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@MAD4TRUECHANGE Sky News analysts finding better news for Biden in the “issues” polling, that Fox News seems to be ignoring. Also trump as well it seems....but I know I’m not wrong lol donald trump has like 3500 pending legal suits against him, @peterbierhof Ok. @FoxNews Looks like a white supremacist ploy. @FoxNews Glad r home phone is not working. Market data provided by Factset. No network news today or tonight. @JayEstus Great Reporting, share it with Fox News @Trevornoah. @AlexPVegan @MccreightDave @PpollingNumbers don't have any issues with Fox News polling. @ahollander314 That is not the job for @cnn @msnbc @foxnews or anyone else. It’s GREAT! @Nanismith21 Why is it that twitter and Facebook allow all the tweets on how safe and secure mailin ballots are but block all the FACTUALLY accurate stories of issues, fraud and mail being thrown away?? Owned by Mountain Broadcasting, LLC, the service is a division of Northwest Broadcasting. no matter what happens today. Tulsi is a right wing shill hoping for a fox news contract. @robelder14 @rudyescher These counties were each won by @POTUS in 2016. @FoxNews Technical issues? @TTWSYF50 @FoxNews @MSNBC @CBSNews @abcnews @NBCNews @CNN @CNNPolitics It’s GREAT! @nissley_j Washington state bug hunters laid waste Saturday to the first “murder hornet” nest found in the U.S. Space-suited bug specialists successfully vacuumed up a nest of so-called “murder hornets” in Washington state on Saturday. They are leaving the sign still out with all the print on it ... facing the voters standing in line! @MorningsMaria @FoxNews @dbongino. By law, we are required to ask your consent to show the content that is normally displayed here. @michael80673981 @sticks_paul @ScottLaday @FoxNews The fact you believe this is a problem in itself, you have been warped by the internet and right wing media propaganda. @RealDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @DNC @GOP @RNC @NBC @FoxNews @CNN @CBS @MSNBC @CNBC *237,068 ARE DEAD IN USA SINCE MARCH! Anyone else? #msnbc #foxnews #nytimes #cnn #wsj #cnbc #politico #huffpost #drudge #bbc #gop #npr #dailykos #thehill #wapo #nbc #cbs #ap #slate #aarp #pennsylvania #ohio #michigan #wisconsin #minnesota #nyc #georgia #texas #BidenHarris2020, Ballot reader not working in Town of Waterford , wi , rejecting ballots. NEED HELP IN PA NOW, What happened #HOTSTAR @DisneyplusHSVIP ? Postal Service to take “extraordinary measures” to deliver mail-in ballots in Wisconsin and Michigan in time for Election Day. FAILURE TRUMP! })(); Covering the latest news reports and updates from around the world. reveals he left presidential ballot blank, Pennsylvania county under scrutiny as judge weighs in on claims ballots were canvassed early, changed: report, Progressive PAC touts Biden's 'ambitious' policies if he wins presidency, NYPD prepared for any post-election mayhem; could ‘freeze’ city areas if unrest erupts, top brass say, Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet not interested in being Biden's education secretary. Serving the Inland Northwest since 1883. THE NETWORKS NOW WORKING OVERTIME TO SEE THAT TRUMP IS NOT REELECTED BETRAYING OUR CONSERVATIVE BASE AT THE SAME TIME. This is the kind of voter fraud happening all over Philly! @Orlando86140978 CNN IS STILL WORKING. Meanwhile Fox News is telling viewers voter suppression isnt a thing. Not much of a secret. Polls not opened, machines jammed and election officials sitting in their cars smoking instead of opening up! @FoxNews I’m in NY and your sound is not synced with the lips on the anchors. @NYer4Trump But I get it, facts are the problem with you guys. Leftists and Anti-Trumpsters control the network from 9am to 8pm. @DavidChalian the @CNN exit polls are all favoring trump. @MelissaAFrancis Aah, so this is why you're not working at @FoxNews anymore. @TomiLahren @FoxFriendsFirst Tell @FoxNews not to call the election early for Biden when all the votes havent been cast !! provides breaking and in-depth coverage of Spokane area news, sports and community. #2020Election, @AOC @AyannaPressley @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib @JamaalBowmanNY @CoriBush Seems #FoxNews polls are showing them the country’s position on the major issues. #msnbc #foxnews #nytimes #cnn #wsj #cnbc #politico #huffpost #drudge #bbc #gop #npr #dailykos #thehill #wapo #nbc #cbs #ap #slate #aarp #pennsylvania #ohio #michigan #wisconsin #minnesota #nyc #georgia #texas #BidenHarris2020, @LindaS80496233 (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(hs); This is happening suspiciously at red districts You should understand health issues more than anybody yet you're still ignorant. #VoteResponsibly #Election2020 #ElectionDay #DontGetComplacent @CNN @msnbc @abc @CBSNews @NBCNews @FoxNews #cnn #msnbc #ABCNews #CBSNews #NBCNews #FoxNews. #Vote2020 #Election2020 #ElectionDay #ElectionNight @CNN @msnbc @abc @CBSNews @NBCNews @FoxNews #cnn #msnbc #ABCNews #CBSNews #NBCNews #FoxNews @TheFive @JackPosobiec @FoxNews report on this and the other reports of issues coming out of Philly! NV Election Technical Problems #nevadavotes . @nypost #RupertMudoch owns the New York Post, WSJ & FoxNews. @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump . In an endorsement published this week, a Washington state newspaper said it agrees with President Trump’s critics that the commander-in-chief has numerous faults – but that doesn’t mean Trump doesn’t deserve a second term. Facebook. Fox News Spokane reports @pipybur1 @FoxNews If that is all you have got your Network is in serious trouble. How about all the trash asses destroying cities? @paplanner13 @SCOTUSblog @wh @realDonaldTrump @FBI @FoxNews @TuckerCarlson @marklevinshow this is just wrong. The messaging is working. @JamesSpringer80 @sharonhackwort6 @FoxNews Decency??? Not much of a secret. That is the election commissions job. This is the kind of voter fraud happening all over Philly! @TellMyOwnTruth report they're trying to steal votes and #HoldTheLine . @ski57270 #Trump2020 #Trump2020LandslideVictory #TRUMP2020ToSaveAmerica #TRUMP2020Landside #MAGA2020 @realDonaldTrump #MAGA #FoxNews @FoxNews #KAG #4MoreYears @TeamTrump #FourMoreYears. @GovSisolak doing to the Election what he did to #DETR. Tagged with: cheerleader • featured • former • fox 28 news • fox 28 spokane • fox news spokane • kayu fox 28 • Local News • News • pacific northwest news • sextortion • shares • spokane news • story • survivor • top stories • tv news • WSU. Fox News poll they are showing on issues is about as accurate as my chicken is about telling the weather . Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. @benFranklin2018 We need to cancel our TV subscriber services (cable, satellite, online streaming) and make them understand we won't resubscribe until they drop Fox News (CNN and MSNBC are different problems). #VoteForTrump . Close states with high early/mail in are experiencing electronic ballot issues. They are many, less expensive ways to get news, entertainment, sports besides TV. @JBFlint Watch KAYU-TV live stream from KAYU-TV Spokane, Washington. New York City is joining Seattle and Portland, Ore., to file a complaint against the Trump administration in a Seattle court. #VoteForTrump . @FoxNews You are horrible and responsible for ruining our country with your FAUX news! var hs = document.createElement('script'); hs.type = 'text/javascript'; hs.async = true; @breitonmom 4,835,582 talking about this. @NYC_RealDeal I would be just as ignorant as you if I only listened to Trump and Fox News. You have anger issues. @LouiseBank5 @ssams2010 @FoxNews When did the right burn down cali, minneapolis, seattle, philadelphia, new York???? @FoxNews does anyone care what Chris Wallace's opinion is any more? A federal judge in Washington state on Friday ordered the U.S. @ha4jc63 @FoxNews They do all know that Epstein’s Plane is no longer in service... right? How Serious Is Racism In Policing? @delictum The studios of the channel are located on South Regal Street in Spokane with transmitter installed on Krell Hill southeast of Spokane. #ElectionDay. @FoxNews I'm having problems ordering online zipcode not matching. Great Reporting, share it with Fox News @Trevornoah. A 10pm news-bulletin produced by NBC linked KHQ-TV is also shared by the channel on Saturday and Sunday evenings. The saying is “as goes California goes the country”. @CoachgregoryT @FoxNews I voted this morning along with about 100 other people at 7:00 AM at the Meridian Fire Hall in Butler PA. No issues, no problems. @PeterPa67768108 @FoxNews I'm having problems ordering online zipcode not matching. But, Trump said them MAGA folks blocking roads did nothing wrong, right? They had issues during primaries, pushed uptested updates.

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