great white shark cage diving massachusetts is part of PADI Media, a division of PADI Worldwide. When it comes to west coast great white shark diving, knowing what to look for in a vessel and shark crew makes all the difference. Individual divers and group leaders will be happy to note that we take great pride in catering to every diver’s food needs. Operators: The Socorro Aggressor has three surface cages that take four guests and one submersible cage that takes four guests. The bull sharks in Fiji can reach similar lengths…up to 15 feet. View Larger Map. To protect against any unforeseen circumstances or acts of God, we highly recommend the purchase of trip insurance. Maintenance / Marketing / Web Development and design by Jaydee Media. Shark Diver only operates at sites with seasoned animals.…, Forgot id posted this! Trip Reports of Massachusetts (and other parts of New England as well). Our Captain and divemasters will guide you down to the boat where the rest of our crew will be waiting to greet you with big smiles and trays of champagne. Our professional and courteous crew will make sure your adventure is a safe and rewarding experience. Plenty of food will be served to satisfy your hunger on the journey to the island. We will never “push the envelope” at any shark site when it comes to your safety or your loved ones safety.

Hello, I looked into this exact activity last summer (2018)The only places that seemed to be doing it was out of (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? All non-alcoholic beverages as well as 2 bottles of Mexican beer or 2 glasses of house wine per day are available at no extra cost. All our divers will receive a copy of the Photo ID database and the participants on our MCSI  hosted expeditions will also have a chance to bid on naming a shark. Our cages feature excellent viewing and photography characteristics, providing you with total freedom of movement and 360 degree panoramic visibility. You can almost always jump into a surface cage and stay in as long as you want. more. This is the first we’ve heard of great whites being close enough for us to visit, and I’ve done lots of googling! Mossel Bay on the Garden Route has probably the most accessible Great White Sharks in the world. Our vessel accommodates groups of 19 divers. It is important that you adhere to your own body’s need for combating any seasickness to which you may be prone when boating. All our expeditions are hosted by Nicole Nasby Lucas from the Marine Conservation Science Institute and/or by our CEO and citizen scientist Martin Graf who will share their knowledge with powerpoint presentations of their research, instructions on how to identify the individual sharks and they are always available to answer questions. Always wanted to go cage diving and see Great Whites up-close? Shark Diver has a ‘share and share alike’ policy towards shark images. Safety is always our first priority. READY TO BOOK YOUR SHARK DIVING ADVENTURE? These trips are perfect for up-close encounters and unique photography opportunities. To dive with great whites in crystal-clear water the color of peppermint mouthwash — allowing you to see the sharks approaching from very far away — there’s no place like Mexico’s Guadalupe Island. Along the way, there should be many opportunities to see marine life, such as grey whales, dolphin, sea turtles, sea lions, or even the occasional orca! They’ll be here when you wake up and hopefully they’ll show their lovely faces. 8 Swart Street, Kleinbaai, Gansbaai, South Africa, Maintenance / Marketing / Web Development and design.

It is here that Great White Shark Tours will make your dreams come true! Through the tireless efforts of CICIMAR and the Marine Conservation Science Institute at Isla Guadalupe, we have come to learn so much about these amazing creatures; from “Bruce”, one of a handful of sharks we have seen every year since we started cage diving in 2001 to the 18-foot “Lucy”, with her mangled caudal fin and her well-known cage diver curiosity, to the massive 20-foot Deep Blue, who wows even our most well-seasoned researchers. Shark Diver is proud to support Conservation Shark Diving. May be we can meet up and go as a group to do this activity!!!! Great White Shark Cage Diving Mossel Bay. Before you awaken, you will be scheduled on a specific dive team. Hub has always wanted to cage dive with them but we dont want to go South Africa or Australia so if this is a real possibility of seeing them here it would make another great holiday. What can I expect to see on my shark diving trip? This summer so far, 12 great whites have been tagged according to press. This is great white shark diving with added value! Shark Diver has reviewed our vessels’ shark cage designs and have provided you the best cage construction out there.

Yes! Shark Diver respects sharks for what they are; predators, first and foremost. Boats tow seal decoys on the surface of the water to attract the sharks — then it’s into the cage for a chance to see those jet-black eyes at a far closer range than most humans ever wittingly dare. Our boat launches from Kleinbaai, only 12km from the coastal fishing village of Gansbaai, on an exhilarating 20-minute boat ride to where we will start looking for our first sharks. Join us for our upcoming season! To date we have enjoyed a 100% operational record at every one of our shark diving sites. It is such a good sign for our ecosystem. You will enjoy hours of cagediving time utilizing our state of the art cages. We do not entice sharks into cages nor do we seek hard shark interactions. It is vitally important that the sharks are never affected or injured during their interaction with us. Read more about Great White Shark facts. The bottle-green waters of South Africa might not deliver the clearest visibility of the four shark-diving destinations, but entering the cage and watching from the boat in False Bay is your best opportunity for seeing the animals pull an incredible “Air Jaws” maneuver — breaching fully out of the water in pursuit of a fur seal or the towed decoy.

Many shark diving operations will not offer anything to their divers if they fail to deliver sharks. Shark Diver only runs shark operations during peak seasons. At Shark Diver, we have gone to extraordinary lengths to address our guests’ safety concerns about traveling in Mexico. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-102673742', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Cape Cod Shark Adventures does cage and open water diving with sharks. Cages are lowered off the boat’s stern and shark seekers scuttle across the bars to drop in, breathing air through a hookah attached to the surface and watching a scene straight from a documentary unfold as the sharks lunge at bait teased just out of reach by shark wranglers. This image is from Habbiniyah Iraq and Diane’s Marines who we met in 2008.

Gansbaai is known as the great white shark capital of the world and is only a two and a half hour scenic drive from Cape Town. Our clients are, after all, the sharks. Female great whites start showing up in August.

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