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Share as much detail as possible in your reply. Sign in. Talk to this person and he will understand his mistake and next time he won’t do that. Out of one cage, now desperately needing to work on the next cage. I was given the incredible gift of writing and eventually started a company from my bed! Something inside of me knew it wasn’t the words were wrong, it was the world that was wrong. You are not aware how powerful you are. We’re sending so much Team Forleo love and encouragement your way, you have the power to shift this! ( This is my short version of a story I could definitely expand on!) Create sisterhood with beautiful goddesses all around me and prioritise my desires over the “shoulds” of life. This leads into the introduction of the book, where Doyle explains why we should be grateful for our cages (lives) because they give us structure, but we shouldn’t stay there forever. I left home at 16 in search of love and peace. This book was written by Glennon Doyle. I get to learn anything I want and I have the most meaningful work that allows me to spark this same fantastic joy of life- in them. Little story I try to stay polite and organise the appointment which I’m then told will be 1 1/2 hours on the phone !!!!! I have always been a wild woman, an introvert, don’t do anything anyone tells me to do, trusts my gut always, people pleaser to the max, and fierce Mama to my now grown beautiful son. Lot’s of love! Hi everyone, Everything seems so unattainable, and I’ve whittled down my life’s wants into only what’s needed because “that’s what smart adults do.” I see my newly singled life differently from what I fear it will become if I’m not careful, but I’m sick of taking risks that go nowhere. Hello beautiful, a HUGE thank you for sharing that beautiful story. Also a life where I step fully and completely into an unapologetic spiritual approach where the word witch doesn’t scare everyone. Right out of college I realized that I could study whatever I choose and follow my heart. I choosed to live, I searched for help and I am rising again, I feel I reconnect again with that little girl singing on the green hills of her countryside. I’m going to get this book and I’m getting to work! About a decade ago I divorced my children’s father and broke up my family because I knew my kids deserved a better model for what is a marriage, a wife, a mother, and a woman. This led to her binging and purging, which numbed the pain and drowned out her feelings. Together, they help usher in new souls into this world, with the help of God, teaching them how to live from within, having no need to look outside of themselves for their identity. Glennon is the author of two #1 New York times bestsellers – Untamed and Love Warrior. Also in B-school 2020. We love everything about this, Ibolya. The “rules” are up for grabs now, and anything goes. I have been digging into wanting to do something about this INDOCTRINATION I ran from at 18 when I then FREE’d myself by moving far away, far from all I knew, far from the “stories” I was told to be and learned WHO I TRULY can be, an extremely sensitive soul, highly intuitive who just “knew things” and had influence on people with all this passion I carried inside. Strength. I have worked so hard to be the “perfect wife and mother” that I have left myself in the dirt, to be forgotten and walked all over. On my 100th birthday I’m surrounded by my big family and friends. ); in my current job I can put in more&more work, but there’s nobody to praise me or acknowledge my efforts, results… We go on adventures regularly and have tons of fun and laughs. She had an issue with the pastor’s statement that homosexuality and abortion were sins. Last year started with practicing to say “No” to things that drain me and are not going to get me closer to what I really want, I even declined, for the first time, a better higher paying position down, so I can focus the little free time and work on my business, while still provide for my family. I am on a journey of personal growth. I am a creative. The author explores what she learned about herself after ending her marriage to be in a love relationship with another woman. I dream of donating time, money and additional resources to organizations like Kiva, local/national environmental conservation organizations, public garden programs, and animal rescue groups. ), and I want to dare enrol in B-School in 2021. Gives me chills. They are the best children anyone could ask for and they are my biggest supporters. It needs to be me. Doyle and his friends started Together Rising, a nonprofit organization that raises funds for people fighting for change in the world. I imagine being secure, uplifting, and passionate. I Know my dharma and am slowly but surely following it’s path, and I have no fear even of dying, as this growth and progress is all that matters. Doyle wanted to be in control of the story of her life, so she felt furious when her husband cheated. I was aware that this was happening and was constantly battling against being tamed. I am safe to say no to the cages disguised as opportunities. So glad you’re soaking up the book and sharing it with your book club, too ? One united team. ? ? Though if I did I would be pulling my punch and cheating myself out of expression, and sharing a piece of my soul.

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