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Your article on gnats is great! Kmart sucks. Your email address will not be published. If the infestation is heavy you will see the flies crawling on the potato. My only success to date is a 1 inch layer of DE. I have a small gnat problem in which I use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the adults. I found your article very, very informative. Others here have mentioned treating with straight undiluted 3% hydrogen peroxide; have any of you tried the undiluted stuff on succulents? Don’t leave it there. I wondered about this too. I would surely cover the top of the soil. I just went through a month or so of fungus gnats here in Korea. It has become really more of a place to make mud pies than grow anything, but she’s happy, and the garden isn’t overwatered! Remove them from the house in a manner that won’t allow them to escape back to your houseplants. Several sources state that DE is less effective when wet, because it tends to clump together. I do in house pest control and we are have Fungus Gnats in one part of the facility.

I lost so many seedlings last year due to dampening off – I had no idea what was wrong with them and it was so discouraging. In the same manner, insert a yellow sticky trap vertically to catch the incoming whiteflies and gnats. Combined with Nilnat, T drops can be very effective to kill maggots found in the soil. Strain and reuse the vinegar until you have gained control of them. Let’s clean up your potting mix. Belonging to the Sciaridae family, fungus gnats are tiny, black flies that are often found hovering over houseplants. Or they can fly out of a new bag of potting soil you just bought! Keeping in view the damage these creepy, little buggers cause to your plants, it is crucial for you to learn some tried-and-tested methods to get rid of the fungus gnats infestation. You may have to remove any pests that you see in the dirt. Neglect will just forward the pest problem. Use as few methods as possible until you see that the gnats have disappeared. Takeaways Prevention is better than cure. ACV can be acidic too sensitive plants, so test on a small leaf first before using on the entire plant. $19.99

I hate to kill anything, but these things just don’t deserve mercy.


I’m so glad your website showed up this time when I ask Google how to get rid of gnats. They’re a synthetic pesticide advertised to kill fungus gnats and a whole host of other common pests. It shouldn’t hurt your herbs, but if you are worried, use a more dilute solution. Good luck! to another level. If the gnats are clinging to the repotted plant, you may inadvertently transport them from one planting site to another. My mint immediately wilted, my Curley parsley wilted. I finally put a layer of diatomaceous earth on all the soil and that solved the problem immediately.

The pro to baking is that it kills everything and basically sterilizes your potting mix.

Adult fungus gnats lay eggs in your growing medium. Remember a few months ago I was having a problem with all kinds of critters like whiteflies in the warm weather? This depends on the plant’s overall health and how many gnats there are. Or if you own this page helpful, please tell a friend! If the soil isn’t pre-infested, treat using any of the remedies in the post! I like to keep earthworms in all my plants. You can install citronella or essential oil torches around your deck to get at least some relief.

Get the whole story behind SFF here. Cinnamon powder isn’t just a tasty spice, it can be used to rid plant soil of harmful fungus gnats. I decided to cut the bag in half, and use half for my houseplants at home and half for the office. “She was thirsty mama, she needed drink,Eli take care of her mama”somehow I’m always too late to stop it . I imagine they can’t penetrate it either without dying. Wow, this is a lot of helpful information!

Would hydrogen peroxide be harmful to succulent roots? Sometimes it takes several life cycles to get them under control. I don’t want to accidentally kill my plants or stunt their growth. Will repotting plants get rid of fungus gnats? Not as effective as saturating the whole plant.

Hello Dawn, Quick question that may see silly, but what is the best way to get rid of the larvae on the potato slices if they are there when I check in a few hours? This should be something you do with anything that you plan to add to your yard- just like. But don’t overdo it. Peat, Coconut Coir, Bark mulch, pumice, other lava rocks, etc… each make the soil more porous along with other qualities. israelensis – Controls larvae very effectively Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is a naturally-occuring bacteria that kills many types of worms, caterpillars, larvae and insects. Very informative. There are fly killing devices that can help control free-flying gnats. This is great information. Thanks a lot! I was particularly interested to hear from Geoff Hanbury who has researched all the possible solutions: Geoff:Despite being one of the most common indoor plant pests, fungus gnats are notoriously hardy and difficult to get rid of. Also the grass looks good, and is almost fully grown, can I still eat the greass even though those things have been on them? Awhile ago, I noticed a fruit fly problem after leaving bananas on my counter top instead of my usual practice of freezing them immediately. Several functions may not work. Hi, thank you for all of these ideas.

