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Money is involved in that. There are bars on campus as well that everyone goes to, regardless of affiliation.”, Furman female: “There are a lot of other social options apart from the frats because downtown Greenville is only a few miles away. I feel like things can get weird when you have like kids in high school who are like “we’re gonna be frat as fuck!” and they start idolizing the system in the wrong way. Absolutely not and they made that clear. Even if you aren’t in a sorority a lot of girls are still friends with or go to frat events and open parties.”, Duke male: “Parties are almost always open to girls so a fair number attend. We donated $500 dollars to autism or something.” Maybe there are some frats at different schools that sure they do a certain amount of social good. There are certain frats that are predominantly Jewish.”, Penn State male: “My house is almost all white with one black kid mostly catholic kids. So, I’d say the frats have given me a different community but it’s a much different experience than hockey, which I put most of my time into and is a very selective group. The-in state people clearly know more people and thus get into parties more easily while out of state kids have to tag along (I literally grabbed onto my in-state roommate as she walked into parties and would say I’m with her).”, UPenn female: “Before I was affiliated, it wasn’t hard to get in as a woman. There is also another group that does things like movie nights and other late night activities to give those people who don’t go out some other options.”, Charleston male: “There are different clubs and sports parties…There are like 10 thousand people here and it’s 20% Greek so there are definitely other options.”, UPenn female: “Frats typically have the most resources to host parties whether on campus or downtown. 1-2 Maybe. There is a serious perception problem at Dartmouth surrounding our Greek life. We have the power to foster a fair-handed dialogue that considers the definite pros and cons of our traditions regarding Greek life. They throw a decent number of parties and are generally more inclusive than frats.”, “On Wednesday and Saturday nights a lot of people go to Shooters, which is a local bar. That’s why we have these different watchdog agencies. As I talk about in the book, in 2010 I went forward to the administration to tell them about the hazing. Dartmouth '13 here. Now Lohse is explaining his experiences in his own words in a tell-all book, Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy. For years Dartmouth has received negative media attention with regards to its frat parties. First year girls can more easily do this by flirting and what not.”, Charleston male:“GDI’s (God Damn Independents- i.e. 1) Academics - top notch. This recent incident from October involves the Beta Alpha Omega chapter, which had previously been kicked off campus for some particularly aggressive behavior in the 90s. The alumns and the students and the parents should know, you know, when a frat gets derecognized for something like that. Just because somebody vomited on you doesn’t mean that you’re actually friends. There was the frat next door that got derecognized for actually publishing a patented date rape manual. Maybe I had an unrealistic idea of it. By using our site, you agree to these terms. They know about hazing at Dartmouth. If I had been on-campus, I would have felt physically unsafe. Brandon Wenerd is BroBible's publisher and founding partner, overseeing partnerships and content on all channels in Los Angeles. You honestly had to wait around outside and either pray the guy at the door randomly lets you in, [or] you bribe him, or you [try and] befriend him.”, Cornell female: “Not hard if you’re a girl, but you have to know who is having a party and when.

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