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George is the most expensive Henry vacuum cleaner, but this is only because he comes with so much power, so many attachments, and a barrel full of versatility as well. These things get filthy thanks to the kids, dogs and myself when I am binge watching stuff on Netflix. I ran Henry over the floor and I was very happy with the level of cleaning it has. George can clean it all. Click here to read our full review of this machine. Read the 10-step guide now. All this means for the consumer is that bags last a really, really long time without bursting.

Of all the Henry models, Charles and George are those most likely to be found in a commercial situation.

The vacuums are also available with different names.

I started in the living room where there was a nice range of cookies, dog hair and other assorted mess to test the vacuum on and it picked it all up. Another brother of Henry is George, the all in one multitasker that is capable of taking on even the hardest cleaning jobs.

James Garner has been in the vacuum cleaning business for years, first started as a salesman, then became a technician, today he is the proud owner of CleanHomeGuide.

Unlike the original Henry Hoover, George also has a supercharged 1,200-watt motor for extra suction power and a very large 15-litre dry capacity.

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Read More: Best wet and dry vacuum cleaner in the UK.

This tool also worked great on the curtains and beds.

With over 10 million Henrys made, and most still in use today, he really is the vacuum you can trust. So as you can see we are now dealing with Charles who I am assuming is Henry’s brother. Just because he can’t wash and dry your rugs doesn’t mean he doesn’t pack a powerful cleaning punch.

While some are made for specific jobs, others offer larger capacity and a lot more power. Some products may be delivered to you directly from one of our suppliers. Sign up to our newsletter to receive all our latest promotions, inspiration and advice. In addition to the specialist vacuum head, he also comes with a unique micro fresh filter which helps stop those hairs from escaping and making your house smell. The first model of Henry started as something of a toy, with the functionality of a vacuum. £40. The most thorough suction is probably on the Henry Micro, which has extra filtration for dust particles and works hard to keep your home allergen free. Follow our advice, tips & videos to make DIY simple. A very small amount of other models feature other words on their caps, such as the MFQ370 which features the word "Micro-filter".

Once you are done the power cable rolls all the way back in and of course there is also space on Charles to keep those tools nice and safe. His combined hose and retractable wire (old models have a wind-up wire; new ones have the electric retractor) give him an extension of cleaning power that allows slightly over 26 metres from the power point. However, George and Charles will clean up wet spills, too. They were always built to last. 96 - Christopher Duncan, Numatic", "Numatic International Ltd. | Henry Spray Mop HM40", "Numatic International Ltd. | Hetty Spray Mop HM40", "Numatic International Ltd. | Henry Professional HVR240", "Numatic International Ltd. | Henry Compact HVR160", "Numatic International Ltd. | Henry Cordless HVB160", "Numatic International Ltd. | Henry Xtra HVX200", "Numatic International Ltd. | Henry Xtra HVX160", "Numatic International Ltd. | Henry Micro HVR200M", "Numatic International Ltd. | Henry Allergy HVA160", "Numatic International Ltd. | Henry Wash HVW370", "Numatic International Ltd. | Charles CVC370", "Numatic International Ltd. | George GVE370", "Chancellor lends a hand to build conveniently named 'George' hoover", "Numatic International Ltd. | James JVP180", "Numatic International Ltd. | Harry HHR200", "Numatic International Ltd. | Hetty HET200", "I Just Had To Treat Myself...Again - Numatic Bertie", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Henry_(vacuum)&oldid=982058331, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 October 2020, at 23:02.

