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Dengan kata lain, Yang Zi memiliki kecantikan alami. See instructions, Penampilan Yang Zi dan Dilraba Dilmurat Tanpa Make Up, Song Weilong Tidak Ikut Promosi Drama Terbarunya Karena Cedera Hidung, Lagu Baru dalam PUBG Mobile: Semua yang Perlu Kalian Tahu Tentang Playing With Fire. Dalam dua artikel itu, kita bisa melihat wajah Yang Mi, Lisa Blackpink, Liang Jie, Zhao Lusi, dan Bai Lu tanpa riasan wajah. Layar Hijau adalah situs yang menyediakan artikel, berita, review terkait film, serial TV dan game saat ini. dilraba dilmurat - Duration: 0:25. Fake replica plastic monster is the more appropriate term. Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time. Who know she would still look so damn good without makeup?! Today her acting isn't great and falls into the same level as everyone else because there are no more good scripts and directors. Singapore's No.1 Female Lifestyle & Beauty Media. In the era of idols and movie stars, there are no doubt fans who are prepared to take their admiration of beauty to the next level. Kami berharap situs ini mampu menyediakan sesuatu yang berbeda dari situs-situs lainnya sehingga bermanfaat bagi para pecinta film, serial TV dan game di Indonesia. I'm not a fan of FBB acting and not a fan of FBB face but I cannot agree she isn't good at acting. If you follow her on Instagram, you'd see that it's often filled with her au naturale, no-makeup face. At this point, she should quit cosplaying as an actress and just be a business madame. FBB isn’t that good at acting but she has businesses everywhere. Not even age! She's confident and comfortable with her bare face and thinks there's no need for photoshop. Dengan atau tanpa make up, ketiga superstar ini sudah terlihat cantik. She also said that she would only wash her face twice a day (morning and night). What d’you think guys? In her case, whenever body and face doubles of Fan Bingbing or Dilraba Dilmurat are needed, looks like these two will be high up on the roster to call. 1. Assuming here that the transformation requires multiple surgeries since it took He Chengxi herself 8 years to turn into replica Bingbing. Makes sense. | Privacy Policy. } She did really well in them. Log in. Timotius Ari Penampilan Yang Zi dan Dilraba Dilmurat Tanpa Make Up. Who can get famous these days if they don't do PS? At night, she would use milk as face wash to brighten up her complexion. I am not the star that people see me," she said. Sayangnya media itu tidak menyebutkan dari mana foto itu berasal. Stalker who proposed to Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat on live TV gets just 7 days detention He's reportedly been harassing her for half a year. 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See more ideas about Chinese actress, Asian beauty, Asian girl. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! Whoever they marry needs to remember the genes she carries. 0:25. As reported on Epoch Times, the actress, who sat down for an interview with a mainland talk show, stated that before she was famous, she used to think that a female celebrity must have a really privileged life where they would wear only luxury brands and looking bright and beautiful all the time. I'm not against plastic surgery, so if this makes them happier, then more power to them. Tag:prettycelebrityskincarehong kongtaiwanno makeupbare face, Copyright © 2020 Meanwhile, share this article with a friend to let them know that we can still be beautiful with no makeup! Of course Shermaine Sheh have to be on this list! Why Love and Redemption's Tortured Hero is Like Ashes of Love, YouTube Video VVV0SFF4REgtQmFtQXEzdk9BUVl3QzhBLjU2QjQ0RjZEMTA1NTdDQzY=, Nie Yuan and Song Yi Wrap Up Filming for The Listener, First Look At Count Your Lucky Stars Starring Jerry Yan And Shen Yue, Tan Songyun’s Manager Apologises for Indirect …. Also is FBB really a 'natural beauty' ? Dilraba added that aside from doing her own chores and choosing simplicity over luxury, she would try not to wear any make-up when it is unnecessary to do so in order to relax her skin. Sometimes I don't even wash my hair. Though she's already 43, we swear you won't find any trace of age on her face. She also has no need for an entourage of assistants to help with her daily chores, saying that she could do all that herself. "I think in real life, I am no different than any other girl. What are those?! Jadi bagaimana menurut penilaian kalian? } catch(e) {}. Wow! var _g1; Anyways, He Chengxi seems quite happy with the changes to herself and to her friend, claiming that cosmetic transformations have the ability to change lives and destinies. Tidak ingin ketinggalan informasi terbaru tentang drama, anime, game dan film favorit kalian? I'm guessing she's being her own poster-girl to rake in business. These celebs look so damn good we're positive nothing can ever take their beauty away. I’m no expert in plastic surgery but how is it even possible to have everything done and healed in 15 days?! GirlStyle Singapore. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); Just slightly looking like them doesn't really do anything I feel :/ I personally don't get the point of spending so much time and money doing this, I think some of the doctors may be employed by the girl who wants to look like Fan BingBing. Blessed with a pair of round, sparkly eyes and her trademark apple cheeks, Ruby Lin needs no makeup. 11.04.2020 - Erkunde Cherrys Pinnwand „Dilraba Dilmurat“ auf Pinterest. Recently an anonymous netizen posted what appears to be a photo of Dilireba without makeup. She would cut fresh aloe vera into pieces and then apply it on her face where it needs to be moisturised. Share Tweet. by … Rupanya artikel itu memperoleh respon yang cukup positif dan beberapa pembaca juga ingin artikel yang membahas wajah Yang Zi tanpa riasan. Who would have thought of using milk? where plastic surgery experts make life changing transformations, you’ll know that it takes quite a few months to complete the transformation and also for the face to heal. She's definitely on Taiwan's list of most beautiful goddess. By user | May 22, 2019 at 5:14:42 pm. 28 Aug – Although she is now one of the most sought actresses in China, Dilraba Dilmurat admitted that life as a top star was not as glamorous as she thought it would be. "Whenever I have to stay in a hotel more than three days, I would wash my own clothes. Fan Club Leo Luo Yunxi dan Bai Lu Bantah Rumor Mereka Pacaran. When asked about her secret to her good looks, Dilraba said that she eats a lot of fruits and veggies. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. Is FBB a natural beauty? Instead of washing it excessively, she thought it's best for her to retain some oil and moisture in her face to keep it plump and healthy-looking. Her new face will not be passed on to their kids. Foto itu diperoleh dari artikel di Baidu. And all the surgeons who participated in this should be ashamed to call themselves doctors. } catch(e) {}, by Beberapa waktu yang lalu, Layar Hijau menulis dua artikel tentang wajah para bintang favorit kita tanpa riasan. FBB worked her way up with so many small roles like a maid HZGG, being a spoiled princess in Lion Roar who is a man stealer, an evil role in Twins Effect, small role in XLFD, etc. Ada kemungkinan foto-foto itu adalah foto Yang Zi saat mengikuti acara reality show yang juga diikuti Yang Mi dan Dilraba. If you follow her … Though they have an obligation to look good, this 5 female celebrities are telling us otherwise with their no-makeup face and we love it!

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