g37 whipple supercharger

Yes this is a 50 state legal system. Continuing with the success of the STILLEN supercharger system for the Nissan VQ37HR (G37), STILLEN is proud to offer the VQ37HR dual throttle body G37 supercharger kit. How does around 400HP To The Wheels Grab You? Sat: 9:00am - 4:00pm EST, © 2019 Z1 Motorsports, Inc. All Rights Reserved. So a buddy of mine is really looking at this 2011 Infiniti G37x for $25000 that's just come off lease.

Either way, the tune is the same. You can customize a kit to your liking with the options below. Please email us at info@sohomotorsports.com and we will get back to you shortly, Sale price We're talking driveable horsepower too, suitable for daily drivers, canyon carvers and track days. But there are no spells and potions involved in creating this enhanced driving experience. This supercharger system took over a year to develop and involves some revolutionary designs. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. By redesigning the intake manifold we were able to incorporate the intercooler inside the manifold, thus allowing us to cool the air charge immediately before the air enters the engine. The “without cable” option is supplied with all of the hardware and the tune. To tune these supercharger systems STILLEN works with UPRev software. Promotions, new products and sales. Custom Intake Plenum: Air to water intercooling is not the only benefit of the redesigned intake manifold. 5. The V-3 features a self-contained oiling system and quiet V-belt design, with plenty of additional boost capability for those wanting even more power down the road. Browse easier by selecting a model below. This supercharger system took over a year to develop and involves some revolutionary designs. Scenery gets blurry-in-a-hurry as the centrifugal Vortech blower spins up to hyperspeed with a telltale hiss. The Stillen cat back is a popular option with it.

Is this kit carb legal in CA? Designing this supercharger system for the 370Z involved precision engineering and innovative problem solving - a STILLEN specialty! Typical results are around 400WHP at under 500' elevation and below 75 degrees F. Average Output Ranges from 380WHP - 450WHP depending on level of modification, engine health/age, fuel type used, elevation/sea level and the weather that particular day. We have easy to install, application specific performance turbocharger & supercharger kits. Continuing with the success of the STILLEN supercharger system for the Nissan VQ37HR (G37), STILLEN is proud to offer the VQ37HR dual throttle body G37 supercharger kit. STILLEN VQ37 Supercharger System - 370Z / G37 515HP - 438WHP - 343LB/FT Torque +155 Horsepower at the Wheels!

The VQ37HR Supercharger shares most of the same components found in the VQ37 kit, and designed as … The major features to the Vortech supercharger are the ease of upgrading power later on, as well as the installation without having to modify the hood! With a completely sealed supercharger system there is no concern of having to run additional oil lines or anything like that. Much of the assembly of the kit is completed here at STILLEN before we pack and ship your supercharger.

Advertisement . My g37 has the 7AT transmission.

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