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The walls were so fucking thin that as long as someone was close by in the opposite room, they could hear you when you weren't being loud. I was kind of a loner in the sense that I didn't hang out much with people outside of school and there was the fact that I had to work quite often to sustain myself. My eyes opened wide at the implications. "It's over, Joker," Red Robin said with his eyes narrowed. He loved that game and would let her win. Since then I had been doing odd jobs to keep myself at Gotham University and pay for new housing. I take back what I thought earlier and needless to say, I was shocked (No pun intended). What are you doing here?" She had an ample bust, a gorgeous face and a nose ring that just added to her charm. As long as Will didn't willingly (that pun was soo not intentional) harm innocent people, then I saw no reason to bother him about his powers. or make some asinine comment like "Well as long as you stay out of trouble-" and I would simply end the conversation there. I am kaya444, author of the critically acclaimed Hentai World series and the Hellfire duology. "I mean it is Gotham City we live in so…" I replied while scratching the back of my head. Naruto got up and cleaned himself from the juice. The more HP you have, the more damage you can dish out and the longer you will survive in this world. Before another word could be shared, police's sirens were going outside and the two know that they need to leave. Charisma (CHA): The Charisma attribute measures a character's force of personality, persuasiveness, personal magnetism, ability to lead, and physical attractiveness. No game character is complete without a space to keep his loot. DC Universe: X Fanfiction. Joker asked, being a clown puppet on his lap. "Ahh, are you all set?" "Arkham Asylum remains under lockdown, it's staff at the mercy of the rampaging inmates. "All units, all units, the Second National Bank is being robbed by Harvey Dent aka Two-Face. Joker shouted as fights the strength off but was soon pulled down into the ground. Dexterity (DEX): The Dexterity attribute determines the person's overall movement. I had a feeling that was probably the paranoia talking in me from living in Gotham so long. They Both Have An Incredible Potential For Growth. I took a quick peek at the books she was working with and had to stop myself from whistling in appreciation. You have gained 100 XP and +1 stat point(s), Thug 2 defeated. I thought as I gazed upon their unconscious or dead forms. "At Arkham Asylum and fighting Joker which was great by the way," Catwoman replied with her smirk not leaving her as she still rubs herself onto Red Robin. My mind had been processing the situation and the most effective way for me to win in this battle with minimal losses on my person was still going to sting a lot. Wasn't much a fan of that after a while. It'll be a blast," Joker and TV Joker talked to each other as the Tv was placed down. You have created a new skill! We're going to have some fun now, kiddies!" The clown right kneed the hero in the face, knocking back down into the ground and groans as he was fighting the drug in his body. She glanced at the books with unveiled curiosity and raised a brow as she saw the titles of the books. Now, however, I planned to spend most of my days here, after work, learning whatever new material I could. And the Venom-enhanced inmates are returning to normal. Let's dangerous together," Catwoman whispered back with a purr leaving her mouth and licked her lips. Common sense and logic would dictate that I find a way to run away from this situation instead of confronting them. A few heroes were also captured by Red Robin's heroic actions and caused some things to rise within them. I assumed that Will might have had repressed hatred or something since he never really talked about what his parents were like. In the mornings it wasn't too bad though so I was able to make it to the library without much incident. Increase your INT and WIS to 20 by the end of today, Reward: Skill Book. While packing my things, I smirked despite myself. "In…it's a safe day. Two officers are down, the suspect is still in," The radio spoke, getting the hero to move into his ride. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. She looked to be in her late twenties and damn was she beautiful. Check. What's green and purple but cover in red and gray?" And it was closer then he thinks. she started as she popped the 'P'. His name isn't even worth getting remembered. We were told to bring you back alive but not necessarily in one piece. I could tell the lady was kind of surprised that anyone would come here at this time of the day on a weekend no less, but she responded nonetheless, "Just take a left around that bookshelf and walk to the back. Unfortunately, I would probably get grilled by Bruce. Did this mean that other books could also act as skill books? Just outside Arkham, new croppers flew in and started film live, giving Gotham and the world the news, they need to hear out. Your and Bats' old pal, Commissioner Gordon.". I thought about all those times I got shocked by electrical appliances and doorknobs. He knows that Titan was stronger due to Joke having a strong simple of Titan than his henchmen and was going to play smart to find an opening. I was fortunate that they were smart enough to get some life insurance since this was Gotham, so it wasn't like I was suddenly left with nothing. Computers are known to have glitches, I'm just making sure that it's not one of those things...", She scoffed, "I'm pretty sure that a CPU that can think more than 10 moves ahead will be able to tell whether a move is a checkmate or not.". If they survived, well they couldn't have seen my face so they wouldn't know who I was or where to find me. It has been automatically placed in