efx motoclaw vs maxxis carnivore

Not a bunch of people running these. June 15, 2018 by Andrew Goldhawk. They give me a big bold look and a punch in the handling department. We put together this list of the top 40 all-terrain UTV tires to keep you educated and in the know when it comes time to purchase a new set. All-new tread compound is designed to outlast, out-grip and out-perform the competition. Love the extra side wall protection. If you are looking for a tire that has an excellent tread life and a really nice ride the Moto Claw would be a great choice! They are stiffer than my stock bighorns. All subjected to hard ranch work, long hours and rough conditions. The Motoclaw is also available in a massive 33x10R18. Reason for being: The brand-new Bighorn 3.0 is based on its legendary brothers with an all-new front- and rear-specific tread pattern. Size: 25x8R12; 25x10R12; 26x9R12, 26x11R12; 26x8R14, 26x9R14, 26x11R14. Mainly ride hard packed trails gravel roads dirt roads some black top and occasionally mud after we get a good rain. If this question applies to you, there are two tires that are head and shoulders above the rest: EFX MotoClaw and Maxxis Carnivore. Carnivore 30x10-14. Reason for being: The lightweight, versatile Trail Pro is the stock tire on newer Arctic Cat Wildcats. Size: 26x9R14, 26x11R14, 27x9R14, 27x11R14. But they sure look badass! The EFX Moto Claw tires are a new 8 ply radial tire designed for UTV & ATV applications. Size: 30x10R14; 28x10R14; 26x11R14; 26x10R14; 26x11R12; 26x9R12; 25x10R12; 25x8R12. Great service. Rating/construction: 4-ply, 6-ply radial construction, Size: 25x8R12; 25x10R12; 25x11R12; 26x9R12; 26x11R12; 26x9R14, 26x10R14, 26x11R14, 27x12R14. Rating/construction: 8-ply radial construction; XD-K. See page 34. ← Previous Post Middleport, NY 14105 | 866.604.0800. It's also DOT approved for use on the highway in select sizes. See page 88. So here's what I'm looking at as of right now. Reason for being: A lightweight replacement UTV tire with many available sizes, great traction in many conditions and great steering control. Rides great on pavement...that is why I opted for a radial. As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page. Whether it's the OG MSA Diesel to their whole new suite of "big wheels", MSA kills it in the wheel game. We put them on our Mahindra Roxor and they get us through the worst mud and up the rocky hills. Size: 25x9R12; 25x11R12; 26x9R12; 26x11R12; 27x9R12; 27x11R12; 27x9R14; 27x11R14; 28x10R12; 28x9R14; 28x10R14; 28x11R14; 30x10R12; 30x10R14; 30x10R15; 32x10R15; 34x10R17. Rating/construction: DOT legal, 10-ply radial construction, Size: 23x10R12; 25x8R12; 25x10R12; 26x10R12; 26x10R14; 27x9R12; 27x11R12; 27x9R14; 27x11R14; 28x10R14; 28x10R15; 30x10R14; 30x10R15;32x10R14; 32x10R15. Sure they're a little heavy, but I've driven over all kinds of gnarly stuff (mesquites, cacti, etc) and never had an issue. I really like how the OE Bighorns handle and wear that came on my RZR, but wanted something with a bit more bite and that was an 8-ply. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." Interact directly with top Vendors in the Industry, find exclusive discounts and specials and participate in weekly giveaways! - 26-9-12, 26-11-12 & 29-10-16 are NOT DOT approved or Radial.

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