Best for Allergies – If you have allergies in the home you need the Micro, closely followed by the Xtra which has enough tools to see you successful. Next day delivery will be available if you order before 2pm but restrictions do apply. Henry was also one of the first vacuums to use Microfibre dust bags, which are large capacity dust bags known as HEPA-FLO bags, and are made of a strong material that carries dust and other unwanted materials into them and retains them unlike any paper bags which tend to rip and leak dust. CleanHomeGuide, Henry Cordless HVB160 – Best Cordless Henry, Harry Hoover HHR200 – Best Henry For Pets, Best wet and dry vacuum cleaner in the UK, Numatic Charles Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner, Best vacuum cleaner: definitive 2020 guide, A COMPLETE GUIDE TO VACUUM CLEANER FILTERS, Dyson DC33 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review, Solid build quality – the UK’s most reliable vacuum cleaner, Large dust capacity that is up to 5x larger than a bagless vacuum, Good filtration with self-seal dust bags to lock in the dirt, Takes up more storage space than a cordless or upright, Can be difficult to manoeuvre in small spaces, Cordless convenience with up to 30 minutes run time per battery / 2 batteries = 60 minutes, Large dust capacity that is up to 10x larger than other cordless vacuums, Suction is not as powerful as corded Henry, although it still does a good job, Not as versatile as other cordless vacuums, All the features of Henry with added extras for dealing with pet hair, HairoBrush attachment is one of the best pet hair cleaning heads on the market, MicroFresh filter contains activated charcoal for removing pet odours, The strong suction and heavy weight can make it awkward to use at first, Powerful motor to deal with wet and dry messes, Lots of attachments and tools for every kind of wet or dry cleaning job, Multi-function – dry vacuuming, clean up spills, unblock drains, Switching from dry to wet cleaning takes a bit of getting used to.

Charcoal absorbs pet odours and stops the smell from coming back into your room. I really liked the way the Henry Cordless came with two long-lasting batteries. Henry’s younger brother James might look almost identical to Henry, but James actually has a few useful changes that will make your life much easier. They give you two batteries and they are very easy to swap in and out so you have more than enough time to use the vacuum on hi mode the whole time. It does have compact in the name, but a large part of Henry is actually made up by his large canister that houses the dust bag. Genealogy profile for Joseph Henry Hoover Morrison.

While Henry and Hetty are good all-rounders, they don’t match Harry when it comes to dealing with pet hair and odours. As usual, the Micro Henry comes with all the longevity and durability you would expect from this exemplary range.

The living room is always the first room that I test. The only female of the family, Hetty has almost the identical performance of Henry but utilises eco-technology to decrease her overall emissions. One of the things that put some folks of getting a bagged vacuum cleaner is the thought of having to buy bags. Henry Westons Cloudy Vintage Cider 500ml 500ml. Henry already has a long hose and you can put the crevice tool on so that you can get under the sofas, tables and even get right up into the corners of the room. Visit Homebase online and resolve your home condensation problems.

The charcoal filter also stops any odours from sitting in the bag, causing a smell every time you use the vacuum. Delivery from FREE. However, not everyone can identify the members of Henry’s more extended family. Finally, if you’re looking for the ultimate all in one hoover that will tackle both wet and dry floors, then George is your man. As if that weren’t already pretty amazing, it also manages to beat its predecessor in terms of weight, coming in at an impressive 7kgs. I know this for a fact because my kids were actually arguing at one point over who got to use Charles to clean the back room! Best Wet Cleaning – the best wet cleaner could be the George, but the Charles does a great job of cleaning up wet spills, too. It’s lightweight, quiet, and does everything the Henry forgot to do – but doesn’t include the wet/dry feature that some of the other models do. With more than 26 metres of reach, the James outdoes the original Henry and leaves us all in awe. This is the latest version of Henry and is more compact than his larger predecessor, the HVR200. There’s no job too big and no task too small. On top of all these added extras, Harry contains a MicroFresh charcoal filter which helps to neutralise pet odours and comes with a Hair-O brush that has been ergonomically designed to capture even the finest of hairs.
I have to be honest and say that a wet vac is not something I would get a ton of use out of, but as this is only slightly more expensive than the standard Henry, the Numatic Charles Wet and Dry vacuum is great value for money.

However, Henry isn’t the only hoover in the range, in fact, there is a whole family of different hoovers! £20. He’s just a dry hoover, but he comes with all the energy, vigour, and longevity of any other Henry. When you weigh this as an option be sure to consider the high energy efficiency and neatness of design that makes it so great. So much more than just a smiley face.

Henry's great features make cleaning easy, including his super long-reach, "trouble free" rewind 10 metre cable, huge capacity and on-board tool storage. Even this more recent model has the same sturdy and solid kind of feel to it. This is just what you need to inspire the kids to take on vacuuming as one of their jobs around the house. The crevice tool is fantastic. Ready to take up the challenge of laying vinyl or carpet floor tiles? This larger model of the standard Henry comes with extra attention to fine detail.

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