ford focus battery reset

I took it to a shop nearby Just bumping this to see if you have managed to locate the procedure for the battery monitoring system? i reset it like 3 time so far with the same old battery in it. For anyone who is looking for help: I drive a 2012 ford focus. Good man Turbo,, , see if you can find out the other approach.....Thanks, 2017 SE 2.0- FWD- 201A PACKAGE - WHITE GOLD. in idle for 2 hours because it needs to properly reset after a there is no reason why you cannot just replace the batt over with a new batt, the car may loose a few stored settings but it will re-learn them once your driveing again, had mine replaced 2yrs ago, bit difficult in places to remove the batt fittings, but take your time, i was told never to jump start the car by ford as it can fry the electronics inside the computer, thats why the car chargers are advanced one now for newer cars. the AC doesn't work. I do have a smart charger, but I wasn't in a position to use it at the time. Nothing about the battery monitoring system in my manual. i've had my battery out for various reasons multiple times and i've never once had any issues when i put the battery back in the car. Needs to be reset. efb battery cost a lot more, an old focus will just use a normal battery. I have a copy of the reset procedure as I tried that before when the car started having issues. Everything else seems to be fine, including the stop start which has probably worked 3 or 4 times in the year we've had the car but now works perfectly. ×

A few days ago I woke up to a dead battery so I jump-started it and took it to a mechanic to get it replaced.

Thanks very much for your help Ian, hopefully getting it replaced tomorrow will sort it out. Clear editor. Got a battery with a slightly higher CCA than the original but still isn't working. then, some problems have developed. Paste as plain text instead, × lockett85, January 3, 2017 in Ford Focus Club. © 2020 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Upload or insert images from URL. What should I do. I'm guessing this is not a North American thing and my curiosity is peaked. I'm Ive never heard of them either, except when I keep seeing the same reset procedure using that rear fog-light button. I don't have engine light on, car shifts fine, my windows work and TPMS are fine. if yours has the BMS, not positive all of them do, then it will need to be reset. Do these issues only happen if you change the battery? 2 hours. 07-2005:: Spoiler:: Aizen is a good guy. By Since I read online something might not be connected to the battery correctly and draining it so I was planning to take it back on my lunch break today (The mechanic has a 1.5 year warranty guarantee), but wanted to see what you guys thought. Donc il existe bien une methode pour remettre à 0 le calculateur., FORScan forum ? Got scared. I had to get a jump start this morning. RS Intake w/green filter-Ford 63MM TB-Fswerks 4-1 header-Fswerks Stealth Exhaust-Focus Power Tune-COBB RMM- Steeda RSB. Afterwards most things reset and the service request started popping up and the check engine light turned on along with having trouble accelerating and braking. crapped out at a park and wouldn't be jumped. i have got the procedure on one of my posts somewhere , will have a look, ign on for 10 secs, press rear foglight switch 5 times, press hazzard switch 3 times, wait 10 secs. the Ford dealer is always able to do the Reset!
VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. It might take a while to clear on its own. Not too sure about the issues that jump starting can cause, thats a first I've heard of it, but I'll take that into note if I need to again. Weird that the stop start is actually working better now and it's just the stereo that isn't working. -Diagnosed that the valve cover gasket needed to be replaced It sounds like you failed to use the preset saver tool before

-Diagnosed motor mounts nee... have 07 ford focus checked charging system found battery light on system 12.5 volts, after installing new alternator battery light come on and code po625 in present and system shows 14.07 to 14.23 pl... 2007 Ford focus after about 30 seconds of engine running

Orihime Saves every one.

As long as it is a silver calcium battery of the same or higher amp rating it should be okay for stop start. My OEM battery died a couple of days ago, so I got a new one at Advance Auto. Before changing the battery in the test mode screen I had no DTC. i put anew battery in a few weeks ago didnt reset battery module voltage showed up to 14.5v 130 amp on torques pids , last night i reset battery module with forscan program and laptop and usb elm 327 now volts tops at 13.7 v amps about 60 a. Um, properly connected? Alright, I have to ask. does anyone know? This. I'll have to remember that... Can you use a flooded battery for an early focus without stop/start?

Ive heard you can leave the battery disconnected for 8hrs and it will reset the BMS as well. Ford Focus Mk3 1.6 EcoBoost 150HP (07/2011) Panther black metallic.

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Car making loud noise under the hood with oil leaking from around spark plug area. I'm mechanically minded, so swapping a battery is no issue for me, but I had read in a few places that because my car has Stop/Start a replacement battery will need coding into the car.

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is it an enhansed flooded type and what cca? Fitted the new battery to get home but it was a much lower CCA than the original, even though euro car parts said it was the correct one. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. was this 2012 battery failing just unlucky or does stop/start kill batteries earlier? I have a copy of the reset procedure as I tried that before when the car started having issues. By Hyrule, December 5, 2013 in Ford Focus Club. Long story short was I was in Surrey when I bought a new battery as it had failed to start when we left home in Sunderland. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. I'm a woman and can't afford it to break down. could be taken out if the smart charge fails, and the bill could rack nearly £500... a £94 battery fixed it - Ha! My OEM battery died a couple of days ago, so I got a new one at Advance Auto.
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I posted the links to the bbfly-BF32302 FTDI chip OBD-II Scan Tool in this post. Ford Models ; Ford Focus Club ; Red Battery Light Sign in to follow this .

For example when I use my Battery Tender to top off my battery since my driving mileage and conditions are very low. Its in the owner manual as are the instructions for jump starting and charging, Basically always put the earth lead on the body charging post to the right of the battery and you will have no problems, NEVER disconnect the battery while the engine is running, That will do damage. I was being serious lol. Asked by 1Borrowedcar Aug 03, 2017 at 09:49 PM about the Ford Focus, Why is it that after replacing the battery nothing works in my Ford Focus? the battery monitoring wont now be your issue, it will self learn to an extent, and as your stop start is working it should be ok. when did you have battery replaced and was it a efl battery? never got a warning for low battery before the OE battery died and wouldn't recharge--6 years old BTW. same thing happened here 3 months ago. You can post now and register later. My 2016 Focus Ecobost battery has just failed after 3 years 5 months. Bwaha ha ha ha ha ha, Bleach Fan from day 1. I've read that the BMS resets itself if the car is left alone for 8+ hours, which mine has been for the last two nights. Disconnecting Battery. Second of the negative. Note the battery icon light on the speedometer, it stays on and flashes 3 times if BMS had been reset, if not, re-try. × Chosen really because it was the closest in size, as it was a fairly tight fit, and the only one with CCA the same or higher than what was in, its essential it is a flooded type, do you know the lion version you have? instead. I just replaced my battery yesterday and all turned on alright.   Your previous content has been restored. Why is it that after replacing the battery nothing Car currently has a Enhanced Flooded type battery, off the top of my head I cant remember the exact details, but finding another it shouldn't be an issue. I like that the Taiwan Kuga has actual degrees on the temp gauge! I'd check the cables for rust, make sure they're properly connected, tightly fastened to the posts. A forum community dedicated to Ford Focus owners and enthusiasts.

Come join the discussion about SVT performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! I did not do BMS. Connections at the battery are possibly wonky. nothing? does the battery light come on and stay on until the battery charge level is at a certain amount? For about a day after everything was fine, but then I noticed that it took a few tries to get the electronic door locks to unlock with the key-fob and every time I turned it on the radio reset (Time reset, temp displayed in Celsius, radio defaulting, etc). I just replaced the battery on my own since the battery

still works as it should each time. Ford Focus Club ; Changing the battery 2012 Focus Stop/Start Sign in to follow this .

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