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Just yum. Minnesota Music Right now let's check out a performance that you did, it's Blu DeTiger and the song that's really kind of exploded across social media and now on the radio. But now it's like this whole new thing, right? JIM MCGUINN: It's time for another session here with The Current and today we're gonna meet a relatively new artist, Blu DeTiger. You're one of the first artists I've talked to that has primarily had the career growth in this time of Covid. We both did the School Of Rock program, which, looking back was so amazing 'cause I was basically performing at these iconic New York clubs when I was really young. Listen Live, by I feel like that almost happened with "Cotton Candy Lemonade," the newest single as well. I think it’s the only way these days. She started DJing at clubs before she was even legal and quickly gained recognition in the fashion and creative scenes as well (She walked in Kid Super’s 2019 NYFW show). Well when we come back I want to talk about your time as a club DJ and adding bass to the DJ mix which I think is a really cool concept. I think just knowing the ins and outs of the touring world and the crew and you know just what everyone's role is, I think was just really important for me to learn. It's special but it's not the same as meeting people obviously, in real life. I got really into DJing and was getting booked at a bunch of clubs in New York City. That's amazing. Sometimes there were like those, you know, I had a few songs that were just kind of like in my book of, bag of tricks I guess. Yeah, so full EP coming in the next few months. Yeah it's gotta be a strange experience to see this sort of happen. Author monkeywrench98 [a] 145. It’s at this moment I’m introduced to Blu DeTiger, the NYC native with a penchant for groovy dance tracks and an unabashedly cool fashion aesthetic to match. BLU DETIGER: Thanks so much for having me on. Hopefully we’ll all be together soon rocking out :) Stay tuned for the rest of the series xx—bass, vocals: Blu DeTigerdrums: Rex DeTigershot and edited by: Idil Eryurekli—"Figure It Out" available now: Tok: know what you’re sayingYou’re flying higher than a planeAnd I’m not complaining (What? I had to come up with it on the spot a lot of the time. I got to play with other musicians all the time, which is another way of getting way better. Yeah I didn't really know. What is your creative process when working on new music? The music video was so fun to shoot! Like I've been in the van, I've done the twelve hour van ride. This indicates heavy rainfall in coming days | Secrets of natur... Every Best Visual Effects Winner. You started DJing at 17. Yeah. The thing that was missing was that I couldn’t throw my own songs in there. I've paid my dues, you know? Not somebody who already had a, maybe an existing touring fanbase or record selling fanbase so you know, are you nervous about getting into the real world? It just dropped and been getting a lot of love and I really appreciate all the support so far. Your single “Figure It Out” went viral on TikTok and you now have a large following on multiple social platforms. I wrote it over Zoom with a few friends which was really interesting because that was the first song I did during quarantine that was online. You also then started going out on the road as bass player for hire, what did that experience bring you that now you're able to kind of maybe utilize as you're stepping into the limelight as a frontperson yourself? She also opened up about her process for new music, her upcoming EP and connecting with fans over social media. Yeah, so as I was saying, my older brother was playing drums and, so naturally, I'm two years younger, so naturally I was like, "I wanna do something too." I would always bring my bass with me and improvise over songs during my set. I was always writing music but I think my passion for DJing led me onto the path of releasing music under my name. Then I got a Fender Mustang which is short scale and that was really helpful. In the spirit of Halloween, we asked some of our favourite artists to weigh in with their all-time scary movie picks. And then just the performance experience, straight up. Does it differ when you’re writing versus producing? ’s 2019 NYFW show). I feel like it's still relevant because we're still in it right now. Crazy good. And the distance between frets, and if you're a kid, oh my god! Born and raised in New York City, it’s no surprise that Blu ended up in the spotlight. Chords for Blu DeTiger - Figure It Out. Fast forward to today and Blu is producing, writing, and singing her own music. I would just have to hear it and then figure out the chord and then do it at the same time. I love talking to people and showing my appreciation for their support. Ever. There's gonna be another single pretty soon and then a full EP that is finished so I'm really excited. The young artist has amassed a large social following through her fun and quirky content that gives you a glimpse into her creative world. Really fast. For me it was kind of just like, this makes sense. Yeah I remember like even when I was in middle school and high school, when we would go rehearse at rehearsal places in the city there would be like, the bulletin board and you'd have to take the thing and it was like "Bass Player Needed" or "Guitar Player Needed". I know you just put out a new single with "Cotton Candy Lemonade" right? I’m usually always producing as I write, or working with other people where the production inspires the writing and vice versa. Lots to talk about. But yeah I'm really excited about it. I miss those endorphins of playing so bad. I think it was done in like 30 minutes. The young artist has amassed a large social following through her fun and quirky content that gives you a glimpse into her creative world. I've seen it work in the DJ sets, like this is so fun. I think it just deals with a lot of the classic quarantine issues that I think everyone was feeling to some degree, like loneliness and longing for the pre-Covid time or post-Covid time. It is "Figure It Out" here on The Current. Now playing bass, have you researched into or heard about some of the great female bassists in rock history like the Carol Kaye's or the Tina Weymouth's and stuff like that? Indie-folk songwriter Ian St. Arnaud finds catharsis with debut LP, The Cost of Living. Like you said, that's an amazing way to really like master the instrument because suddenly you're pushed into all these new directions and having to sort of thing on the fly and get your brain to hear, maybe listen even better than you might think you could with something like that. I chose bass because I felt that everyone else was playing guitar and I wanted to be unique and different! Released this during the coronavirus pandemic, it … What do you hope fans take away from “Cotton Candy Lemonade”? I always love when I meet people and they went through something like a School Of Rock because it gives you such an interesting experience, whereas I think other people just stumble their way through that. Download Pdf. I saw a quote from you about "Figure It Out" where you said the song kind of wrote itself. 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