e39 warning lights

So, that first letter after CHECK might not be an "N" (or our list is missing something). BMW E39 5 Series parking brake warning light - this brake symbol will illuminate if the handbrake is applied or in the ON position. you can reset that light, how?- it depends on the year. Click HERE for Brake fluid reservoir, with level switch, Changing automatic transmission fluid & filter, Replacing & upgrading the engine air filter, Replacing the serpentine belt & idler pulley. CAT. He plugged the diagnostic control in & decided that the sensor was duff & replaced it. Please ensure that you do not click on any links contained within. Originally Posted by QSilver7The "clock" symbol is reminding you that it's time to change your Brake fluid (this option is NOT turned on for those in the USA since the early 90s). Unfortunately the lights weren't on the dash and car was running as normal. Originally Posted by pudlI will just leave this here... At first, I thought I was responding to QSilver, simply because your response was perfectly on the mark, clear, and detailed. Brake Pads Low – Warning Light – will require replacement. http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=536513&highlight=, List of all possible BMW E39 instrument cluster text warnings & text messages by bluebee, Hold down the right button (about 10 seconds) until test 01 shows, Press the left button to get the results of test 1 (your VIN), Add up the last five VIN digits, e.g., GZ12345 = 1+2+3+4+5=15, Press the right button to go to any LOCK=ON display, Note: This is different than the instructions which say to go to test #19, IIRC, Press the left button until it displays that number (15 in this example), With that number displayed (e.g., 15), now press the right button (this should unlock the display), Press the left button to view the results (e.g., 13.7 volts at idle), Display Car's identification number, HW/SW version, construction date, System voltage at Term. Originally Posted by pudlOP's conclusion: must be something other than the light. Warning that the traction control has been turned off and is no longer active. I have a bunch of blown pixels so it is difficult to read.I found the list of possible messages, but I have so many pixels gone I can't decipher what it's supposed to mean. Check also for coolant leaks under the engine because a cracked or split BMW E39 5 Series expansion tank is quite common. Copyright © 2000 - 2020 Boards.ie Limited (Hosted by Digiweb Hosting), Welcome to Boards.ie; here are some tips and tricks to help you get started. e39 ( ! ) Refer to page 124 to page 132 of the attached pdf, CHECK HIGHBEAM LIGHT = P2 = Defective bulb or circuit. P2: Priority 2 messages display for 20 seconds with the ignition key in position 2. When the BRAKE warning comes on, in the lower right area of the instrument cluster, this is indicating that the systems are sensing either low brake fluid or brake pad wear. warning light on!! I hope it's nothing major.Any help would be much appreciated. OVERHEAT"Comes up when I start the car. Refer to page 124 to page 132 of the attached pdf, - CHECK LOWBEAMS = P2 = (see QSilver7 reference #10), CHECK REAR LIGHTS = P2 = Defective bulb or circuit. CAT. Join our mailing list to see the best I think. Does anyone else's display look like this without the word "volts" and a number like 13.5 with a decimal point showing? Since you noted that you did check the brake fluid, I will assume that the Check Control was saying to check the brake fluid. For more details, see our, If you need to reset a dashboard light or diagnose a fault on your BMW we would recommend the, such as ABS sensor, MAF, camshaft & crankshaft, visit. Originally Posted by crobmwI have unlocked my cluster to get information about engine temperature and charging while driving...but not intentionally i changed one number in test No 18 (KVBR 1000 to KVBR 0992) Did i something screwed ? Click here to receive our award-winning catalog for free... Click here to get the scoop on money-saving deals and more... We have lots of helpful videos posted on this blog - plus some fun ones, too! 2003 BMW E39 525i - What are these warning lights? Essential Cookies are required to make this site work, without them your browsing experience would not be as good as we want you to have. You would have to provide all the message meanings exactly at the same time I was laboriously typing them up, one by one!Oh well, my text type-up is probably searchable, so, maybe it wasn't a wasted effort.We knew you'd come through for us though, once we put out the bat signal!I noticed there are some on your list (e.g., FLAT TIRE) that are not on the original list, so, I'll type "them" up and add them in manually so that we have a sortable searchable text listing of the high cluster messages.I also clarified in the original post, as per your observation, that these are the 20-space alphanumeric messages of the high cluster.Thanks for coming through for us. Originally Posted by DrNuBreed Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself and hoped to get some help as well.I have not been able to figure out what my in car obd 2 screen is reading, I just purchased the car and the check engine light came on. I was confused by that thread, but you put it succinctly! Sometimes it can be reset by switching off the engine. Refer to page 63 of the attached pdf, RELEASE PARKINGBRAKE = P1 = if you begin to drive with the parking brake on (see QSilver7 reference #10), SET TIRE PRESSURE = message that appears when initialising the TPC system (1), SPEED LIMIT 95 = P1 = displayed when the programmed speed is exceeded (see QSilver7 reference #10), STOP!ENGINE OILPRESS = P1 = The oil pressure is too low.

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