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Lindsay Charlton Trump has won Texas, dashing Democrats’ hopes of turning the Lone Star state blue. If Georgia votes for Biden, it’s almost certain that Florida will have flipped for the Democrat as well.

Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris spent election day campaigning in Detroit in hopes of boosting voter turnout. Trump has won in Iowa. WHO WON IN 2016: Donald Trump, by 0.3 points, WHEN THEY COUNT MAIL-IN BALLOTS: Ballots can’t be tabulated until election day, and officials say it could take until Friday, Nov. 6 for results, LATEST POLLING AVERAGE: Joe Biden ahead by 7.9 points, Trump leads by nine points in Michigan with 61 per cent of the vote reported.

Arizona has hit 92 per cent of its total votes cast in 2016, as of 3 p.m. Tuesday.

-- Advance voting in the Ward 7 by-election will start next Tuesday for those looking to cast an early ballot. The reason it has become a battleground this year is a steady shift in polling toward Biden. Minnesota hasn’t voted for a Republican since Richard Nixon won re-election in 1972.​, WHO WON IN 2016: Donald Trump, by 9.4 points, WHEN THEY COUNT MAIL-IN BALLOTS: Absentee ballots will likely be counted first, and officials expect results in a timely fashion, LATEST POLLING AVERAGE: Donald Trump ahead by 1.3 points.

CTV Windsor Web Writer, Windsor city hall in Windsor, Ont., on March 25, 2020. WHO WON IN 2016: Hillary Clinton, by 2.4 points, LATEST POLLING AVERAGE: Joe Biden ahead by 5.3 points. Whether or not he can pull off another victory is a major question tonight.

(Jim Barnsley/CTV Saskatoon)

Pennsylvania’s starring role in this election is also why fracking — a major industry in the state linked to up to 50,000 jobs — has dominated election headlines.

Trump has won Ohio, a state he carried handily in 2016. With several races still up in the air, here’s a look at which states are still in play.

Biden has captured Minnesota, winning the Midwestern state that Hillary Clinton carried in 2016. Canada's Most Trusted News.

WHO WON IN 2016: Donald Trump, by 1.2 points. Engage in respectful discussions on the U.S. election on our dedicated Facebook page.

Download the CTV News app now. Arizona hasn’t voted for a Democrat since Bill Clinton’s victory in 1996. So far, 92 per cent of absentee ballots in Michigan have been returned, according to a tweet from Michigan’s secretary of state, who added that counting is “going smoothly.”.

Full, exclusive federal election coverage. Nevada reached 99.8 per cent of its total 2016 turnout as of 3 p.m. Tuesday.

a tweet from Michigan’s secretary of state, Protesters gather near White House, no wide unrest seen, Aegean quake toll rises, Turkish rescuers make final search, 'Definitely concerned': Border city mayors wary of civil unrest in the U.S. post-election.

It’s difficult to understate the importance of the victory: no Republican has ever won the White House without carrying the state. - The United States started voting in an election amounting to a referendum on Donald Trump's uniquely brash and bruising presidency, which Democratic opponent and frontrunner Joe Biden urged Americans to end to restore "our democracy."

WHEN THEY COUNT MAIL-IN BALLOTS: Officials aren’t allowed to begin counting mail-in votes until election day, and officials expect most votes will be reported by Friday, Nov. 6. If the race is close, those mail-in votes could make all the difference. Use of this Website assumes acceptance of Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, Published Monday, September 21, 2020 1:59PM EDT, AMERICA VOTES: Trump wins Texas, Florida, Ohio; Biden wins Minnesota in battleground battle, CTV News has special coverage of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, Experts predict low voter turnout expected for Windsor Ward 7 by-election, Windsor Ward 7 by-election set for October, Residents still waiting on entry to Villa Polonia, Cross-border workers weigh in on U.S. election, Almost 100 tenants displaced after apartment fire, Windsor-Essex, Ont., cross-border workers weigh in on U.S. election, 'It’s destroyed. Live Now: Truth Tracker: Are U.S. troops only being deployed to Republican strongholds in case of election violence? LATEST POLLING AVERAGE: Joe Biden ahead by 8.4 points.

Georgia has voted Republican in every election dating back to 1992, when the state supported Bill Clinton. WHO WON IN 2016: Donald Trump, by 3.5 points, WHEN THEY COUNT MAIL-IN BALLOTS: Mail-in ballots can be counted up to two weeks before election day, LATEST POLLING AVERAGE: Joe Biden ahead by 2.6 points. WINDSOR, ONT. Watch CTV News Atlantic local news at 5, 6 & 11:30 LIVE right here.

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