death of a salesman ap lit essay

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Are readers being too idealistic when they favor perfect heroes in stories over flawed ones? She is optimistic and thinks that the future will be better, even though she is aware of Willy’s suicide attempts but does not confront him. Perhaps the most damaging abandonment in Willy’s life is from that of his sons.

When he has his affair, he rejects his family and by having these confrontations he reclaims them as his own. Literary Analysis: Death of a Salesman Essay. Consequently, this expressionistic device allows the audience to genuinely symphathise with Willy’s jaded state of mind and allow them to eventually deduce their own opinion of Willy’s character. He also pushes Biff to follow not his own dreams, but the dreams society thrusts upon him: “How can he find himself on a farm?” – and although this can be seen as Willy wanting the best for Biff, which he obviously does, it is still not the right thing to do.

There are countless symbols in the story that help to give the reader a different feeling for it but there are a select few that really represent the most important themes and ideas from the book.

Willy understands that salesman is not the best profession and his desire to sacrifice his life for the benefit of his family is nothing but the desire to save his dignity and do not declare in public that all he has been planning was ruined. He was so proud of them he wore them every day. Singleman’s funeral was extremely different to this, as the number of people attending only served to confirm his success as a salesman, juxtaposing and highlighting Willy’s own failure. During one of his flashbacks, Willy hears “The Woman’s” laughter and becomes agitated. Miller also seems to judge America in hinting that there is far greater success to be found outside of its land. After trying to squeeze himself into his father’s (and America’s) definition of briefcase-carrying success, Biff finally admits that he “don’t fit in business” (138), that he’s “just what I am, that’s all” (201), that the sky and “the work and the food and the time to sit and smoke” (201) are what he loves. Willy Loman has indulged himself in a myth of being well-liked and being attractive to succeed in the business world.

Aristotle defines a tragic hero to be a man “who is not completely good and just, whose misfortune is brought out not by vice or immorality, but by some error or weakness.” The three key requirements of Aristotle in regards to a tragic hero are; a high social standing, goodness or moral excellence, or error committed by the hero in unawareness or ignorance.

He plants the seeds in the hope that the garden will one day grow into something substantial enough in contrast to his life which he considers a failure. The definition of success was being whittled down into a rigid set of parameters. This causes their whole dynamic to spiral downwards.

I saw the things that I love in this world. 3.

Biff, however, breaks through the deceptions and restraints to find happiness waiting. Name: Course: Instructor: Death of the American dream in Death of a Salesman. Linda’s biggest struggle is that she believes everything her husband says and does not think twice about it. Gatsby will eventually die due to his excessive greed, which is not unlike the emotional death of Willy Loman as he fails to become a successful salesman in Author Miller’s Death of a Salesman. Mr. Willy detaches himself from reality, living in a life of idealism and dreams that never materialise. This is exactly what has happened with Willy when he got to know that all he was trying to reach (to make his children be successful by means of making them good salespeople) was ruined, he did not manage to achieve this goal.

The overpowering pressure he exerts on himself to provide for his family impacts him a negative way. His encounter with Oliver also allows Biff to realize, “I even believed myself that I’d been a salesman for him!

He is trapped in a system where the most important things in life are money and luxurious possessions, and Willy firmly believes that being liked is synonymous with success. Oxford, UK: Penguin Classic, 1998.

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