They ar… You just don’t want to eat lettuce, for example, that you have poured Bt onto. Thank you SO much!

Can’t wait to read the book..

Thank you Sincerely, Penny, Kitchener Ontario Canada. Cover the container with aluminum foil and poke a few holes in it. If you have any decaying organic material in your houseplant, adult gnats will find it and get attached to it. Also you will want to use more than one control because potatoes only work at one stage of their life cycle. Could mine be a slightly different type of gnats? Currently an active researcher in the pest control industry for the past 8 years- with a focus on using natural and organic methods to eliminate pest problems. Fungus gnats leave minimal damage that’s noticeable. This is why you may find a bunch of larvae when you open a new bag of potting soil or garden soil. Best thing so far… Mix DE in water and drench topsoil. Soil needs to be porous. Later that day when I came back into the bathroom I had noticed that below the plant, on the floor, I had gotten a dusting of cinnamon on it. A day-to-day diary reporting on my experiences with my indoor garden, dedicated to gardeners like me who's been relegated to apartment and office living and seeks to exercise an itchy green thumb. Thanks a lot, will definately be taking your advice just what we need for our little seedlings! You don’t know where the soil has been, how it was stored, or if it already has eggs brewing a future pest problem. Very informative and helped me a lot.

A combination of tactics works best! Mine usually take 8-10 hours. You currently have javascript disabled. I getting the potatoes ready to try. (Other varieties of Bt will not work for fungus gnats.). And also is pouring HP bad for my tomato plants? Because fungus gnats have a quick life cycle, it is important to reduce their numbers by using a combination of methods that control them both as adults and as larvae. Then, on the top surface of the potting media, place the card horizontally to enable it to catch the adult insects as they jump from the potting soil.

Do I subject the orchids to the hydrogen peroxide treatment over the roots (to kill any possible larvae) and Nemo oil spray over the top and bottom of leaves? Bonide Leaf Eating Worm & Moth Killer, Thuricide Bacillus Thuringiensis (Bt) Outdoor Insecticide/Pesticide Liquid Concentrate (8 oz.) Actually, there are two kinds of plants used for cinnamon commercially. Keep the plant-soil dry by waiting longer between watering sessions. But if you just can’t kill the fungus gnats, then you can consider using nematodes as a last resort. Some fungus that grows on topsoil can also be an attractant to them. I grow in soil (fox farm) in unglazed clay pot, plenty of drainage. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is mineralized fossil dust that is both natural and non-toxic to the environment.

The plant doesn’t seem any the worse for it either. When you could have bought a bag of organic container soil or seed starting soil. This can cause plant roots to rot. Once fungus gnats hatch, the larvae will get attached to your plant roots and deprive them of nutrients. Even though some argue it is more difficult to get rid of fungus gnat infestation than the fruit flies infestation, from natural ingredients such as neem oil and apple cider vinegar to DIY vinegar traps, there are many effective ways to control the infestation. Use vinegar or dish soap on any adult gnats. Here are some methods you can use to get rid of bugs in your potting soil. Pyrethrin is highly toxic to gnats and will kill them quickly. Don’t risk it for a few dollars. Covered the tops of the plant containers with plastic cling material — and I still have gnats, although marginally fewer. Anyone know?

You should test the mix on a small leaf first and check for damage after 24 hours. Cinnamon wills both larval and adult fungus gnats and also helps repel them from coming to your plant. To get around that, try using a watering bulb inserted near the root of the plant instead of freely watering the surface. Once you’ve filled the jars, screw on the lids, and poke several holes into them large enough for fungus gnats to enter.

Out of desperation I poured straight peroxide right onto one of my plants and it seems to have done the trick. Since fungus gnat larvae make their home in moist soil, keeping the soil dry will go a … went to Amazon and searched for "nematodes". I have some house plants, including herbs (I’m in an apartment) and the fungus gnats are back. Can you use the Hydrogen peroxide mixer in a worm farm?

And so did some of my basils. Thank you for this!

Please let me know if the hydrogen peroxide remedy is safe for young seedlings. If you have questions, drop me a comment. But before you spend money on expensive chemicals, getting rid of fungus gnats is much safer and cheaper than you would expect. This is just asking for a pest problem and should be avoided.

I have a serious problem of fungus gnants in my orchids!! Let it sit out for the entire day. Please, is the Peroxide method safe for tomato/vegetable plants and aloes?

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