elisa becomes a gargoyle fanfiction

Goodbye.". "I have found you someone that will help you.". "We're probably the only ones in the park that don't have to worry about muggers." Hudson looked up from the book he was struggling through, "Even'n' lad," to which Goliath only nodded, "What's the trouble?" What you might also find hard to believe is that this isn't something that was done in a lab. Elisa stiffened uncharacteristically as Goliath leapt from the edge and as he glided out over the city her face paled even further. The only thing I own is the plot of this story. "Puck," she said as she looked between her talons at the blond. "Come on in, guys," she called. Read this and find out. There statues of gargoyles on some of the older buildings but they're not real live gargoyles." She then flared them open before stretching them out to their full wingspan. "I go by many names. He watched her silently as she changed from her work clothes to a set of pajama's seeing briefly the body that he had held in his arms not so very long ago. It wouldn't be to keep me away from your boss, would it? "And I suppose you're going to tell me that you turn human when the sun comes up!". Besides, we can't do anything about the past, we can only work in the present to make a better future. Please read and review, I learn a lot from them and they help me with ideas for future stories. Elisa nodded before looking at her wings. But after a moment, she dropped her gun and bowed her head, tears streaming down her face. If what Elisa says is true, than you won't need my protection." The detective turned to face the person standing in her doorway. ", I smiled and said "Great, Hutsion it is.". I'm just a fan and this is an idea I came up with a while ago and I thought it would be cool. It was close to dawn so she didn't have much time before she had to leave on foot. They had been smashed as we slept. "This is so going to come back to bite me in the ass.". I can't walk outside without people screaming now.". She was about to make a call. ", I look at them with a sad expression for another moment before saying, "There were 2 others the gargoyles that laid the egg I hatched out of. "But before you go, at least tell me this. She then climbed in the window and leaned against the wall. ", I take it back and say "I have a better idea.". After several minutes of pain, Elisa slowly got to her feet and looked herself over. "Don't even start with me, Puck. "I don't have a name las, if ye are a gargoyle like us you should know our kind don't need names." The old Gargoyle asked in concern knowing the look on his successors face. Burning. Owen looked down at the floor for a moment. ", "Not long after I lost my parents, I was found by a kind hearted man, who was willing to give me a second chance at life. ", I look down with a sad expression and say, "No, besides you guys, I'm the only gargoyle in town. Also uncharacteristic was the fact that Elisa was not bounding with conversation as she usually was. Goliath stepped up behind her shielding her slight body from the fury of the wind mantling one grand wing around her. "Before I tell you, I want your word that you won't do anything. ", "You like... turning into that... that...", "That what, Maria? While the females of the clan are resting Goliath, Brooklyn, Othello, Samson, Elisa and Xanatos travel to Ishimura for the gathering of the clans. Maria looked stunned before bursting out laughing. Manhattan? Your review has been posted. ", "Like I would believe a human!" They call New York 'The City that Never Sleeps'. Demona was out the window in a matter of seconds. "Wow! Hi there, I finally decided that I would put up my sequel to One Night With You. He did not let her down there, but opened the sliding window and stepped inside. Goliath roared to welcome the night, as he stretched sleep-stiffened muscles. Elisa then leaned back in her chair and looked at the stunned woman. She didn't happen to have any way to make her clothes fit over her wings and she didn't even know how to make them flatten onto her shoulders like the others could. Disclaimer: I, Bunnylover152, do NOT own the cartoon Gargoyles, or anything related to it. "Go ahead and shoot. "Did you ask Puck to do this to you? Goliath looks around and says "It is a nice park. The trip to Elisa's loft was a short one, and it was as smooth as Goliath had promised. We begin to fight of the camdos, but one of them hits Goliath with a tranquilizer dart, but we manage to fight them all off and knock them out. Wall Street? Do you wish me to stay and watch over you tonight?" "I don't know what's wrong with me, Goliath," she said with her head still buried in her sleeve, "I was fine yesterday.". ", "I'm at home. She then stood up, her wings wrapped around her shoulders. I then turned to Giliath and said, "Well, what do you want to see first? ", "There must be a way!" "I will ensure that the flight is smooth," Goliath replied, "I do not wish to be the recipient of an episode such as the one I just saw. Elisa stood behind the door when she opened it and let the man in. ", Then it was Goliath's turn to ask something, "What do you mean? It's what's on the inside. ", The older gargoyle then says, "What is it with humans and names? ", The older one asks the next question, "Are there other gargoyles here this city, as ye call it, las? I thought you would enjoy being a little closer to your friends.". Before either of us can say anything else, a bunch of camdos jump out and surround us. They will never rip and will move to accommodate your wings and tail.". "Does that river have a name? Well, get this Demona! Could you connect me to the chief?". Maria repeated. "I need you to open your office window and leave it that way. There statues of gargoyles on some of the older buildings but they're not real live gargoyles. What are you called?" She didn't notice feeling leaving one finger as it slowly shrank away from her hand until it didn't exist. The dog then runs off, and I say, "There let them chase Rover while we get you somewhere safe.i know a place not too far from here we'll be safe there til tomorrow night." Goliath and i get away and hide under a bridge, when I notice something on the back of Goliath's shoulder. A gift. I walk over to a stray dog and began pet it, placing the tracker on it. "This is how they found us, a tracker." ", The older gargoyle looks confused and asks, "But then how did you get here las? Showed me many things. I hope you like it. You're about to find out why I had to quit.". He frowned and straightening and moved down the steps of the tower to the floor below. I've thought about it as I've sat in my apartment and found that I've always longed for something like this to happen. Elisa didn't give her boss time to respond. ", "All right," Elisa said with an exhausted yawn, "Good night, Goliath.". Thought me right from wrong. Elisa screamed. Goliath says in a serious voice. thing?!". The trip to Elisa's loft was a short one, and it was as smooth as Goliath had promised. You know I'm a human by day and a gargoyle by night." Elisa was sitting in a chair when a knock on her window made her glance up from her book. "I'm fine Goliath, thank you," she said smiling for his sake. she said as she rushed from the bedroom to the living room and looked through the peep hole in her front door. ", Elisa laughed at his humor, "I'll try not to do that in your arms, love.". For all of my younger life, the 3 of us lived in an old building together, just us no one else. But you would know me as Puck. ", "As real as a gargoyle as you and your friend. I waited there until sunrise when I turned to stone and then the sun set the next evening, I heard no flames and no one else. Elisa nodded an answer, and Goliath said quietly, "Then we will go home. They recieve a few surprises and help with Kai's unveiling of the Gargoyle Network.

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