the inventory. Maybe two more): Batgirl (DCAU). My hand flew through the notebook, and pages were full within minutes. I had to desperately fight back a chuckle as I read the descriptions (I filed away the fact that they had descriptions for later). Naruto's member burst with white cum onto Selina. "I'm fine, Barbara. Selina then placed the member in between her breast and licked the head, causing Naruto to be even more mind blow and felt his member was coming closer. Gamer's Body (Passive) Lvl Max: Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game. I hadn't been here in a while because there was not much I had wanted to do here at the time. I took out a blank notebook from my bag and placed it on the table after opening it. CAN A MAN GET SOME SHUTEYE!". This lightning is created by vibrating your mana at a certain frequency and has a magical nature. "I wonder if they are alive?" I took the time to quickly lament the fact that I had decided that I didn't want to train in water magic because in my own words "it wasn't too interesting to me." It felt...internal or something. "You know what brat!? Harley Quinn (DCAU). His mind was blown away as the cat took the member into her mouth and started moving her head up to down with her licking it. I didn't have to bury myself in books and writing to increase my INT and WIS but instead, my actions alone could increase them. I couldn't even explain it. Naruto moaned as Selina kissed downwards towards his area with her hands rubbing the member to cause her future lover to moan and soon pulled the boxers to have a member come out. "The kitty's getting frisky I see," Naruto teased with a smirk before getting a soft punch to the shoulder. He was kind of hoping to avoid any news but it is what it is. Don't stop!" ", I nodded in response then smiled. "All you need is a collar with my name on it," Naruto said, stroking with his right hand on his soon-to-be-lovers cheeks and had himself ready for the main event. "You know, if you take a picture it'll last longer.". Vitality (VIT): The Vitality attribute determines the person's overall health. Let me hear you sin for me," Selina said as she licks the member's head and caused the blonde to throw his head back into the bed as he was blowing up. It was just that many people just accepted their crappy lives and were afraid of getting out of their comfort zone...then again I might have ended up the same way, if not for extenuating circumstances, so I had no right to judge. I asked, slipping my hands in my pockets. I seriously hadn't heard what he had said. With my hands behind my head, I noticed that those floating letters were still in my field of vision. To provide a host with the best opportunity for growth, we created an optimized system of measurement and development. It can also affect your reputation with others and how easily you can make friends. Your HP and MP have fully recovered. I shrugged and gestured for her to take a look at it. He will have to talk to his student when he gets the time. We never really had a cordial relationship but for whatever reason, he was being bitchier than usual, this city tended to have that effect on people. I, at the bare minimum, kept up in shape if only to have a greater shot at wooing the opposite sex, though my life made that a difficult endeavor. Moving down. "Well hello, Red Robin. I allowed the mana to flow into my palms and concentrated on the image I was creating. I also discovered that my INT increased as well when playing so I was killing two birds with one stone. Accidentally reawakened by Diana, Thelox reasserts his dominance on the Amazons and sets forth to conquer the world as he did millennia ago, starting with Earth's super heroine population. You are X, a criminal with incredible powers, who travels through the DC Comics universe to uncover your origins. I was also interested in what this skill was that my ability was hyping it up so much. "Over? It is essential to every technique and can be controlled and manipulated to create an effect that would not be possible otherwise. I looked at my now empty palms and thought of some other magical things I could do with mana at my disposal. Hey, welcome to my DC - Gamer story. Who knew talking to a Cosmic Being would be so exhausting? and here I am." It made sense that she was able to become as intelligent as she was with this sort of work ethic. You lose out on an amazing skill that you REALLY don't want to miss. Please note that the average value for STR, VIT, DEX, INT, WIS, and CHA in a regular adult homosapien is around 10. Riddle questioned but never got anything as the cops broke into his safe house and started to cuff him up. He smashed the ears to cause them to ring out and have the thug groans as he was hit enough to be on his knees. As opposed the like 95% of Gotham, the public library was well built and maintained. Arkham Knight will be a challenge for me but I have an idea and will see you all next time. Where the hell was I going with this? But you've denied me even that," Joker said, getting very upset that everything was run by this young hero like the Dark Knight does. I couldn't just believe them at face value cause for all I knew they might want to take over my body. But you still spoiled my fun! Red Robin got up on his knee and look up to see Joker putting his gun under his chin. It was your plan, your goofy clown!" Red Robin puts his bo staff away for now and noticed that Joker wasn't paid any attention to him with his back facing him. My hand on my chin, I scrutinized the message. No later was Thug 1 upon me and I was forced to duck under his wide swing. Your typical Gamer intro: William Meyers wakes up one morning to find a screen floating in front of his face, an event that will change the course of his previously pointless existence forever.

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