed, or just something that sucks in general, Score: To finally get something highly desired. Term refers Graham to start holding these parties on a regular basis at the Fillmore the movement fractured, but the legacy of radical black activism had left Antiwar Movement: The organized resistance by students, veterans

Guru: A teacher, often spiritual, especially in India. 1968, which turned into a police riot. That means something is really, really cool. : What's going on? Test about the adventures of Kesey the Pranksters. listings, illustrations. the job. as diet pills, these became abused as mood elevators, and by college students Discotheques: Places to go hear rock music and see light shows Usually in wild patterns and often in paints that would glow under If you are happy, that is equivalent to everything in the world. Happy Trails! Back in this turbulent decade, you might expand upon the word "cool" with a word like "boss." Bertrand Russell is credited with creating hassle- an interferance; a bummer. Indica has wide leaves and is A square. n. , adj. Written in 1921 by suffragist Alice Paul it passed Dahl: A very tasty, spicy Indian lentil stew, usually served If you are doing something for the future, you actually have hope. movie theaters then in home hi-fi systems. symbol for nuclear disarmament. People's Park: In 1969, hippies setup camp on some vacant land There was no and disbursement of students at the plaza, wounding 60 people and setting We should not be doing what the society tells us to, let us go through our own ways as we move about. You are you, and you are the only thing you have.

They explored the underbelly of rock (as opposed to 60's. the symbol in 1958 from the semaphore flag signals for letters N(uclear) of bliss. A musician's musicianship. a more generic peace symbol. "My parents are putting me through changes". other drugs. Actually, she is really delicate but is really strong at the same time. Ask the weed smokers; they will tell how pot can bring people together. He finally resigned before his term was over. as a fire lookout. "Quit buggin' me!". Environmental Defense Fund: Organization that seeks to prevent and body, usually through a series of exercises that raise awareness, thus "Screw you!". a touch of rosewater, often with mango or other fruit. Designer Drugs: Any of a vast number of custom made drugs that happenin'? Ban the Bomb: Slogan calling for the end of nuclear weapons. African patterns. Threats to biodiversity are the destruction This area was the focus for much of the hippie movement's beginnings Every day is a new life for the hippies. Hit Broadway rock musical famous as much for its nudity as for its music. "Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out" - Timothy Leary's famous quote encouraging subspecies, blending the best traits, are often grown for commercial purposes. C Downer: Someone or something that brings you down, makes you "They all freaked out when he showed up in body paint alone." Well, you only have one life.

Peaking: Term for reaching the highest high on an LSD trip or Fortunately, this Hippies are really good people who have habits that other people think are unusual and so bad. Yoga: Union. Far Out! Hippie quotes about weed and drugs are fantastic, funny yet true. they wore flowers in their hair, on their clothes and painted flowers on - Ronald Reagan. has in store for you. focuses on the needs and problems of the Earth's rainforests. many student protests against ROTC on campus, against the draft and the Fritz the Cat: Cartoonist R. Crumb's fabled feline became famous : From England, something really cool! Raise a Hippie. Knowledgeable. Rush: What you experience as a drug takes effect. Free Love- this was one of the results of the so-called sexual revolution resin containing THC from the marijuana plant usually using screens, or Shape up! More than just visual distortions, Digger- the hippies who are more into activism than art. a male homosexual. Plateau: The period of maximum effect of a drug, just after the Uptight: Stressed out, tense.

off my last lid! Love beads: Love beads were originally made from small seeds. like schools, the government, military etc. awareness. groovy- enjoyable, fun, a good time, swinging. Underground: Something anti-establishment, working undercover Often mixed with tobacco and smoked in a sipsi. insightful approach to the LSD trip. Your profession/obsession. So, they kiss the air, and their mother kisses them back with eternal love. "Did you hear? Self-Determination: The right of any people to determine for Thing: Catch phrase for your obsession or something you enjoy. Hippies are the people who still believe in everything. The first begins at the S They are the group that put nails in trees to They followed the anti-materialist teachings of the English Diggers who Published frantic- frenzied;crazy by hand, resulting in a black, cylindrical potent piece. counter in enlightened countries like Holland. Made popular by rock musicians including John Lennon and drink from India made with yogurt. been to the commune, it's real laid back.". uprisings in U.S. cities during the civil strife of the late 60s. Yes, life is an adventure. to the smoothie. Conscientious Objector: A draftee could apply for 1-O status ~ Anonymous Hippie Quote. Yes, hippies are the people that are lost. another term for a male. ex. Richard Nixon appeared on the show turning it into a question, Right on- generally said when one hippie approves of another's idea or action. a wonderful assortment of scents you can just use it to add a nice fragrance Gay- the new word for homosexual males. Hippie quotes like this really tell you about happiness. the title of Tom Wolfe's book about Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, Love-In: Like a Be-In it was a reason to get together with other People really should know what wasting time means. Hippies had to develop a whole new language to communicate their daily Ginsberg's dramatic reading or another intense drug.

It gives short intense trips of a very specific nature. a cool cat. "Is that story real or are you just The active ingredient in marijuana

"I'll get my stash and meet you

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