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With pick 5 I would recommend having a main target for your pick and 4-6 backup options given where you are in the snake order. Our upcoming Fantasy EPL Draft Rankings will help you decide which forwards are best to draft when. Know your fellow managers! Look at your specific situation as the draft is unfolding. ", "We're passionate about getting young people involved in activities that are healthy, that take them off the streets, give them a purpose, and the Premier League Kicks programme is perfect for that. This means that attacking midfielders and wingers are classified as forwards. With multi-team trades, designated commissioner/league managers, and drag/drop easy click methods, Fantrax is sure to excite the serious fantasy sports fan – sign up now for a free year at Fantrax.com. Hey guys, I’m fairly new to the EPL and I’ve got a FPL draft coming up with a bunch of EPL mad mates. The endless hours, days, or possibly even weeks of preparation comes down to an hour or so of your life. They will then have to deal with the fact that their second-round pick won’t be as good as if they drafted in the middle rounds. EPL teams will resume back to standard three-max substitutes per game, which had been changed to five during the return to play. Examples of good combinations from the first few rounds: Drafting three players who will average around 12-14 points per game in the first three rounds should put you in a good position! In my opinion, the drop off in mids between your round two and three picks won’t be as big as the drop off in forwards. In the draft, each manager takes their turn to select players over 15 rounds. Don’t waste a high draft pick on your goalkeeper! I am not against taking the Liverpool right-back in round 1, but would also consider Werner, Jimenez, and Son with pick 6. Fantasy Premier League Draft is here, bringing a new and exciting way of playing the world’s most popular Fantasy game.. Our upcoming Top 200 Draft Rankings will enable you to test out these theories before your draft. On the other hand, some managers may prefer to draft later on in the order and guarantee themselves two very good players in the first two rounds. 0. As we mentioned, there are a limited number of top quality midfielders, as wingers are actually classified as forwards on Fantrax! A mock Premier League fantasy draft for 2017/2018. The obvious choice here is to draft the 2nd highest scorer of last season – Alexander-Arnold. In my opinion, Werner and Trent have the most upside of the 4 options based on the strength of their teams attacking wise. Especially a wing-back who will be fixture-proof due to key passes or successful crosses! User account menu. Leave drafting your goalkeeper until late on in the draft! 2. Welcome to EPL DFS for Oct. 30. If Bruno falls to you here, I would recommend drafting him. We give you hints and tips on which types of Premier League players you need to prioritize in the early rounds of your draft, as well as which players you should be drafting in the later rounds. Make sure you’re adaptable throughout the draft though – the pressure is almost certainly going to get to you! There are lots of different approaches for EPL draft strategy, but to be honest, a lot of drafting comes down to personal preference. Your email address will not be published. New to drafting on Fantrax? Also, if your waiver wire order at the start of the season is set to be the reverse of the draft order, then the manager drafting in the final slot will get the benefit of having those two picks in a row, and also the benefit of being top of the waiver wire order. Usually, TAA is not clean sheet dependent, but for the days when he does bust, it will be good to have players like Ndidi and McBurnie who provide a solid floor with some upside. Using Opta data and statistics, players such as Mohamed Salah and Raheem Sterling are rightfully classified as forwards. Drafting your goalkeeper in a Fantrax league is a pretty simple task; goalkeepers score notoriously poorly on this scoring system. Pick 2 doesn’t differ too much from the pick 1 strategy asides from the huge dilemma In round 1. Pick 4 is a huge advantage with you getting one of the elite forwards and having a 2nd round pick with some premium assets still available. The result of this is that there are a lot of top-quality forwards to go around in a draft on Fantrax. 19 forwards averaged over 10 points per game last season! You can create a private league of up to 16 managers and invite friends to get involved or join one that they have set up using the league code. Your 2nd pick will allow you to potentially get another top forward in the form of Kane, Vardy, or Martial. Having a first three picks of TAA, Kane, and Jesus could easily lead to 70 points between those 3 on their days. ", Commander Mark McEwan, Metropolitan Police, "The Premier League is the world's leading league, with exciting competitive football on the pitch and passionate fans supporting in stadiums throughout the country every week throughout the season. There are no player prices and no budgets, with managers using a draft system to build their squads. However, managers will have a preference on where they draft in the order. Well, we’re here to help with our incredible Draft Position Strategy articles! August 31, 2020 by Draft Genie Leave a Comment   |  draftgenie. You need to be streaming your defenders throughout the season, so taking a punt of two towards the end of the draft will be worth it. As we’ve pointed out above, Fantrax rightfully classifies attacking midfielders and wingers as forwards using Opta statistics. It is free to play and can run alongside your Fantasy Premier League season; it even uses the same familiar scoring system.. Some managers may be desperate to get their hands on De Bruyne, and will therefore gladly draft first so that they can get him. With your 2nd pick, I recommend grabbing a forward regardless of your first pick. They could even be drafted in the second round in larger leagues! Followed by a very good or good player by the time the second round comes round to you, Pick in the middle rounds of the order and you’ll get either an elite player or a very good player in the first round. Let’s break it down a little further (this is all hypothetical/probable): Looking at this breakdown of the kind of players you could draft in the first couple of rounds, things look fairly even. We think its personal preference when you pick up the rest of your forwards. This is essential reading for any Fantrax Draft Manager! The Scout: A brand new twist on Fantasy Premier League , FPL Draft is free to play and will complement the regular game. Filed Under: Fantasy EPL Tagged With: EPL Draft Strategy, Your email address will not be published. Once the draft has taken place, you can tailor your squad prior to and over the season using waiver requests or free agency signings. Try and spread your defender picks across your draft, mixing between all of the positions as you undertake your draft. Due to the fact that it’s not just attacking returns and clean sheets that impact the scoring system, defenders can easily rack up points for aerials, interceptions or clearances. A combination of Bruno + Vardy + Ward-Prowse/Doherty is very possible and a strong start. A passing midfielder who scores goals is the ideal Fantrax midfielder! Perhaps the most important thing to remember though is that the draft will not go according to plan. As a United fan, I will personally recommend going with a forward in this pick. This season pick 1 Is considered the “golden pick” with the obvious selection being De Bruyne. This is all down to personal preference too. Posted by 21 days ago. Looking for a better way to play Fantasy Premier League? Alternatively, sign up to a public league along with seven other randomly assigned managers. Fantasy Premier League Draft is here, bringing a new and exciting way of playing the world’s most popular Fantasy game. Last season there were huge defender hauls, with the likes of Alexander-Arnold, Van Dijk, Robertson, Doherty, Digne and Pereira taking leagues by storm!! Beginner FPL Player Help. This was you have two picks in a row, and can plan your picks and strategy a lot better. Having the opportunity for two top defenders, and three solid attackers could be the key to a successful season from pick 6. Otherwise, try and pick up a midfielder such as Grealish, Ward-Prowse, Pulisic or Buendia (if he returns to the EPL) in the second round. You will still need to pick a 15-man squad but each player can only be selected by one manager in your league. 12 Person League: The Sweet Spot is probably pick four in the order; you’ll be guaranteed one of the elite players in this spot, and should hopefully be able to pick up a very good player in the second round. Drafting. For example:Round 1: Team A, Team B, Team C, Team DRound 2: Team D, Team C, Team B, Team A. Fantrax was one of the fastest-growing fantasy sites of 2019 and we’re not letting our foot off the pedal now! The best player in Fantrax by a long shot should be able to repeat that this season and should be selected at #1 overall. Drafting a top-quality midfielder during the early rounds is recommended. So, if your waiver processing order at the start of the season is the reverse of the draft order, we would recommend taking last spot in a snake draft order!

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