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While watching the Auburn offense over the summer, I noticed that the Tigers sometimes ran Power, but the pulling guard would run way outside the box as if it were a sweep. C.J. The names aren't too important for our purposes, but they do have different names based on the order of the positions inside out, whether the tight end is in line next to the tackle, or which back stays with the quarterback. If he is in space with two blockers in front, he needs to make defenders commit and then make a decision. Surely, it was among his sweetest, considering the difficulty of the season. This inside movement prevents a kick out, but he is no longer in position to maintain any outside leverage, so the Buck Sweep is used to punish this adjustment. While other sweeps might use receivers to block corners, one of the Buck Sweep's biggest advantages is in creating this mismatch. The playside guard blocks the most pressing threat. But it's important that the Tigers show this sort of variety. "In today's football, the tight end is a special player, a sort of hybrid between a wide receiver and offensive lineman. On September 3, Fulgham was cut by the Eagles, but brought back to the practice squad. Malzahn has now beaten Saban three times as a head coach, the only coach in college football to have won that much against the coach who’s widely viewed as the greatest in the game. When I watch Auburn run the Buck Sweep, I like to watch the pulling guards. Malzahn does an excellent job of picking his spots to throw the ball and keeping his quarterback in comfortable scenarios. With an H-back and a fullback (what I'm calling the tight end when he's not an end), the formation is called "Diamond". CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. It’s well documented that Johnson and his 10.38 speed in the 100m dash. LOCKED ON AUBURN: Auburn DOMINATES LSU. Gus' Powerful Downhill Running Game, Tip-Off Countdown: #31 Auburn 65 Florida 62, NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast, Tip-Off Countdown: #32 Auburn 73 South Carolina 64. Was this the Gus Back? Two H-backs are in front and to either side of the quarterback. All three can be contained if the defense loads up both side of the box. Second, the ball was snapped directly to a running back. And over the course of a season, several players may get playing time here doing what they do best. One interesting thing about Auburn's offense is that the exact formation is determined by both the formation name and the play call. "I think there'll be a time that'll come into play," Malzahn said. He usually runs his routes down field, trying to "take the top off" of the defense, posing as a home run threat while opening holes for intermediate passes. We've had some big plays in that, but certain teams take certain things away.". The jet sweep is more effective in the Malzahn playbook than other systems, because flanker motion is such a constant of the run game it provides no key to defenders. With Power, this wall is made up of four offensive linemen. For Malzahn, it had to be one of his greatest victories as a head coach. "The 2 is the wide receiver off the line on the tight end (or 5) side. Last year, no one really knew what to expect out of the receiving corps. A Firsthand Look at the X’s and O’s of Gus Malzahn’s Offense, On August 9, Travis Fulgham was cut by the Lions. The Diamond was a new formation for Auburn last year, but its ancestor, the Wishbone, was on the Plains in the early ‘80s. If the H-back and tailback are on the same side as the tight end, it's called "Stack". Malzahn has committed to running this play over the years and is able to run it from multiple formations to keep defenses honest. With the Diamond (also called the Inverted Wishbone), the quarterback is in shotgun with a tailback behind him. It wasn't sustainable as a self-contained offense, but the formation and play are still around. This is called an Under front, a common variation of the 4-3 alignment. For a play so unique to Auburn and Gus Malzahn, I am amazed that I didn't write about the Buck Sweep until the SEC Championship Game with Missouri. Whenever the cornerback is playing far enough off of that backside receiver, this play call can get the ball into the hands of a playmaker in space. Alabama Defensive Coordinator Kirby Smart had this to say about offensive formations. "Running Back U should have no shortage at the 4, the tailback position.". When the defense crowds the box, the Buck Sweep gets the runner outside. The backfield's base formation includes an H-back about two yards behind the line of scrimmage between the left or right guard and tackle, the quarterback about five yards directly behind the center and the tailback to the right or left of the quarterback. Gus Malzahn and Rhett Lashlee get credit for tailoring the offense for him as the season progressed, but they should also get credit for limiting Marshall's interceptions (14-6 TD-INT ratio). It also gives the 5 a better angle for blocking when a run goes wide.". The long history of the Auburn-Alabama football rivalry is all about players who have made extraordinary plays at the most crucial times, but there has never been another Iron Bowl in which so many players rose and met the moment as the one that was played on Saturday at Jordan-Hare Stadium. […], Jets quarterback Sam Darnold missed two games with a right shoulder injury earlier this season and he could be seen holding that shoulder after taking a hit while scrambling in the second half of Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs. Intro to the Muschamp Defense Part 2: The Blitz, An Explanation of Gus Malzahn's Crazy Formations, A Primer Into the Madness of the Gus Malzahn HUNH, Tip-Off Countdown: #31 Auburn 65 Florida 62, NEW EPISODE ALERT: Orange and True Podcast, Tip-Off Countdown: #32 Auburn 73 South Carolina 64.

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